Wednesday, August 31, 2005

sense of liberation??

merdeka eve on my part was spent at home. i'll probably sound really bratty by saying this but

I can't believe i had no plans for Merdeka eve!

i was moping around like a depressed sad-case teen wondering who in the world can i call out for yum cha or just to count down with. and Keith was going all "jie, why u got no plans wan? first time Karen Siah got no plans". and my mum sort of took pity on me but she had no idea she made it worse by asking "Shirlyn leh? Julie leh? oh yea...pak toh...nvmlaaa"


so i came online....checked my mail for the umpteenth time yesterday. in came Yuh Huey's mail. now people with an already low self esteem, or at least feeling low or the least bit insecure, should not, under any circumstances, read Yuh Huey's mail. it'll just make u feel lower than low. if nobody's life is perfect, then she is nobody! make that Nobody (with a capital N) who is very much a somebody pretty much everywhere she goes! the girl has the ideal life anyone could possibly dream of! it's like everything just falls in nicely for her, piece by piece, brick by brick, thread by thread!

now i sound like the Green Witch of Jealousy. The little voice at the back of my head is screaming "Be contented with what you have!"'s hard! it really is....

to top it off...i have 2 assignments due, one this Friday and the other next Tuesday. Both of which i've not even read the question through. with or without the mood, i shall start on them today. afterall, it's not like i had anything to do on Merdeka Day.

oh...Happy Merdeka Day!!

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