Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I have come to acknowledge the fact that everyone (and I mean everyone) who have ever been in a meaningful relationship, and has invested some level of emotion into the relationship, is going to end up significantly torn when the relationship ends.

The feeling of rejection, no matter how strong the person is or how noble the reasons are, is a feeling so overwhelming that nobody can truly empathize unless you are the person experiencing it yourself. And for every relationship, I think, it is different. Yet none any less tormenting. It would change you, be warned.

It is a blow to your ribs so hard that it leaves you breathless in pain. I don't think one can ever gauge how hard it is going to hit. And from my point of view, one can never expect it. The feeling which stirs and boils inside of you is beyond anyone's expectations, and you find yourself acting in ways you never thought you would.

And I say this because I went through it. I was a completely different person when it happened to me, I lost every ounce of strength I had, every glimmer of spirit, every trace of rationale and every hint of self confidence. And only months before it happened, I had tried to counsel, comfort and motivate friends of mine to stand up and walk again after a breakup, thinking to myself "How hard could it actually be?" I never expected it to be absolutely soul breaking.

And right now, I am up and running on my own two feet again. I see the world with a lot more colour than I did just a couple of months back. And I am significantly happier in every aspect of life. It took hard work to get to this stage, I admit. It took a lot of will power to hold back, lift my chin up, and push negativity out of my head. It took a lot, but I'm finally here.

I know people who have gone through it. I know people who are still going through it. To these people, I wish them strength and an abundance of comforting friends. People to lend a shoulder or just an ear...I think they were the most crucial part of my recovery.


On a brighter note, I'm 1 and a half weeks done with my semester! 12 and a half weeks more to go! :D

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CS said...

Hey gal,

That's life. It is just a gf-bf relationship anyway - sometimes it is good to break up if u both are not meant to be together. Someday u will find someone who cherish and love you more. The former give u a good experience what is required in a relationship. Anyway don't give up, u are still young, do what u wanna do now before u r tied down with family.. Cheers!