Monday, August 30, 2004

We rocked WCG!

So we performed...yup! all 3 days! all 5 performances. It was cool! It was awesome! I had fun. Dancers are really cool peeps. They're outgoing and funny. They dare to make a fool out of themselves. So do gymnasts. Some of them at least. Whatever it is I find that I really enjoy this kind of life. Stressfree, carefree and laid back. Makes me wonder if I'm choosing the right path by going into Science again next year. My cousin once said that it's good to be different but not just for the sake of it. Maybe I am just trying to be different for the sake of being different. I don't know. I've heard way too many tales of science students going into arts and succeeding. With flying colours too. I've heard way too many stories of drop outs being the bosses to those who graduates with a PhD or something. My dad for one would stress: Financial Intelligence, you either have it or you don't. sigh...I don't know...

And today, it suddenly seemed as though being 18 and in college is all about dating. It started with my little brother complaining about being teased with some girl in his class. So i said, he has reached that age. Haha it's first the teasing with the person you hate that's of the opposite sex. Then it's the teasing with the person you like that's of the opposite sex. Then it's the real going steady and what nots. So I was explaining to him this whole life cycle when he suddenly says "I can't imagine che che having a boyfriend!" I have to say I was quite taken aback. So, automatically my ego and pride kicked in and I covered up by saying "Coz che che anti-guy ma". Which is so untrue. But mummy had something wise to add, "It'll come naturally la". Ok...then I had to fetch some friends to Megamall. In the car Ash asks me "got boyfriend adi ar?" I answered the standard answer "college no lengchai la" which isn't a lie, though that ain't the reason. In megamall I caught up with Ling Si whom I've not spoken to in a few weeks coz i've been skipping gim. We were having a perfectly fine conversation till it got to the part where she asked "so how about you? got any boyfriend?" I swear they were on me today. Everyone! Anyway, had to wait a long long time before I got to perform so i took a flyer and did some heart shaped origami (simply coz it's the only thing I know how to fold). Then Desmond (one of the dancers whom I find quite cute btw) was ejeking me "I know you're desperate Karen. Come la i help you find. There this one not bad wat" *points to a girl* "Don't find guys la. Too competitive already. Take girls. Become les" And that's supposed to be funny. what issit with 18, coll and dating?

well, beats me. But enjoy these pics while you're at it. =)

My little group of friends in among the whole group. Lil boy's called Webster. Adorable!!

O2Jam mascot and Blue Hyppo.

The 2 sisters with star quality.

And the dancers of Dance World!!

Sunday, August 29, 2004


Performing is tiring. I'm so beat I can't rhyme. So, feast your eyes on this instead. You can go here for more.

This is Weng Lum's best starting pose. I couldn't agree more.

This is my favourite girl. Actually my fav is Katerina Pisetsky of Israel but they didn't have her photo. She's the not so keng wan...hehe...So Irina Tchachina it is.

I wish I could do this. She looks Asian. Kazakstan isn't in Asia rite? hehe Aliya Yussupova. Her balances are really good!

Tmr i'll load the pics i took at the WCG. Oh and I learnt a new move! haha Fookie next time i show u! ;)

Saturday, August 28, 2004

- still -

I remember the very first day
Where I was my usual busy self
Could hardly stay to hear your say
Just a vague introduction of yourself

I shot many questions at you
And you answered one by one
Then I had more important things to do
I left, but that was how it all begun

I'd never thought that my life would stir
You being the person that shook it
How it happened now seems kinda blur
But what happened is the unforgettable bit

At a point, I guess I was pressured to act
By what? I still do not know
But I wasn't a 100% sure for a fact
That I should or shouldn't take that go

Things happen for a reason i guess
And I don't intend to look back
I feel lucky that I've been blessed
To have our friendship back on track

I no longer wonder why it couldn't
Work out between you and me
I guess I realised that I didn't
Really feel that deeply

But no matter what you'd always hold
A special place inside my heart
For some reason your name stands bold
Guess in you there's this special part

Can't really explain what or why
Just something extraordinary
Something that seemed to have caught my eye
Something that tugs the heart in me

So eventhough I'm over the whole infatuation
Eventhough I'm relieved of an unrequited feeling
Today one thing remains a question
How come I'm still sad that you're departing?

Today it seemed as though my heart was a tad heavier. Feel a little sad that he was gonna leave. In fact left. I don't have any feelings for him whatsoever. It was a misjudgement of my own feelings back then. But anyway, what happened happened and I guess, like every little mishap I've had in my pathetic love life, it stays in my heart. matter how small the crush was...or how silly I'd acted in the past...or how silly he acted...every single person takes a fraction of my heart. The fact that I did like him at a point meant that there was something special about him. Even if it was just an infatuation. I think the part of my sadness also comes from the uncertainty. The uncertainty of what the future holds. When am i gonna see him again? Sure there'll be MSN messenger and ICQ to help reduce the distance but...u get what I mean.

Apart from that I guess, was the changes that took place today. I have a feeling it's gonna take me a little while to get used to the fact that she's got someone else who comes in first place now. I'm so happy for her. So happy that i feel...sad. It's not about me not having someone. I believe in fate and fate would bring me that someone in due time. It's about me and her. As much as we both deny that nothing's gonna change, we both know something will. And the fact that it isn't wrong, bugs me even more. It's just the way it is supposed to be. I saw this coming. She's my best friend and I love her. I love it that she's happy...

Today was my first performance at WCG. It was a blast! The first show was great, the 2nd better. If you missed today, there's always tomorrow 2pm and 6.30pm, and sunday 4 pm. I'm now more than ever determined to one day perform like MJ or Julyann. =) Today I was supposed to have an outing with my girlfriends. The group gymnasts of selangor year 2000. Yuh Huey couldn't make it for some reason. And...well...she came with him. Maybe I'm being selfish here. Maybe I'm being conceited by wanting an outing with just the 5 of us, before Yuh Huey leaves for UK, to catch up on old times, laugh our heads off in a public restaurant and make fools out of ourselves, snap loads of pictures, just like the old times. Maybe I'm asking too much if I thought, ok so if Yuh Huey couldn't make it, at least there'll be the 4 of us. no one else. Maybe I am just not used to the changes that I have to make now...I will be soon...sorry...I will...

