Saturday, June 27, 2009

Man in the Mirror

I just watched the top 40 countdown of MJ's hits. And I must say that watching 20+ songs (i started at about 22) by the same artiste back to back, we're bound to come to a point where u get so sick of the same moves and vocals and rhythm and style.

But not with MJ. Every video was unique and intriguing. Every dance move, albeit really similar and overused by so many others, was still as entertaining to watch as ever. My favourite is still Black or White, btw.

Perhaps it's compassion and emotion speaking. I feel sad. I guess I just never thought he'd die! haha to put it simply. I just never thought people like Michael Jackson died. And i guess that deep down I was harbouring the hope that I could perhaps go for one of his concert sometime. Can't realise that now. I miss him. =(

On another note, I have plans for the September break! The flatmates and I were chilling out watching Michael Jackson when the idea sprung up to do the Tongariro Crossing in September! And I get to do my Taupo Off Road Half Marathon! And then there is that road trip at the end of semester up North. Ah life is sweet. =)

I just love having plans. It just gives my life here in Auckland a bit more meaning.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Orca

It was funny because I was reading an article on Yahoo News this morning contemplating whether or not I should run. I found out "Orcas" were actually killer whales and that they were really picky eaters. So I remember thinking to myself 'No wonder the Orca tri suit was black and white'. And after bidding the boyfriend adieu on msn, I headed out for a run.

It was a cold day. And I was running really fast to try to get warm. On the way I met another runner and she said "Did you go down to St Helier's? There are whales just by the bay!" I got really excited, thanked her for the info and sped off!

There was a crowd already at the beach and I couldn't wait to get closer. And when I did, it was amazing. I saw about 4 triangular fins just about 30m from the shore bobbing up and down in the sea! And then I saw another pair of fins on the other side. It was awesome! But I wasn't sure what exactly they were, so I asked a lady and she said "They're orcas!" =) And apparently they were tossing stingrays up into the air before I came.

I've never seen wild whales before. And I considered myself really lucky to have witnessed some this morning. I suddenly felt very blessed because I had initially wanted to run yesterday morning, but because of my cramps, I had to move it to today. The weather this morning didn't look too sunny so I was really trying to come up with excuses not to go out. But I went anyway and my only regret was not having ym phone with me at that time.

It was amazing. I guess the whole studying overseas experience finally made itself seem a little more worth it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have had this movie in my pc for a while now. I had planned to watch it with D because I thought we could have some intellectual conversation about the movie. Haha...but then we kinda forgot or didn't have time or simply never got around to watching it together last summer when I went back home.

Today, I woke up with the mother of all menstrual cramps and so my plans to run were foiled. I was in utter reluctance to move. So I decided to watch a movie. It was between 21 and Saving Private Ryan. I didn't really want to watch a war movie, so gorgeous card counter it was.

In my humble opinion, it was a pretty good movie. It exceeded my expectations. I had expected it to be a little more complicated, i was set on prying my ears, listening intently to manipulative mathematical equations, unraveling some twisted plot...but no, it was relatively straight forward. And the motive of entering Med School at Harvard. That kept everything grounded.

I like the narratives. And I loveee Jim Sturgess. I think he can take Patrick Dempsey's place in my "other" category of gorgeous actors. "Other" being the category where they just have gorgeous faces, but can't say the same for their bods. Hugh Jackman rocks my "hot" list. =)

p/s. Auckland's freezing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

5 minutes and 2 seconds

On Sunday I ran the 5th leg of the Run Auckland series. The air was frigid, there was frost on the grass, my hands were dead numb but this run is possibly my best run. Ever. I clocked 49:57 for 9.91km making it a 5:02min/km pace. I am just 3 seconds away from doing a sub 5 minute pace. and that route, was damn hilly, mind you. =) *JOY*. I guess all the training helped. I am so gonna be a sub 5 minute runner soon!!!!and with this run, also ends my participation in the Run Auckland series. I won't be attending the final leg because some people have somehow made snowboarding more appealing than running 21 kms. heh. I'll be snowboarding the slopes of Mt Ruapehu next next weekend. wee~!

