Wednesday, February 27, 2008

to tri or to party...

Coincidentally, the A Famosa Triathlon, which happens to be the first and only triathlon i can take part in in Malaysia for this year, falls on my birthday.

Tri fanatics would probably rejoice and go "All the better to celebrate with, my dear!".

But I guess I was kinda looking forward to celebrating it with a bang i.e. not sweating my arse off under the sun, drenched in stinky lake water, since I'm leaving for Auckland soon.. Sure i can come home and celebrate on Sunday night, but most of my friends are working peeps now. My phone sits quietly on Sunday nights now.

But I'll most probably join the race la. What's in a 22nd birthday anyway. Keith's gonna be doing sprint I guess. we've got 2 bikes sitting at home, if not now, i don't see when. :)


i dreamt of u last night, felt so sureal, felt so right.
we were walking in this room so bright, filled with chandeliers, filled with light

dressed to the nines we were, i smiled at u, u never looked sharper
then we sat down together, i remember never feeling happier

a waiter comes and to him u nodded
next thing i knew people applauded
up on stage i saw u've transported
perched on a piano, ur expression unfaltered

you started to play, my heart missed a beat
i gaped and stared at this amazing feat
what have i done to deserve such a treat
that night, i don't think anything i could eat

i cocked my head, watched as your fingers glided, so magical it felt, i decided
slowly, i felt m eyes were heated, a glow from my face i know radiated

i was ready to throw myself at you when u came back
felt so overwhelmed my heart would crack
i stood up and you stopped in your tracks
that was when my alarm pierced through, and everything just went black

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

why you're my favourite valentine

no one drives me half as crazy
as you do when you're not around
no one makes me go insane
if from you, i haven't heard a sound

no one lifts my spirits up
quite like you, just by the sight of you
no one causes me sleepless nights
like you do, when i start missing you

no one makes me smile silly
as you do, when you pop into my thoughts
no one makes my heart go wild
just by saying "lots and lots and lots"

no one makes me ache inside
from feeling this way about you
no one makes me admit aloud
that i love you, very much, through and through....

Friday, February 22, 2008


Perth in a nutshell...

*click for photos*

Saturday, February 16, 2008

because we can

here's how we spend our free time here in Perth.

we take numerous pictures of ourselves. we pose for those numerous pictures. we pose really dramatically for some, and really silly for others.

some name this artistic hobby camwhoring. whatever it is called, we just do it because we can.

yanyee. concrete pillar too cool for school pose.
my incredibly ladylike picture. bearing my huge bruise on my right leg, my oddly bent left leg, my humongous calves, and my insane sun burn.
bad chinese dinner. curtin university park.
a yanyee-shakti bollywood movie poster pose

shakti. olden time lovesong video.

p.s. yes, we do in fact have quite a bit of free time. coz we're here waaaaay too long for a Perth holiday.

p.p.s. forgot to rotate some of the pictures, sorry. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

once bitten twice shy

ever since the severe sun burn the three of us foolishly endeavored, we now never leave the house without a layer of sunscreen. that is...if we leave the house at all during the day time. we're all peeling at odd places, looking like we've got scabs or leprosy. the biggest peeler being Yan Yee, peeling everything from her skin, to potatoes and carrots, to apples. :)

so due to the less than attractive outlook of us, and our increasing phobia for the sun, we now only leave the house after sun down. most of the time. :)

shakti charging her glow in the dark t shirt
got a bit too hot for shakti. she wanted to jump!
depressed damsels, awaiting the arrival of sailor-husbands...
livin la vida loca!
brought to u by Karen, Yan Yee and Shakti

anyway, life here has been slow moving. think we're adapting the Aussie lifestyle. My bro brought us out for Gelare last night coz they had 50% off on waffles on Tuesday. Unlike Swensen's back home, i think the people here are way less kiasu, and the staff are more efficient during such peak hours. Ice cream was lovely of course. :)

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Here's wishing all you crazy lovebirds out there a wonderful V Day. Have a good one. To my family and friends, you know i love you right? *wink*

I have sat on the bleachers and watched Valentine's pass me by year after year for ages.
One more year wouldn't hurt...

