Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Procrastinate some more!

I never learn. Have I ever told you I never learn?

Perhaps it is because I don't want to.

It is 1.5 hours past the time I'd like to be in bed by. I have submitted 1 Medsci lab report, tidied up 1 Sportsci logbook, submitted 1 Math assignment, and is 50% through 1 Exercise Physiology lab report due on Friday. Oh, and I have a Math mid term test tomorrow, which I honestly don't think I'm going to study for. And I need to see my supervisor on Friday morning. And I have a lab tomorrow morning. And I have a FULL ON day tomorrow ALL the way till 7.30 pm thanks to stupid Math test. AND I still need to pack for Tongariro which I am leaving for at 6.30 pm on Friday.

Oh, and I'm going out for dinner tomorrow night.

Sweet. I know I could've avoided ALL of this if I had only managed my time properly. BUT. Like I said. I never learn. I have tried countless of times to sit down and start my reports sooner but something. always. gets. in. my. way.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's so easy to forget I'm a student

I have been having a lot of fun these days in Auckland. I really let myself go out and hang loose these days, which is both thrilling and worrying.

I swear it is so easy to forget I am a student. I have been doing like 40 hour weeks at uni, and that is excluding the reports, assignments, readings, and exams I have to do outside of class times. Plus I still work. Plus I have a much more interesting social life this year. So once again I am gonna say, I really do not have enough hours in a day!

But since I am already procrastinating as I am typing this right now, let me just recount my weekend.

I worked on Saturday, like I do every Saturday. I took a spin class with one of my own compilations. Erin and Elise tried it out for 20 minutes, then they had to go, but they said they liked it! I have regular participants in my spin classes now, which is extremely motivating. I feel sooooo good being at the front of the studio, looking at my members busting their butts off. :D

At night I decided to join my flatmates for a night out in town! I don't usually do this. And you all know about me and night time joints in town. We don't go very well. But I've been a lot more open to a lot more things since I've been back here, adopting the whole this-is-my-last-few-months-in-new-zealand spirit. (once again, I don't know whether that's a good thing or not). So I drove the girls out to O'Hagans, an Irish pub on the Viaduct. And you know what I completely enjoyed myself. I think live classic rock + no smoke + older age group (late 20s, early 30s) + awesome beer makes going out uber fun. Malaysia should definitely start banning smoking in bars.We went into 2 Irish pubs last night, and I met some pretty interesting people. I met a gorgeous Argentinian man, who spoke very enchanting Spanish. haha...and I met a nice Kiwi bloke who gave me a bouquet of plastic roses. And I met a funny Irish man who became kinda creepy when he came to close to me. But yeah, I danced very freely, in my jeans and jersey, and flat shoes. I sang along to all the songs because I knew every word of it, and I danced! =) Really, Malaysia should also start having more live music bars. With no smoke. And good beer.

When we wanted to go back to the car, one of my friends somehow chatted up one of these Night Riders (they cycle a rickshaw to bring u to your car/apartment in the city) and got him to take us all to my car. That crazy bunny (He had bunny ears) didn't want to bring us all the way to my car, but stopped us midway. I made him get off the bike, where I took over and rode all of us a block down to my car. HAHA, that was my moment of the night, I reckon. Then I drove my 2 very drunk flatmates home at close to 2 am. It was hilarious! I think watching drunk people are quite funny. =)I woke up at 7 am this morning, feeling buzzed and ready to go. So I ran down to Waiatarua Reserve and ran illegally in the 1st Run Auckland race. I did a pretty good time too! I think from now on I will have beer the night before any race. Preferably Belgian/Irish beer. =)

And I had brunch with some friends after the run. Which was really good too.

So yes, life has been pretty blissful. Save the fact that I now have to take on 2 lab reports and review some Math lectures. *boo*

Owell. 8 more weeks of class. 2 more weeks of exams. Yes, I can!

Friday, March 25, 2011

semana cuatro terminado.

Done with 4 weeks of uni now. Seriously, time is sprinting away in a flash. I've more or less gotten myself a little more into the rhythm of things, adjusting my body to less feeding times in a day, and no afternoon naps. I've started to sleep earlier at night so I wake up as refreshed as possible to last me through the day.