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Happy Birthday!!

About 5 years ago i met a bubbly, petite looking girl. She was a year my senior, was in fact a senior prefect of mine, but she was the greatest pal a junior could have. Bearing the same thirst for adventure and hunger for thrill, she and I became great friends almost instantly. It was inevitable that I fell into the same footsteps as her, trailing her as a Leo member, on to Membership Director and eventually President of the Leo Club. Apart from that, she was among the very few who I could always depend on to lend a shoulder, get a few cheers and just be there for me. Today she turns 19 and I celebrate the times we had going through OBS, rock climbing, mountain climbing, yet to scuba dive and kayak with her *wink*.

Beatrice Goh, HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

Born on the same day is a guy who have shown me the meaning of when hardwork pays off. He first struck me as someone very confident, taking things in his own stride. Though our friendship went through a bit of a bumpy road, he remained a friend and I guess that's one of his umpteen qualities. I look up to him in more ways than one and will treasure the times we shared in the short period I've known him. He'll be heading off to the States, on a journey to gain knowledge and experience, and undoubtly success. I wish him all the best in his undertakings and hope to see him again some day in the near future.

Eng Han, HaPpY BiRtHdAy and FaReWeLL!!

This poem was introduced to me by him. Although technically I first heard of it from Debbie, UWC. But it brings a lot of meaning, I think it applies to everyone human. hehe...enjoy...=)

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrenderbe on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career,
however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe,no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God,whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.Strive to be happy.
*~Max Ehrmann, Desiderata, Copyright 1952~*
I typed this looong post last night, filled with emotion about a certain charitable deed done by my uncle which touched me so much I thought I'd share it with everyone but when i clicked Publish Post the page failed to load and then everything is GONE! And the poem i submitted was one of the best I've ever written! ArGh!!! Poems don't just come anytime and everytime. They flow out when the time is right, the feeling is there. stupid...rewriting a poem is like redrawing a masterpiece. So, i boycotted Blogger last night and decided not to blog....

But, for my uncle's name sake, let me just tell you all what he did. You know those emails that says Please help my daughter, she has cancer and she's only 2...? well, how many of you forward those emails? Better yet, how many of you read them? No many of you even believe in them?? Well my uncle not only did all of the above, he actually went to visit the girl in SJMC. Then he banked in money into her family's bank account. Talk about noble. What he did touched me a lot and I now think that kindness goes waaaaay beyond just being nice and selfless. It's about taking actions, making a difference in another's life. I told my uncle how touched I was and this was what he said:

We are all champions, leaders and diamond. We just shine in different ways.

We choose our paths (be engineer, be employee, be housewife, be singer, be artist etc) and as long as we feel that we make full use of our life, we have no regrets. We were born to this world with special talent, skill sets and purpose, it is our duty and obligation to creator and parents to discover our hidden treasures, make full use of it for mankind, so that when the time comes for us to report back, we at least go back with pride.

As for myself, I have three rules for doing charity,
a. I do have an allocation, sort of like budget. By doing so (giving money), when I contribute, I do not feel the pain because it is already not mine.
b. I always ask myself this question, "would this dollar be more effective with him or with me?"
c. I do make sure that the money is being used in ways that I want it to be. Doing effective charity is definitely not easy.

Don't you just feel so ashamed right now? hehe...I do. In my many years of being a Leo I realised I'm not doing it for charity. I'm doing it due to power hunger, awards, maybe even for attention's sake. For all the wrong reasons. Sigh...well, not too late to change...

Anyway KDU clarified that they accept SAM. So, my guess is that's where I'll be going next year. Anybody wanna join me?? hehe....

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

productive day!

Yay i think today was really productive...lemme see...

1. I woke up at 8 this morning to bring my porpor n yehyeh for breakfast hehe. I figured the best way to start a productive day was to wake up early. And the best way to do that is to bring my grandparents out for breakfast. and the best to do that is to call them the night b4 (yesterday) and promise them already, thus, making an obligation. =)

2. I enquired about the Science course at KDU. stupid KDU dun wanna recognize my SAM. wth!?!? My mum did not spend 13 K for nothing. I think the councellor was blurer than me la. They should accept SAM. They must. I'm not enduring a whole year of chem I and II all over again. no no....

3. I visited Ikano power centre! that place is pretty neat. Julie fell in love with the dogs in their largest pet world place. I loved the Scnauzher or however u spell it. hehe..but that place is neat. I wonder if I should get my bro an iguana for his bday. haha he better keep it in Perth then...=)

4. Met up with Eng Han, Mrs Ng and Yong Sheng in BU. Mrs Ng had some solid info about sports engineering which tempted me to pursue that course again. But no way physics now is barely close to my physics back then. Then, I was scoring As, now, i'm scoring Ds. Physics ain't my game now. So engineering is out. Sides, being a sports engineer i'd be one of those behind the scenes peeps and that's not really what I want. I wanna be with the people, hands-on, get motivated by motivating others. yea...that'd be my dream. Eng Han was so quiet!! haha...Julie was like "Karen! u were talking to his mum more than u were talking to him!" haha...well, I wasn't the silent one...
Can't believe he's leaving this friday. How I wish I would be feeling the anxiety, the excitedness, the nerves, the expectations of leaving home. Expecting the unexpected. Murphy's Law. Things happen when u least expect it. sigh...oh well. count ure blessings...count ure blessings...=)

5. I watched the gymnastics gala. Irina tchachina is so gonna win! How come they didn't get Kabaeva to perform? Saving the best for the competition? Once again i think i've entered the wrong gymnastics. I should've been in artistic la. I think I'm better made for that. I could use those buffed arms and legs. not forgetting the buffed hunks. hehe....

and to think that after all that I'd get the satisfaction of it. But instead i got a splitting headache. the statisfaction will surface once the ache goes away...till then...nitez....


