Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have had this movie in my pc for a while now. I had planned to watch it with D because I thought we could have some intellectual conversation about the movie. Haha...but then we kinda forgot or didn't have time or simply never got around to watching it together last summer when I went back home.

Today, I woke up with the mother of all menstrual cramps and so my plans to run were foiled. I was in utter reluctance to move. So I decided to watch a movie. It was between 21 and Saving Private Ryan. I didn't really want to watch a war movie, so gorgeous card counter it was.

In my humble opinion, it was a pretty good movie. It exceeded my expectations. I had expected it to be a little more complicated, i was set on prying my ears, listening intently to manipulative mathematical equations, unraveling some twisted plot...but no, it was relatively straight forward. And the motive of entering Med School at Harvard. That kept everything grounded.

I like the narratives. And I loveee Jim Sturgess. I think he can take Patrick Dempsey's place in my "other" category of gorgeous actors. "Other" being the category where they just have gorgeous faces, but can't say the same for their bods. Hugh Jackman rocks my "hot" list. =)

p/s. Auckland's freezing.


Tisha said...

Watch Jim in Crossing Over or is it The CrossOver..he's with Harrison Ford.

galnexdor said...