I have just finished yet another paper - Sport and Society. Was pretty easy. It was a replica of a few past year exam papers, no new questions at all. I think I probably did pretty good. heh. =)

Because of this exam period, I have been snacking. a LOT. it's terribly unlike me, I'm not really a snacker. But this time around I am eating kit kats, chips, and my latest fetish - crackers. Cap Ping Pong, to be exact. Bought them from the asian supermarket down the road. and i used to eat these with peanut butter, but now I have them with honey. sweet it is to be loved by you....=)

Friday, June 19, 2009

to me

to me
you are still he who spoke to me at nightfall
when the sky is enveloped in darkness
the house, silent in slumber
and we it was only just us

to me
you are still he who climbed over my gate
and put flowers in my door
and he who told me he was out of town
and then called me from the bottom floor

to me
you are still he who handed me a chocolate sundae
with Vitagen and a bag of medicine
he who laughed with me on my front porch
for hours before he finally leaned in

to me
you are still he who stole my heart
he who lies next to me
he who holds my hand
and there's no where i'd rather u be

happy 20.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The exam yesterday wasn't too bad. I must say doing past year papers definitely helps. Doing ONLY past year questions...hehe...well I'm one of a kind. Or one kind. :P

Anyway I checked my uni email today and there was this:

Dear Karen

The Ministry of Health is currently warning that the H1N1 virus, or swine flu, could spread rapidly in New Zealand. In an attempt to contain this spread, the Ministry is asking that persons with symptoms of the virus stay at home and that they do not attend at a doctor's surgery or hospital. See

Students with suspected H1N1 symptoms should not attempt to sit an examination. Because the Ministry of Health advice is that persons with such symptoms not visit a doctor for confirmation, students who miss an examination because of these symptoms will not be able to apply for aegrotat consideration in the normal fashion.

Such students should advise the Examinations Office of their situation by email at

Arrangements will be made for students who are unable to sit an examination because of suspected H1N1 flu to sit their examination when they are well.

Other students who are prevented from sitting an examination or whose preparation or performance is seriously impaired by any other illness or injury should see a doctor and apply as usual for aegrotat consideration which will require a medical certificate.

If you need further advice you may phone 0800 61 62 63.

Kind Regards

The Student Contact and Support Team

If I don't feel prepared by tonight, then I guess it's time I started working on my fake cough.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am incredible at procrastinating.

Yeah. Almost awesome even. I do it with no effort at all.

I was blog surfing, visiting some old blogs I've not gone to in a long time. Some people just write so well I feel embarrassed owning a blog. I am not worthy of the "blogosphere". Anyway, I came across a post which said "I can't believe it's almost June. Only 6 months left of this year". So it's half way through June now. And she's right. Only 6 months left till 2010. I guess, time really does fly. When you look at the big picture. But when you're perched at your study table doing MCQ after MCQ after MCQ, the minutes really do crawl. haha..

Anyway, I sit for my first exam paper tomorrow. Finally. Don't ask me if I am prepared. I never know that answer. I don't think anyone will ever be prepared for an exam unless they're thinking of getting a 100% right on it. Exams are mean. They prove nothing in this world.

One tomorrow, one on Friday, one on Monday and one more on the following Monday. And then it's off to Aussie for 7 days. And then hitting the slopes for a whole weekend. And then just chilling out and bumming around till Semester 2 starts.

And once semester 2 starts, its only 14 weeks till I start packing up, to go home this time.

Home. I have to say you really really appreciate home when you're away from it. I think I'll do things a little differently this time when I go home. Gonna actually stay home more. haha..just bum around and hang out with mummy, daddy and Keith. go to the market with her. go running with him. ps2 with him?? ahha i'll find something. maybe i'll make him play badminton and squash with me once a week. =)

I miss home. I really do. It's not that I don't like it here. I just like home more. Love home. Hands down.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I ran for Life Church's 6for600 event today and it was pretty cool. For one thing, i ran alongside Ching, Lily's friend whom I've come to know and hear that she was a very good runner. And I guess the competitor in me kicked in even though i didn't want it to. She was a nice girl, and I really just wanted to see how good was good, and where do I stand against "good". So I ran with her today and the people who raved about her were right. Ching was FAST. She was probably clocking a 5 minute pace and I could feel it. I kinda semi knew if I kept up with her I was gonna wind up burning out at some stage. But I also wanted to see if I could keep up. And for the record, I did! For half the way I was stride for stride in sync with her, and though I felt the burn in my lungs, I also felt the confidence that my recent training has given me. I thought, I could do this. Just FOCUS.