I've uploaded all the pics into sony image station. U can click on the link at the left side of this page. The box thing with flashing words...think u have to sign up though. It's pics of my classmates during the Merdeka dress up day. Got some pics of Fuwen, Shirlyn and friends, Ben and Jian Lun also. So enjoy.

BOTB pics are up on Yahoo Photos. So click on the link My Pictures. quite blur though. But can see la Fu wen, Weng joon, Ben, Hanzi. Only Arvind is too far behind. hehe sorry ler...=)

Monday, August 23, 2004

my hols have officially started

So i was lying on my bed this morning. Don't know how or what made me wake up. Just all of a sudden i realised i wasn't in lalaland no more. My tummy was growling...the clock showed 10.30..and my forehead was sweating. yup...that's coz the air-cond was set on timer to switch off at 8 while the fan was put to 1. My nose was stuffed up, my neck was achng for some reason, and i kept hearing the phone ring (yea i think that woke me). Then it dawned upon me that my hols just started and I had to get out of bed to salvage whatever that's left of my first day of hols. =)

So i sprung up, folded my blanket, washed up and went downstairs. I braced myself for the hah jie!! you now only wake up ar?!?! haha don't i just love my bro...haha i do...really...=) Then i was told that porpor called me 3 times waiting for me to wake i called her...she asked me about some malay words which she always assumed my cousin spelled wrongly. Like my BM can pakai like that...oh well...glad to be of assisstance anyway. I chomped down 1 piece of bread with peanut butter, gulped down one glass of cold barly, and that's what i call breakfast. =)

Watched my lil bro play PS2...then i remembered little Yong Sheng (did i get that right?) telling me rocket launcher better la...can kill more poeple these days...8 years ago my game was badminton with the neighbourhood kids using the pagar as the net. you guys also rite?!?! dun lie...=)

Anyway, came online and msg Ju. turned out she really did fall sick! Take care Ju!! I really hope it wasn't me who passed her the germs. Coz I'm curing right now. Well, she left to have lunch i think, so that leaves me online...with nothing to do. So blog lor...gonna go and get my maid to start cooking adi...then i'm gonna indulge in olympics! chowz...

On a mission of self discovery

Today I made 2 self discoveries
By which I think I should bear in mind
I guess it's little incidents like these
That removes the pride that kept me blind

First of all is a certain change
In a certain special friendship of mine
It's something I knew wouldn't be strange
But not well accepted by me at the same time

It's something I've wished would happen for her
Though, something i've been dreading too
And it may sound a little bit queer
I'm both happy and sad, it's true

But I guess, life has to move on for everyone
And being selfish won't get me anywhere
I truly am happy that she found someone
Who sincerely, honestly seems to care

I'm elated, in fact, to see her beam
With an expression that says Finally!!
Meant for each other, they seem
This would last forever to me

So my discovery is, that time is moving
And when it's due, changes take place
Guess the best thing to do is to keep accepting
As you move in and out of a new phase

Next thing that tugged on my mind today
Was my failure to obtain something i wanted
The whole If only scenario replayed
I guess I really regretted

I was fantasizing about my own farewell
IF i had gotten the scholarship
I'd be busy right now too, with no time to dwell
Packing my bags for my "long trip"

Lucky for me, the first discovery
Helped me accept things the way they are
So I gave up feeling all sad and sorry
Knowing very well with that I'd never go far

So I wished him all the best with a smile
And hope he enjoys his 2 years there
I have no doubt that it'll be worthwhile
Good luck, Eng Han, and take care!

Sunday, August 22, 2004


Being sick is annoying.

Being sick at a rock concert stinks.

Being sick at a rock concert with a backache, without a voice sux.

The cure? Disagree's closing act.

My compliments to the organizing committee of BOTB. U guys rawk! Only wish i was a part of it...

Oh...Madfish is a quite a remedy too. But they came out too soon and i lost my voice coz of them. =)

Saturday, August 21, 2004

sick larrr.....

I've just fallen sick. Fever, cough, cold...the whole deal. What a great way to kickstart my hols man!

Went for McBreakfast with ju just now. nice...but somehow I enjoyed it more last time when the only time I could eat it was if someone has to be sent off at the airport. Now it's too readily accessible. =)

Later going for BOTB! should be cool. Saw the stage up just now already. Wow...imagine if I got into Student Council i'd be organizing that! haha..if only la...okok...i shall not lament any further. count my blessings....count my blessings... hehe...

Like my new layout? My special thanks to Kenneth yee a.k.a. kai yeh! anyone interested in getting one for your page? feel free to ask Kenneth! it's revision as he calls it. =)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

f r i e n d s

Guess sometimes u reach a moment
When u just sit back and see ure life unfold
U see yourself enjoying the present
And cherishing what the past times hold

U rekindle times spent with some
And compare them to the ones ure with now
True it changes as it comes
But you learn to get along somehow

And just when you least realised it
U find yourself having fun
This new bunch aren't boring one bit
In fact the good times just begun

But nevertheless, U will never forget
Or cast aside ure old time friends
And they can't forget u too, I bet
Well, friendship's a cycle that never ends

As we go on, our circle of friends expands
It doesn't remain constant through life
One will never be able to forget one's friends
Of friendship...nobody deserves to be deprived

Ranjit came to my house last last night with Hisham. Well, wish him all the best when he flies back tmr.

Yuki too. She's leaving tmr as well. Hope she had an enjoyable time in M'sia. though honestly i dun see why ppl would actually choose malaysia.