I haven't had time to run much, only managing about 2 a week, which is pathetic. But with the hectic schedule I've managed to lose 3 kilos since I left Malaysia about 5 weeks ago. That's pretty amazing. If I say I'm not happy about it, I'd be lying :D It feels good to see the lines defining my abs once again. heh.

Just a couple of random stuffs. My trusty Timex Watch broke yesterday, to my heart's disappointment. I almost gasped in shock when my watch just fell to the ground out of the blue. I had no idea it was breaking at all. And it was just silly timing because just last weekend I was at a warehouse clearance and they were selling Timex IM watches for $59. But then I kept thinking just 6 months ago I had the battery changed for $45 (because it had to be pressure tested) and so I figured this watch would last me another year or so. Owell. Time for a new one, me thinks! :)

And so I subscribe to a few deal/voucher sites which sends me deals every day in my inbox. I'm glad I dont have compulsive impulses to buy everything, but I do find a number of awesome deals and score some really good stuff sometimes. The other day 1-day was having their $11 Bag of Crap day, whereby you pay $11 for a surprise something that will cost at least $11. And I got a Swiss Ball!! I was very pleased with what I got. :D Now I can make my flatmates exercise at home! haha...
2 more weeks and it'll be mid term break. That's really soon. Then after that I have 6 weeks left of academics. And then 2 weeks of exams. And then a whole lotta FUN with Lyn and Rosie!!

I have 106 days before I go home for good. I'm SO excited!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I need to seriously restructure my life over here. I'm going crazy. I'm exhausted. 5 subjects? No joke. 5 subjects + last 4 months in NZ + new found interest = not enough waking hours in a day.

It's week #4 for the semester. And for once in my 2.8 years of studying in Auckland, I am going to say, Holy cow, time is moving fast! I am already spiralling out of control, and I know it. I realise it. It's time to sit down, reorganize, restructure and re-prioritise. I need to. My graduation depends on it.

I am gonna have to start allocating time for school, time for self study, time for work, time for eating right, time for working out, time for hanging lose with my friends, and time for aforementioned new found interest. That already sounds virtually impossible. Man, what's a girl got to do to have a little fun these days? Studying life, beckoning assignment deadlines and readings, I am so done with you.

I wish I have a day that I can dedicate to each aspect of my life. Like Monday is for school. Tuesday is self study. Wednesday is for pigging out. Thursday is date night. Friday is for friends. Saturday is for work. Sunday is for exercising. Even then I need to find one more day for just bumming around my room watching tv series and listening to music. Oh and when it comes to friends! I have too many groups of friends. I need more days for that. And only 1 date night a week? hmm...i could do with more actually. heh.


Breathe, Karen.

I can do this. Just reorganize.

Discipline has eluded me for 24 years and 10 months of my life. Oh God, give me discipline now, and please make it stay. Just make it stay for 3 more months.

Thank you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mama mia.

I decided to have lunch with a friend today because I had some free time in the morning. But the weather wasn't looking too cheery today, so we had chicken teriyaki don buri takeaways and we just spent the day indoors. =)

Then I had to walk back to uni for my class, and on my way, a man walking beside me kept looking at me. And I had my iPod on, but he said something to me, so I had to take my earphones off to ask him what he said. And, in an Italian accent, he said "I said, you have very beautiful eyes" and he smiles. We chatted for a while as we walked (I really really dig their expressions when I tell people I study Sport Science, it's absolutely classic), and he asked me to join him for a cup of coffee, but I had to go to class, and though Marco (that was his name) seemed nice enough, I guess I'm not that outgoing, haha.

And it's all extremely random, I know, but I guess I've just been heaps happier of late. And maybe it shows in my eyes, my smile, my appearance, my aura. And good things happen to happy people, me thinks.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Because I need to update this thing.

And change the mood in here by pushing that last post down.

I've been keeping myself pretty busy over here in the Land of Auck. School has got me up to my neck with everything. And I've just gotten back into work too. But work, as always, has been great. I now take 2 spin classes a week, so that'll keep my behind nice and toned for a while. =) It is always great to see all the members again, and always very flattering when they tell me they've missed me. I still find it quite surprising when members actually notice that I haven't been around. Ah...the loveeeeee =)

Life has also taken a twist for me here. And it has been pretty refreshing. Feels pretty good to be the center of attention again, though, I should probably start time managing a little better if I am going to stay on track with my studies. So far it's been good fun!