Monday, February 11, 2008

pieces of Perth 1

half dead by the 5th hourgreen green grass on graduationRottnest Islandstaring competition

Friday, February 08, 2008

baked, burnt, bruised

Hello from Perth!! It's been a while...:)

So Singapore was good fun. It was just very me to forget formal attire for my convocation when the primary reason of my visit to Perth was to graduate. So I walked around Bugis to see if i could sought out something cheap and nice and practical. I ended up buying flair sweat pants to pass off as really amazingly comfortable slacks, pair of suede black pumps and a borrowed button shirt from my cousin. :) And just like that i was ready to graduate.

Perth has been quite an adventure too. The first night we touched down the weather was slightly warm, and we had to toss around on bed before we finally fell asleep. Perhaps it was the all the excitement. But it was pretty exhausting on our end because we were given the LAST row of seats on the plane. Which meant our seats were next to the toilet. And people frequent that every 5 minutes or so. If that wasn't bad enough, the last row of seats could NOT RECLINE. yeah...we sat upright for 5 hours straight. so you could imagine how restless we were on the flight.

Convocation was alright. I didnt exactly feel the whole rush of oh-my-god-its-the-end-and-the-beginning-of-an-era. To be honest i felt rather neutral towards the whole thing. But it was an experience. A much less solemn occasion compared to Kor Kor's convocation. The fireworks were pretty cool though. Food was quite disappointing. But there was free champagne! :)

Today we went cycling in Rottnest Island. I reckon we covered about 20 km in the blistering Aussie heat bursting with UV rays. And i left the sunscreen lotion behind again. Needless to say i am entirely burnt, baked and bruised. Bruised because i scratched my leg against the bike. A single geared, really odd push-your-pedals-back-to-break bicycle. haha...

Yea, i didn't bring along my camera cable, so i can't post pictures up tonight. I'll try to get it from my brother tomorrow.

Till then, hope ur missing me peeps...missing me like crazy...:)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

last one before Perth

Hello hello...yes i've been a blog slug lately, no updates, no news whatsoever. Nothing much has been happening i suppose.

I just finished working at YouthMalaysia. Felt kinda sad to leave actually because the people are extremely nice. And everyone's just so relaxed and laid back (post event la) it's pretty enjoyable working there. No formal attire. No rigid lunch breaks. I felt bad for the complains i had been spewing out. But in all honesty, the complains were aimed at the people i dealt with during the event, not my colleagues. My colleagues were lovely. :) But i'm not an office 9-5 kinda worker. I'd much prefer a hands-on, out in the field kind of job. Something exciting every single day. So i bade farewell with hopes to find more exciting jobs come this March.

I have gotten my confirmation letter from Auckland University. When this happens suddenly it seems all the more confirmed that I am going. And that changes everything from now on. It's not so much leaving home to be on my own, because trust me I was yearning for that for quite some time now. It's more the burden i'd lay on my parents due to the exorbitant tuition fees. It's crazy! that much for just an education! Owell...Irvin and Ben were helping me out that day, telling me what the average student rent is, describing to me how life is in Auckland, sharing a bit a Auckland gossip. :) Sher Mayne and Irvin had both offered to hunt down a few places for me to pick. It's all going so well...all i need is a scholarship!

I went for the KL Towerthon today with my dad and Dennis. It was actually helluva lot easier this time compared to the last couple of times i did it. I took the steps two at a time for most stretches. Felt like i was conserving too much, coz the race ended and i still have not given my all. Dennis did pretty good for his first time. he felt he could've done better too. Dad says the same. Suddenly KL Tower doesnt seem so tall now. :) I met Cheah, from my first batch of OB participants under my watch. He's going for Standard Course!! i'm so jealous...

that's it for my incoherent rambles. i'm going to Singapore this afternoon. On Tuesday i'll be flying off to Perth from Singapore's Low Budget airport. And I'll be back on the 21st of February. So this should last u till then.

just a random picture from joey's birthday dinner.