Here's also wishing Avinash a happy birthday! belated since it was yesterday. oh wells! =)

HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: nope…but someone told me that I should at least once in life…hehe
* Missed school B/coz it was raining: no…but I skipped the first period coz I woke up late…=) Chem…
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: erm…I do put my finger across the fire on the candle as in like back and forth very fast….=)
* Been hurt emotionally: yes…unfortunately
* Kept a secret from everyone: yes…I think everyone has
* Had an imaginary friend: I dun think I was that lonely
* Cried during a Movie: I think once a loooooooooong time ago…when I was so young and I cried out of fear not out of emotion….ever since then no…
* Had a crush on a teacher: well not really strongly or anything, but I kinda like the ang moh CPU lecturer that tied his hair up in pony tails during Manic Monday...he's cute
* Ever thought an animated character was hot?: hmm…I kinda like the guy from Final Fantasy…not sure what's his name but he's the one in the Faye Wong Eyes on Me vid
* Been on stage: of course…love it in fact
* Cut your hair: yup…though chopped would’ve been a better word….tell me someone hu doesn’t anyway…cut hair that is…
* Get injured: that’s a routine

* Shampoo: I change every time to explore new horizons…hehehe but have been using Dove for quite some time and Weng Lum thinks it stinks…I beg to differ
* Soap: any liquid shower bath thingie
* Color: bright green, red, yellow, black, maroon, etc. etc.
* Day/Night: night…the last few moments b4 I sleep…
* Summer/Winter: winter…
* Lace or satin: satin? Can I choose cotton?
* Fave cartoon Characters: for the time being it’s Kim Possible
* Fave Food: Italian and seafood!! mmmm
* Fave Advert: My own advertisement…=) and those crazy ones on the radio
“gimme gimme gimme…what I want”
* Fave Movie: To date, it’s I, Robot. But spidey 2 was good and Catwoman had the girl power thing going so yea…enjoyed that too
* Fave Ice Cream: all chocolate ice creams
* Fave Subject: was English…now it's so hard! But it’s still relatively more likable la…I guess….
* Fave 'normal' Drink: water…plain water after a run….=)
* Fave Persons to talk to online: huever that would talk to me from the time I come on to the time I leave…haha…and when I say talk I don’t mean “hi”….then an hour later “bye”…
* Fave personality: cheerfulness
* Fave past time: jogging, anything sporty, being outdoors
* Fave book: Fearless…
* Fave idol: Anyone talented…talents like singing, athletics, dancing…

----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
* Wearing: the powerman HOT shirt, with my running shorts…haven’t bathed after jogging…ahha lazy la…
* Hair is: still short….and lovin' it!
* I'm feeling: like I’m coming down with something coz my throat's a bit itchy and I got the sniffles this morning…shoot! Not during the hols man!!
* Eating : nothing…jus finished an apple
* Drinking: gonna grab some water after bathing…which would be immediately after I’m done with this I promise
* Thinking about: lots of things…my dance just now, my dance in megamall, what I’m gonna get for someone, Adidas KOTR, wearing a cheongsam tmr…
* listening to: YeAh UsHeR ft LuDaCrIss

-------THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
* Cried: nope…was laughing away just now during the audition
* worn a skirt: nope…
* Met someone new: didn’t exactly go through the whole introduction, getting name kinda thing but there’s this new guy who jogs at the lake and we somehow give each other a smile or a small wave when we pass each other….it’s a jogger’s thing…=)
* Cleaned your room: er…not really…haha I dun really make a mess so there’s not much to clean…hehe
* Done laundry: I’m wearing dirty laundry at the moment…gonna dump them into the washing machine later…
* Drove a car: last time I did this I put “ask me in a year’s time” ahah so fast 1 year adi…yep just drove just now from jogging
* Discovery of the day: I’m fallin sick! Oh and my thighs dun look too bad in my new sweat pants..yea!

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------
* Yourself: yes yes yes!! I believe that I will one day make it big in my fitness business…hey see it rhymes!
* Your friends: yes…I believe that in say 15 – 20 years time I’d be bumping into some of them and exchanging business cards which on it is printed Manager, or CEO or something…haha including my own card! =)
* Santa Claus: erm…the spirit of Christmas yes…but not so much of Santa since I myself “employed” Santas for me Leo project last time
* Tooth Fairy: Fairies and Gnomes I’d like to believe in…
* Destiny/Fate: yes at certain things…like love for example
* Angels: yes of course…=)
* Ghosts: erm…why did u have to ask? Now I have to believe in them because if I say I don’t I’ll start to ponder and then I’ll scare myself!
* UFO's: I guess…but not exactly thrilled to see one

-----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: currently no…
* Like anyone?: Not the ‘like’ like lah…but I do find it interesting to talk with certain people of the opposite sex
* Who's the loudest: Myself
* Who's the shyest: Carmen Sng…
* Who's the weirdest: Kevin Hui
* Who do you go to for advice: depends on what….my bro sometimes…my mum sometimes…teachers sometimes…friends sometimes
* Who do you cry to? : my family if it’s because of studies….Shirlyn if it’s other probs…but I dun cry to her lah…I complain to her…hehe…I think I cried to Ju once
* When did you cry the most: used to weep and sob during gim competitions, then I stopped. Then I wept and sobbed for bad results, then I stopped. Recently I started this habit of crying when I’m pressured by Singa, which I think I have stopped. For now.
* What’s the best feeling in the world: Finishing a race!
* Worst feeling: if I had hurt my someone mentally or emotionally…but yet don’t have the courage to say I’m sorry

Monday, August 16, 2004


Da hype starts pumping up
Beat blares thru da speakers
Before u know it, ur shakin on da spot
Groovin to da beat of 'em dancers

Da spirit in you takes flight
Adrenaline courses through ure veins
Ure feet have taken a mind of their own
That's when ure turn begins

On the dance floor, da music tunes up
U feel da beat all over your body
Breakin into it, u just let loose
Tellin' ureself, Now this is me!