Perspective. Mine has definitely changed. And suddenly the world looks a little more vibrant to me. Go figure. =)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I have come to acknowledge the fact that everyone (and I mean everyone) who have ever been in a meaningful relationship, and has invested some level of emotion into the relationship, is going to end up significantly torn when the relationship ends.

The feeling of rejection, no matter how strong the person is or how noble the reasons are, is a feeling so overwhelming that nobody can truly empathize unless you are the person experiencing it yourself. And for every relationship, I think, it is different. Yet none any less tormenting. It would change you, be warned.

It is a blow to your ribs so hard that it leaves you breathless in pain. I don't think one can ever gauge how hard it is going to hit. And from my point of view, one can never expect it. The feeling which stirs and boils inside of you is beyond anyone's expectations, and you find yourself acting in ways you never thought you would.

And I say this because I went through it. I was a completely different person when it happened to me, I lost every ounce of strength I had, every glimmer of spirit, every trace of rationale and every hint of self confidence. And only months before it happened, I had tried to counsel, comfort and motivate friends of mine to stand up and walk again after a breakup, thinking to myself "How hard could it actually be?" I never expected it to be absolutely soul breaking.

And right now, I am up and running on my own two feet again. I see the world with a lot more colour than I did just a couple of months back. And I am significantly happier in every aspect of life. It took hard work to get to this stage, I admit. It took a lot of will power to hold back, lift my chin up, and push negativity out of my head. It took a lot, but I'm finally here.

I know people who have gone through it. I know people who are still going through it. To these people, I wish them strength and an abundance of comforting friends. People to lend a shoulder or just an ear...I think they were the most crucial part of my recovery.


On a brighter note, I'm 1 and a half weeks done with my semester! 12 and a half weeks more to go! :D

Friday, March 04, 2011


I've always been very careful with what I spend my money on in New Zealand. But given I've had some really foolish expenses too, which I do not look back on fondly.

Anyway, I recently spent $123 and I'm still wondering whether or not I'm proud of it. On one hand, it's going towards a good cause, charity for the Christchurch Earthquake and all. But on the other hand, that's not what I paid the money for.

I paid the money to watch this guy. The man from Man vs Wild himself, Bear Grylls.
You have no idea how much I love this man. To me, he is the epitome of what a real man should be - tough, wild, disciplined, capable, skillfull, extremely resourceful, and darn good looking. He also tends to portray the image of a loving husband and father, and a devoted Chief Scout, although these qualities could very well be part of his on screen persona. It's ok. I buy it. heh.
So I bought VIP tickets (because regular tickets just wasn't enough) to watch him talk 2 nights ago at the Sky City Convention Center in Auckland. When I first heard he was coming here I was ecstatic! So on hindsight, I think my VIP ticket purchase was a little rash and unnecessary. A regular one would do. But hey, come on. It's Bear Grylls. I don't know when I will see him live again =).
He signed my deuter! =)

So I went to watch, and be inspired. And I was surprised to see how young he looked in person, when he wasn't covered in dirt and blood. And he told us a simple story, of when he went up Mount Everest at the age of 23. I really liked it, because he told it from the perspective a young individual, humbled by the greatest mountain in the world. I thought it was pretty inspiring.

But the other acts that were on that night were pretty good too. Chris Cope was a pretty good musician, a Kiwi based in Auckland. I really liked his singing and thought his little loop pedal thing was quite awesome.

And Mark Inglis from New Zealand, who climbed Mount Everest with two prosthetic legs - he was pretty inspiring too. It kinda puts things into perspective, he's a double amputee, Bear Grylls was 23, and they have both went to the summit of Mount Everest and came back alive. I'm reaching my 25th birthday (as much as I am trying to delay it), and I have both very real, pretty strong legs, and I am no where close to climbing up that mountain.

I think I left the room feeling a sudden sense of urgency to go out there and DO things. GREAT things. There is so much I can offer in my life, to myself and to others. Who am I to let it all go to waste if I didn't at least try? =)