And it all went well. Until we came to this MASSIVE monstrous inclination they call a "hill". And I had my iPod plugged in on max volume, and Ching was gesturing something to me, which I just nodded and smiled and showed her thumbs up signs. I assumed she just meant to say "take it easy, we can do this!". So we made it up the hill. She was steady. I noticed she took small quick steps. I tried doing the same but my pace wasn't as fast as hers so I was forced to take larger steps to keep up. At the very top, right before the very peak, I gave in. My heart was banging against my chest and I just couldn't breathe anymore. I think I let out a growl. And Ching and this other girl went on ahead. Needless to say I so wanted to kick myself in the butt.

And then...the organizer had a sense of humour! We had to that uphill loop another time! on my own, with no pressure to up the pace or anything, I told myself to make it all the way without stopping. So I took small steps at a not so fast pace. But even then, at the very top, probably just 2 steps further than the previous time, I stopped to catch my breath. It was embarrassing! I was so angry at myself.

Frustrated, I kept on going with my newly aquainted pace. I knew I was running way ahead of time, but when I saw the arch looming ahead and my watch showing about 1 hour 12 minutes, I was honestly quite surprised. I came in at 1 hour 14 minutes in the end. A quick calculation would say that is a sub 5 minute pace! But I knew it was too good to be true.

I came home and mapped the route out and found it was only 14.4km. So it was a 5:11 pace on average. Not too shabby I guess.

I saw Ching and she said that she didn't do the second loop because the marshall had directed her the other way. Like a true runner, she didn't look too pleased about that. haha I completely understand her. She also said I am probably the first female 15k runner to come in! WOohoo~! But then again, i think if Ching did the second loop she would still be ahead of me. =)

Running ranting aside, this event was really awesome. Lily and her friends all had different pledges to their sponsors. They also raised a collective amount of a few thousand dollars which is nothing short of admirable. So they each carried out their pledges today. Lily ran in her pj's. Min ran in a garbage bag. Jaime shaved her head bald! Chow ran 10km blindfolded! I really am very impressed by their dedication. Makes me feel a little silly for not doing more to raise funds.

I am now inspired to do something for when I run back at home. Either run in my pj's, or blindfolded or even shave my head. I think it will be pretty cool. And I think i know of some friends out there who would pay to see me do any of the above. haha...Great event, peeps. Hope you've managed to raise enough funds!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon bib for sale

Hi all, I have one Men's Full Marathon Bib for sale for the above event.

Daddy's got an injured shin and is going to take some time out before it gets any worse.

So if you're keen to do the Standard Chartered KL Marathon on 28th June, please contact Mr Siah @ 0193351254.

i wanna go!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

the traveller

Last night I had guests!

For some reason, staying out on my own, and having my OWN guests stay over, being able to say "Yeah come crash in my place" just seems a lot more liberating. I felt really happy. I even made Curry Laksa for them. That was how happy I was. Oh and I ran extra fast that morning too.

Race partner, Keeran and his travel buddy Tania from Slovenia, stopped over in Auckland last night before they board a plane to Queenstown to hit the slopes this morning. So I said, with a smirk and a real chillax tone, "Yeah, just come crash at my place, dude." and they did! And I made them curry laksa. doesn't matter that I used that packet from Singapore. I still put in the extra effort ok!

And so the night was spent listening to stories of their travels...of sleeping in cars and working on farms...of looking for bruised apples and slaughtering pigs...of couch surfing and hitch hiking...and like a little girl listening to a fairytale bedtime story, I started to dream! Oh my, the life of a traveller! It sounds absolutely amazing! I was green with envy. At that point I really really wanted to do that...strap on a haversack and backpack around the world, live off bread and Nutella, go away for a year or so and just collect heaps and heaps and heaps of pictures!

Except one minor problem. I was afraid. There was so much uncertainty, so much risk to their journey. And though they sound really adventurous and thrilling, I just don't know if I can take it! And to leave everything behind, and pack up and go with no clue whatsoever what the next month would bring, or when I'll be going home again, or what sort of person I'd be staying with. And to have no commitment to anything at all. Am I cut out for that?

I really don't know. To be frank, I think I'd be terribly homesick. I'd miss my family and D just too much to open my eyes to the world. Unless someone from my family, or D goes with me. Hmm...i think I can backpack with my mum. I need someone I know and trust to be with me.

Does that make me conservative? Does that make me a little too cautious?

I've always wanted to be one of those people who just played a little too close to the edge, but experience a thrill far more exciting than to keep to the inner sidewalks. And for a long time I thought I was capable of doing so. But I think as I grow older, I find the fear in me doubles and I am more likely to pick a less exciting, far safer path.