Bang, bang! U nailed da beat
A smile creeps up on ure face
Ure body flows, simply natural
No tryin to keep up wit da pace

Ure moves are good, ure confident
Da crowd cheers go wild
U've never been more yourself
Now that's what I call freestyle!

Julyann and MJ did their show today. Plus the guys! Gawd they're cool! So cool! I so wanna reach that level man! Seriously, why didn't I start dance earlier? Anyway, heard there's a breakdancing class in Sri Hartamas. Anybody interested?? hehe...i can drive! =)

Sunday, August 15, 2004

tight schedule

didn't blog last night and the night before i think coz i was too tired. Also coz i don't exactly have much to blog about right now. Life's been pretty dead since...well, since you know what. hehe...i have to admit, crushing on someone spices up your life, be it a good or bad turn out. Living life everyday without someone to think of, someone to wonder about, or even someone to get hurt by may get a little monotonous. But it's for the better. At least for now.

So, what i'm gonna do tonight is I'm gonna report. what Paul does. Minutes of Friday and Saturday's itenary. hehe...

On friday, was the usual going to college at 8 in the morning. Air-cond konged again so it was freakin' stuffy. Like I wasn't sleepy enough! So anyway, survived through classes till 2.00 pm. This was when i got auctioned and guess how much i was sold for? RM11.03. Yeap...3 sen. The bids were increasing by the sen i tell u! and my dear friends left me after the bid went above RM3. too much. My classmates bought me in the end. So sweet of them! Feeel so bad for estranging myself from them all these while.

Then it was dance class as usual. Think the new matrix move is real cool. Dance class is getting more n more exciting! =) At night went for dinner At Royal Selangor Club with the leos and cherie's classmates. Very few turned up. think there were like 10 of us only. The dinner wasn't too bad. The company, however, was great. Love these peeps man! =) Then we walked to dataran merdeka to watch The Kid on the big screen. For a while only la. After that I went home. Slept really early. Was kinda tired. Not sure why also...=)

Today, went shopping with Ju, Pj, Ven Nee. Miss Ven Nee! ahahha the shopping trip was pretty productive i would say. Got myself 3 items: an Espirit spag top, PDI spag top, and Elle active sweat pants. yay! =) But somehow I felt as though Julie didn't really enjoy. Gurl ure gonna deny this but i'll say so anyway. She looked like she was obliged to come along, her face wore a solemn expression...almost bored. And Pei Jien and I were the only ones burning holes in our pockets. Was it what we talked about in the car? Well just wanna let you know, try not to worry so much. Life may not be as bad as you think. Serious. And honestly, to be a good shopping partner you gotta have the enthusiasm. Today I wanted to go home, partly was coz i've spent enough, but partly also coz I lost the interest. Shopping ain't fun if 1 person ain't enjoying it. Well, just try to loosen up and live life more laid back la k? =)

Then came back, ate something light and went for Dance. I'm starting to really get the groove man. Losing all my self consciousness. Just feel like shakin' that tail feather!! =) Can't wait till the day comes. Go watch ok??

Came home took bath and all, supposed to go JKC but JK wasn't home. Hisham came over to my house, waited patiently for JK to give us a ring saying "u can come now!" but instead she went out with her cousins. Oh well, Hisham u had fun right? aahah sorryla my house nothing interesting. Thanks again for ferrying me to run those errands. hehe...

And then it's now, me, here, at my com, blogging. Yup. Once again ain't got nuthin much to say. Tomorrow my mum's leaving for some kursus thing for 2 weeks! Mummy i'll miss u! hehe...ok...u know what? I gotta spice up my life more. Serious. Ok ok...what if I told you guys I kinda have someone in mind that I'd like to be my date for Coroborree. But I actually know chances of that happening is NIL. Oh well, no harm dreaming...=)

Friday, August 13, 2004

date auction!

SPA (that's Society of Performing Arts) will be holding this date auction thing tmr for charity. I was walking out from class that day when suddenly i heard "KAREN SIAH!!". I whirled around and my dear friend Ming Choi came rushing to me. Then, half panting, she blurted out all about the date auction thing and asked me to be one of the auctioned items. Yup me! I dont mean to brag but ahem *draws hand through hair with poise* I don't see why not? ahahha jus kidding. I went like "what!?!?" Then she launched into this "It's very safe" speech till i cut her off saying "I'm not worried about the dating part...more concerned about the bidding. What if no one bids for me?" Then she went like "well if no one bids, which i'm quite sure won't happen, then u and Isla would just bid for each other!" Honestly, that's sad! But Isla winked at me and then i thought oh well it'll be fun i guess. But just for pride's sake, I got Weng Lum, Daniel, Han Yang, Kenny all to bid for me. They made me chip in also. I'm partially bidding for myself! haha oh well...=)

So anyway, i got my Nike Pacesetters 15k certificate today. It was nice i guess and iot did have my picture on it. Plus, all my positions in my category, all women categories, and overall. It's real cool. Only problem was it's crumpled! stupid postman! I ran 15k for that piece of paper doink! Or maybe it's stupid Nike/Pacesetters! Can't they at least invest in stickers that say DO NOT FOLD and stick it on top? I'll try ironing it tmr. *sniff sniff* my poor certificate....

