Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And it's gonna be March

Time really does fly.

Recently I made a decision to quit a job I have been doing for over a year for a new job....for less money. Why? Several reasons. The old job was getting a bit tiresome and I wasn't sure if my knowledge and skills were appreciated or made an impact on anyone's lives. It was also a little regimented, in that, I have to work my vacations around school holidays and I always had to find a replacement last minute if I am unwell, which is both a chore and loses me money. The new job is exciting, it's something I've never dabbled in before, and it will pay me a consistent basic salary. Which is good, except that it's very little in comparison to what I was getting before.

I'm enjoying it so far now. My life has definitely taken on a new spin since I started this new job and it's refreshing. But I think I'll start missing the money though. I kinda wish the new job would pay me a bit more, but I've spoken to the boss and he said no can do, so I guess whatever it lacks in financial gratification will be made up with experience. It's a contract till December only though so I figured I'd give it a shot till the end of the year.

In the meantime I am hoping to get more PT clients during the evenings or mornings. I hope that the new job timetable wouldn't hinder that schedule too much.

I don't know. Feeling a little unsure about this new arrangement, but I guess it's all part of experience no?