Does that make me a scaredy cat?

Friday, June 05, 2009

end of semester 2

Well not quite the end since there are still exams to sit for. But yea, I'm done with my second semester in my second degree. Only 4 more to go!

Just some minor updates in my Auckland life.

1. I bought myself that pair of skinny jeans I have been wanting to get for a while now. I was waiting for the bus when I decided to take a walk to the city and whadya know, Jay Jays had their $10 off on jeans again. Seeing that missed it the last time, and it came back, I decided to just grab it. Although I know that they may easily come up with another promotion in a couple of weeks. But this was meant to be a birthday present to myself, one which got delayed because I never got paid. I wore it today, and it felt a little weird, I felt like my legs were really bare, and that every contour of my legs can be seen. And if u know me well, u'd know that I am quite conscious of my bowlegs. But for keeping up with the fashion Jones' sake, I am quite happy with the investment. I can finally wear my boots! =)
2. I got paid! I finally got paid by Unisports. 50 hours of work. Checked my bank account this morning and was very pleased to see a significant increase in the balance. I wanted to do something celebratory, but i already bought the jeans and the hair curling tong, so I think that's celebration enough. =)

3. My classmate, Eliot, gave me a chair! He was being very nice. He even drove it to my place. So now I've got a nice office chair which goes up and down, AND the back support goes back and forth too! Yay...goodbye backaches!

4. I am going skiing/snowboarding in winter! It was a tough decision to make, having to skip the final leg of Run Auckland, but I reckon it'll be worth it! I haven't tried snowboarding, and I haven't stayed in a bach before. And the group, which are Shermayne and co., sound like a big fun bunch, so I am all game for the FUN!

5. I sat at the living room with my flatmates just now and we kinda casually came up with plans for summer break! I's like 23 weeks away, but who's counting? =) But yea I might be road tripping with them after finals in November! yay!

6. I have stayed here for 1 month and 3 days. It's been really really nice. I miss home cooked food and warm fireplaces in Aunty Jane's, and conversations with Lily, but staying with 4 other girls of different backgrounds has been a real nice experience. And I have definitely seen the domestic side of me. Now I am assured that I can be a pretty good homemaker next time. *phew*My husband and kids shall not have to live in a dirty home!

And after all that dreaming, I still have exams to sit for which are on the 17th, 19th, 22nd and 29th respectively. To be quite honest, I am glad they're here. That means holidays are coming! =)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The narcissist in me

been working on my abs rectus abdominis..

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

just for fun

somehow, somewhere the idea that i am doing this degree just purely for fun came to mind and a relatively huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders and all those months of stress and worry has subsided. on hindsight, i am at much more ease, i am in a frame of mind that i am here to enjoy, to explore, to embrace adventure and new things and people to come.

but on a different note, it's a little bit worrying that i am this relaxed prior to my exams. just a tad unsettling.


p/s: i want to buy a scooter.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Run Auckland

I haven't really been talking about Run Auckland, have I? This was the last post I mentioned Run Auckland. And I didn't say very much about it.

Well, for the Queen's Birthday's sake, I shall refresh everyone on this run series I have been doing. Run Auckland is a 6-run series that takes place all over Auckland. That's pretty much the main reason why i signed up for it in the first place - to see different parts of Auckland. Each race has a 5km and 10km category, and I obviously signed up for all the 10kms. The 6th leg, however has a 10km and 21km category and I signed up for 21km. So far it has been very worth the $90 i paid in October last year. I signed up early to get the free 2XU t shirt and to catch the early bird price. I have seen many nice parks and city skylines and harbour fronts all over Auckland. It's been a pleasure running up and down the hills too.

I just did the 4th leg yesterday and am pretty pleased with how well I have done. I managed 9.96 km in 51:57. I have a feeling it isn't 9.96 km simply because that's a pretty quick pace. But I've been walking every single day up the hill to this house, and I've cycled quite a few times up this hill too. And trust me pumping my quads up that hill is no joke. So could it be that my daily routine has somehow strengthened my legs? Possibly.

Here's the terrain for race day. It looks pretty intense, and when I saw it before the race, I thought "die la". But surprisingly I didn't. It was pretty easy for me. So yay!
2 more races to go, and the weather is getting colder and colder. Running 21km in Auckland winter? hmm...=)

On another note, weather is behaving here! I don't want to jinx it but look at this!
I don't know how accurate KL weather forecasts are. Can anyone fill me in?