Thursday, August 12, 2004

the definition of reliability

Today I thought I was alone
I overlooked the ones in front of me
The friends I almost forgot I own
Were the very ones that were there for me

It's not that they were second priority
I love my friends all the same
Which was why it was hurtful to see
When she failed to include my name

But good things came in strange ways
Lessons come unforseen too
I have learned in the past few days
That I have friends, the ones that were true

Today I caught up with someone special
And spent time with another best friend
Though, my plan to complain was initial
Reminiscing times was how our day was spent

I also broke some barriers today
Between mummy dearest and me
She's way underappreciated by me I'd say
From now on, I'd treat her rightfully

A certain someone lightened my burden
Guess I could always count on that bud
U helped me through times I was uncertain
Thanks a bunch, my lifetime stud

Then, as my anger resided gradually
One last person erased the last bit
We're all human was what he reminded me
With a heart to feel love, pain...all of it

So I shall sleep a happy person tonight
Instead of a girl thinking the world is unkind
From now on, I think I'll get things right
Bearing today as a lesson in mind

They say you find out who your true friends are in times of darkness. Today I found out who was and who wasn't. But i also found out that the latter, whom I was clouded to think weren't my true friends, actually were not any less than the others. The only thing that decieved me were emotions, hard feelings, and kinda a personal vendetta. But today I saw the silver lining. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I have true friends I can rely on, anytime, night or day. I'd do the same for you know that right? *wink*

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I Robot is real cool! I think the graphics are so nice! And Will Smith? definitely a hottie! You know he's the cleanest looking rapper around? He's like the most innocent one. He's darn cool!

I just had this conversation with Ashwin. Tell me, what is a guy's definition of pretty anyway? On second thoughts, don't tell me...I don't think I wanna know...oh and I'm not mad...=) Find it really amusing...honest!

Ankhmorpork says:
one of my friends heard alot about you

- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
ok...good or bad?
Ankhmorpork says:
Ankhmorpork says:
during secondary school

- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
secondary school...ok...
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
can i know?
Ankhmorpork says:
heard you like damn preety and all
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
what? who's that friend la? big crapper

Ankhmorpork says:
Ankhmorpork says:
he heard only lar
Ankhmorpork says:
but then
Ankhmorpork says:
he said
Ankhmorpork says:
Ankhmorpork says:
forget it
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
u dun go "but then..." then say nvm...
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
c'mon spill....=)
Ankhmorpork says:
its my style
Ankhmorpork says:
dowan lar
Ankhmorpork says:
nanti you tersinggung
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
ahah ashwin...tell la....
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
wun wan wun wan...
Ankhmorpork says:
nanti takleh tidur
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
Ankhmorpork says:
nanti takleh makan

- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
ahhaha u know u say like dis i can pretty much assume what ure friend heard
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
Ankhmorpork says:
Ankhmorpork says:
poor fella was dissapointed
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
Ankhmorpork says:
Ankhmorpork says:
saw you
Ankhmorpork says:
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
Ankhmorpork says:
he saw you
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
he saw me what?
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
okok now oni get u...
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
sorry a bit slow...
- g a l n 3 x d o r - says:
haha icic...

Leo Formation cum Installation pictures are up!

I was hoping on profit....

Today we had our post mortem for the installation... profit...we came to a nett loss. Sad...sad...I'd like to push the blame to Lion Chris for disallowing ticket charge of more than RM6. And also to ZiHao for swallowing a whopping 500 bucks for the stupid programme book covers only! is wrong...

Ultimate blame goes to none other than me, myself and I. I, the president, failed to budget, failed to be firm with my directors, failed to plan things out more systematically, failed. As a leader, it doesn't matter what your followers do, everything is your fault. I think i got that from A Bug's Life. You know when the grasshoppers wanted to scold the Princess because the other ant toppled all the food into the water? yea...everything is the leader's fault. Reason is simple. I was the leader. If I had made it clear that I did not want anything above RM300 for the programme book cover I should've said so. If I wanted RM8 bucks for the freakin' ticket I should've stood firm. If I had wanted a meeting I just call for one. But did I? My mum was right, they're stepping all over my head. Am I really falling for Lion Chris said? That I am not fit? Am I not? this sux man...especially when I have to report the nett loss to Lion later.

I read comments on Wei xian's page, about install. Hanna's page? Install. Paul's page? Install. well at least Paul gave very good comments. But still...It was all commenting about budgeting and whose fault was that? yours truly. Argh! I will
not let this happen again. That I swear. If there was something I was gonna be good at, it's downright not academics, downright not in the love scene, it's gonna be my leadership. me.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Madfish got into Battle of the Bands! I'm going...are you? ;)

a n n o n c e m e n t

World Cyber Games
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
27th - 29th August 2004
27th, Fri :: 10 am (opening act), 7 pm
28th, Sat :: 2 pm, 7 pm
29th, Sun :: Closing act (not sure when)

MaNiC MoNdAy

This is my 126th huh? And look! 100 days to do you get a guy in 100 days? ahahha jk =)Anyway, I'm done with Chemistry!! Done with Common Test 3!!!

This week is CPU's spirit week which is darn cool! Every day they would have a theme and they're supposed to dress up according to that theme. So today was manic monday and for those who are wondering what manic is:

manic /m├Žnk/ adj.
1 (informal) full of activity, excitement and anxiety; behaving in a busy, excited, anxious way

Anyway, the students were all dressed up to the occasion! there were big fancy slippers, bright fancy ties, clothes that looked weird man! i'm serious! but u know what's the best part? the lecturers were dressed up too! there's this really cute CPU lecturer...kwai loh...he has quite long he tied it up in like 6 pony funky! HE was cute. He looksa kinda like Josh Groban! Oh well, my point is they're soooo cool! I don't know what tomorrow is, but i know Thursday is Sporty Thursday and Friday is Fairytale Friday. So I'd expect loads of cinderellas and prince charmings around i guess. =)

I think my little brother has an evil side. Yesterday my dad caught a fly in a microwave oven container and gave it to my bro. Guess what he did? he microwaved the thing! the poor fly! It died in 10 seconds on High power. So gruesome!

Someone told me something today
Something that I ought to ponder on
Bugged me to hear what he had to say
I went to a stage I didn't know i've gone

He asked if there was something wrong
He said that I've changed since early this year
I'm now subdued and I don't seem to belong
To any group I don't seem to go near

I apparently tend to sit alone
And lay my head down at every intermission
I often look like I tire myself to the bone
As though I'm going through a phase of depression

I was surprised to hear of this
I'd always thought I was the sunny one
But come to think of it I may have missed
The time I chose to forego fun

Somewhere along my way of light
I kinda drained my zesty attitude
And even with sufficient sleep at night
I'm not as perky as I usually should

My eyelids still droop during classes
I no longer butt into gossip conversations
Instead I impatiently wait as time passes
Filling my mind with other distractions

I don't know as of when I started
But I didn't think it would bother me
But somehow today I was reminded
How much more cheerful I can actually be

His description of me when he first met me
Was someone outgoing and full of spark
Somehow that spark went out and eventually
The brightness of my eyes became dark

Honestly nothing bothers me right now
I'm seriously very satisfied with everything
Guess I gotta brighten up myself somehow
Come tomorrow, I'll once again be shinning!

yup...i had no idea that i had a glum look plastered on my face in the past few weeks. It takes an outsider to see it i guess. Sue Zen also remarked "you look so cheerful...wassup?" and i was so blur i went like "cheerful?" and she said "girl i'm being sarcastic? what's wrong with u?" me.

I'm no bum. I'm ok. I still do crazy stuff when i'm home like hop down my stairs, 2 at one step, kicking my mum's tuition tables with my baby toe and causing it to bleed. Or sing at the top of my voice when i'm heading for a bath. *grins* And crazy stuff still happen to me like today for example, I have my first smooching experience. with the car. My car kinda knocked the one in front at a junction. actually the word knocked is an exaggeration. Anyway the person came down from the car, i got some lecturing from an old man, but zero damage was done so...*phew*. haha....that's me. =)

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm Good!

Blaque - I'm good
Download this song for an extra boost of confidence...=) oh and it is suggested that you shake ure booty while u listen to it. Works better. hehe

That's the song we're using for the WCG performance. Peeps! I'm telling u...Go for the show! I went for my first practise today and it's really cool! Kinda like Fame, but a much amateur version. But it's still cool. Look out for this small boy that dances with Erica and Grace Tham. He's good! really good! His name's Webster...cute...=) Erica and grace is darn pro also. Go and you'll know what I mean. =) Plus, how many of you have been to a world cyber games competition before? ahahah I've never. Think that's pretty interesting too.

I also went for the LakeView Anniversary Games. My dad and my bro had swimming on today. They both got 3rd for their events. Got prize money so i think they're both satisfied. My cousins also took part. their first swimming competition. Sigh...when I was 8 years old I spent my days watching Sesame Street, Care Bears and My Little Poney. But here they are kids these days excelling in sports?!?! Don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. I know of some whose parents have gone bonkus! They drive their kids up the wall with their competitiveness. Something tells me my big bro's kids will share the same fate. haha...

Catwoman was a great show. Only, the effects were a bit too out of this world. And her costume. Like what Fadzleena said, can she show any more of her body? But no harm pushing the limits for a little entertainment. sides, guys will drool. That I assure you. As for girls, I have a feeling more will cut short hair from now on! way to go halle berry! Can be considered a chick flick. A very sexy, posh, bad-girl kinda flick.

off to bed now. Catwoman may rule the world, hip-hop may be the bomb, my family may have just earned some money, but Chemistry still goes on on Monday. So it's off to bed now, and rise and shine early tmr to study. Nitez!

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Finally they're out!

Finally the results for the PD triathlon is out! Well I guess my timing of 1 hour is very disappointing. Majority of the people there beat me in that. But I beat Guan Lim! ahahah
yes!! I'm evil I know. But if you were there, you would so wanna beat him too! First, in Bkt Merah he boasted about how he can run. He told me he trains at the lake too. Siew Ghee pls vouch for me! He was saying something like if not how do you think I can maintain this body? Like what body!?!?! okok maybe he is pretty in shape but there's no need to gloat! Anyway, in PD he was all Uncle Peter I can't run la! not fit enough la! And can u believe he was childish enough to "leave his shoes behind"? Well, unfortunately, Uncle Peter brought 2 pairs of shoes so, there's no escaping! haha Ok enough about bad mouthing Guan Lim. He's overall a nice guy la. honest...It's just that sometimes he's just too much of himself. Get what I mean? But apart from that he's still a human being.=)

I've signed myself up to perform for WCG. And I just found out that the practice sessions are every weekend from 6-9 pm Saturdays n Sundays. That's the least. If they fail to get enough practice then it'll be weekdays too. Sounds pretty fun but pretty tedious as well. Well be there ok? And oh...Bring binoculars! Coz it's a big group of dancers so probability of seeing me is small. hehe

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I'll Keep On Listening

hey i found it! ahah this poem, apparently, is Julie and Hisham's favourite. er...ok actually I dunno if it's their fav but they claim to like it very much. I wrote this for someone very special and dear to me. he still is by the way. he'll still be the kindest, nicest guy I've ever known. So glad that we remained friends. I still have his 4 messages in my hp by the way. They hold a piece of my heart. haha some of your messages also in my hp. haha so u wanna know if you're special to me, you should check to see if any of your msgs are in my hp inbox. haha....anyway, here it is...I'll Keep On Listening...

You tell me about her
How she makes you smile
How much you like her
How she makes you dizzy for a while
I'll keep on listening...

Yesterday you greet me online
As excited as ever
She's all that's in your mind
Because today you managed to call her
I'll keep on listening...

You look forward to the next night
Hoping to see me online again
You want to know what is right
In order to meet call her again
I'll keep on advising...

Today you say you don't stand a chance
She's very popular you say
She doesn't think of you...not even once
But you still feel the exact same way
I'll keep on supporting...

Now you say you're giving up
You say she played you out
All these while...all the hope
She's all you ever talk about
I'll keep on listening...

Tonight I thought, why?
All the times I hid behind
All the times my heart would cry
Why are you not mine?

I kept it away so you wouldn't know
So you would go on after her
But in my part I keep a vow
To keep on listening forever

Tomorrow I might not be here
You may not see me again
What I truly feel you'll never hear
But I hope you know that even in pain
I'll keep on listening...

I actually wrote a sequel to it. But they said it's not as nice as the first one. so malas la wanna post it.

anyway, I went out with Lyn's Japanese Youth Exchangee
I think she's quite cute. wait...what's the word for handsome guy again??

These are pics for yuh huey's show as well.
rosie, lyn, me
3 of us with the star, Yuh Huey

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

as i gaze upon the violet sky

As i gaze upon the violet sky
Things start to seem a bit easier
Matters start to reduce in size
Eventually I start to realise
That life can be made crystal clear

I guess too often I asked why
But miss the things that I already own
I misjudge people and jump to conclusions
I size them up and created illusions
And overlooked the true friendship shown

Somehow very seldom do I try
To see what's the real value of life
I fail to imagine how worse it can be
How lucky I am I forget to see
And I fail to appreciate every strive

As i gaze upon the velvet sky
I take back my words of yesterday
I find myself thinking over
About some things that can last forever
Friendship is one thing that will definitely stay maybe yesterday I overreacted. Hey, it's normal. But I know now that I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Everyone is entitled to live their life however they want to. But at the end of the day, a friend is a friend. Doesn't matter if there's someone else, or someone new. Eventually, I could still depend on her. She's a great friend and I guess I'm not the only one who sees it. So, I should be proud. I should be elated to have a friend like her.

btw, Hisham gave the idea of a velvet sky and Bing helped me with the word shown to rhyme with own. so thanks peeps! haha...this goes out to all my friends out there. Friendship forever! =)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

third wheel

Tonight I feel like a third wheel
Although, it's possibly just me
I may be wrong with what I feel
But I sense a tad of jealousy

Maybe it's selfish to expect
More of her time to be with me
Maybe it's for the simple fact
That he's seeing her more constantly

But it's not just time for that matter
I somehow feel they share something
It's as though they get each other
They have a certain understanding

And she seems to enjoy time more
When they are times spent with him
Even he treats her different from before
There's some chemistry it seems

I guess I have my expectations
Which may or may not be reasonable
I sometimes make certain assumptions
Which may be questionable

Maybe it's too much to ask for
Or I'm taking this too seriously
Even if what I ask is nothing more
Than have my best friend returned to me

I may be a little sensitive at times. Especially when it comes to friendship. I take my friends quite seriously i guess. Maybe a bit too serious for now. But I think no matter what I do, I'd always know who I depend on, and who to prioritise. For instance, I don't think I'll ever let a guy come between me and my best friends. Even if that guy was a close friend of mine. Well, like i said, maybe i'm being a little selfish here, but i suddenly feel as though my best friend has someone on top of me now. And i can't help but wonder about what someone else said earlier. If she really does get a boyfriend, which somehow i have a feeling would be earlier than I do, wouldn't that make me feel very left out? This isn't said by me. Someone else can see that she sets me aside when he comes into the picture, and that someone else only know the both of us for like 7 months. I understand the parts and parcle of life, I guess. So I won't go against it. Just that, it would be sad when that happens...really it would.

Monday, August 02, 2004


finally back to blogging after shuttling from friday to saturday to sunday. It was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I'm so beat there won't be a poem here tonight. Plus, the pic of me by the lake...u think it's nice? coz somethign happened to the other pic. ju thinks it's the creator of the skin's fault. her host overloaded di...nvm...I'll put my face then...=)

friday I went for Yuh Huey's commencements which is actually like our Hari Kecemerlangan but on a much grander scale. I'm talking dinner tables, prom-like dresses, and an entrance fee of 50 bucks! haha...well that's not all. Why do u think i went? They had performances. Not just performances. Yuh Huey was the main star of Wizard of Oz. They had props, costumes, backdrops...seriously it was darn cool! Then there was a performance to Yolanda Adam's I believe, which is the OST for Honey btw. So they performed pretty much like in the movie. There were guys who danced with basketballs, which i thought was darn cool!! I dunnola...everything just seemed so professionably done...I couldn't help but feel as though I did not live my high school like enough. Like, here i was chillin' in smsj while these kids are there dancing and acting like there's no tmr!

On saturday, my install was great! haha the most important thing, singas were happy. And I got all these cool stuff. Will post the pics up when I'm done with them. Turn up actually wasn't exactly what I expected. Rain, traffic jam, all these detered ppl from coming. But according to a friend, it's considered very good adi for an omega club. So once again, i'm darn happy! Darn proud. =) Special thanks to Julie Kuan, Weng Lum and Chatichai for helping out without pay. And to Soon Seng and Han Yang for being our photographers. Oh soon seng helped with the booklets too! Plus to Madfish for performing. And also to the rest who came and supported. thank you all sooooo much! MuAxXxXX!!

Then on Sunday, Karate competition was pretty fun. I thought that I'd be glancing at my watch very often, thinking when I can cabut with Ju go watch Spidey. But nope...i had fun! ahahha Had fun calling out names...under the education of Weng Lum....and flipping score cards....and rushing off to McDs for lunch with Sir and the rest, then rushing back in Sir's F1 car! not literally an F1 car but he's driving was...fuiyoh! Lastly, had fun eating with the *ahem* school leavers at Uncle Chilli's which is in PJ Hilton. Sir's treat! Darn nice. I suddenly fostered a bond with these Karate peeps. haha...regretted missing out on all the outings last time.

so that was my weekend. Basically from friday till sunday I was on my foot with not more than 6 hours of sleep each night. Tiring! darn tiring. But darn fun....=)

Will start to write poems again very soon....till now i wanna sleep di...byeeeee