Monday, November 27, 2006

Who will join us now at Outward Bound?

Last year, Instructor Karen asked me:

"Karen, do you have a boyfriend?"
"Are you looking for one?"
"What? No!"

Reason being she didnt want me to go flirting and frolicking around with a bunch of 15-17 year olds. Not like I would. I wouldn't even date a guy who's a year younger than I.

This year, however, if she were to ask me the same question i think the incident would turn out like this:

"So, Karen, do you have a boyfriend now?"
*giggles* "Still no?" *sniggers* "So are you looking for one?"
"No...of course not"
*laughs* "Maybe it's time you should..."

Do you reckon i should lie to save my pride? *shrugs* Well, in an hour's time, i'll be going to Mel's house in Kajang. Tomorrow i'll be leaving for OBS Lumut! See you guys in 14 days time with loads and loads of pictures!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

i dont want to just settle for you

i see you...
as someone that i can talk to
someone who shares the fun
to smile with and laugh with
and reminisce through things we've done

i see you...
as someone who looks out for me
who makes sure i'm home safe and sound
who treats me with pride and generosity
as someone i'd feel safe around

yet when i need a shoulder to cry on
a hug to say that things are okay
when i need someone who understands
who knows without having me to say

when i think of someone who'd back me up
who'd give me faith when i have fallen
whose hands are there to pull me up
and tell me just how far i have gotten

when i see the person who knows me through
who sometimes know me more than i do
who'd say the right words and do the right things
try as i might, i can't seem to picture you

and that is what hurts me the most
for never again would i want to go through
the path i took that point in time
never again do i want to just settle for you...

i told Ju that i think i have the tendency to cheat next time. because i'm a stubborn mule who refuses to accept and move on. i sing, everyday, Hinder's Lips of an Angel with such emotion that i could've fooled people into believing that i wrote it. it's silly, i know. i tell myself, if you don't want to cheat then don't! simple and logical, innit? it is everything but. and i'm not liking myself very much for it. so yea...self bashing mechanism initiated. readers, be warned.


on a brighter note, i got my hair highlighted today from The Academy for RM30. and i'm pretty happy with the results :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006


i've become one of those youngsters who requires an alarm clock to wake up at 11 am.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

goodbye Milo tees

I'm parting with my Milo T-Shirts.

My t-shirt drawer is about to explode and the new tees aren't gonna stop coming in. I once said i wasn't going to give them away no matter what i do, because they each represent a part of my life for which i would never trade for the world. But there's no room left and unfortunately free tees that come with race kits now are branded and made from dri-fit material. so between high quality dri-fit branded t-shirts, and cotton oversized white Milo t-shirts, however do i pick?



heck, i dont know why i even ask...:)


there are several things one should not be addicted to.

One Tree Hill season 4 is one of them.

for the simple reason that having to wait for subsequent episodes to come out is edging on unbearable.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the end...:)

And it was with that final stab, that she took down the last of Exams. With black ink so bold, she scathed the face of Huma Resource Management 200, the last of the dark warriors, without so much as a flinch from her gaze. Smiling, she knew she had earned what she had yearned for...she was free...

haha...yes drama queen i may be, but it doesnt change the fact that i am over and done with exams. HRM was alright. I supposed when i can write till i ran out of ink, it's always a good sign. Now to kick off those heels and let the hair down...metaphorically speaking of course, since i neither wear heels to college nor do i own hair that is long enough to be "let down", so to speak.

and so, what did a bunch of raving hooligans do to commemorate the final day of their imprisonment? we scooted over to Sunway Pyramid, whereby a heated debate between the girls and the guys started. You see, the women were in need of cute cuddly penguins to relax whereas the boys needed some bloody action with hot women to keep them on their toes, considering the accumulated amount of sleep that they had could not reach 6 hours. with much negotiation, the girls relented and gave in to the cravings of men, God forbid they'd do that the rest of their lives.

and so, i hereby comment that with all the hoo-ha and publicity and ravings about Double-0-7 in Casino Royale? i've only decreased my already low impression of James Bond in general. The script has gotten much cornier, the Bond girl was a far cry from elegant and gorgeous, and sad to say, i'd pull a trigger on the idiot who casted Daniel Craig. First of all, far too many beautiful cars got demolished in the movie in a very very shameful manner. Second, James Bond is a lot more ruthless and not so much the gentleman we all were taught to think he is. and finally, the plot is senseless.

it was disappointing and a total waste of my RM8.

dinner was with the same group at a Bak Kut Teh shop in Klang. And then we adjourned to some Swenson/A Bread Story like place in Bukit Tinggi called Leo for a couple hours of stitch inducing laughs. :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

tossing and turning

alone in my room wrapped in silence
tossing and turning in the still night

squeezing my eyes in persistence

with all focus to shut out the light

louder and louder i hear the clock tick

faster and faster the cars seem to travel

my eyes dart around at every tap, every click

my ears hear sounds that was never audible

images of happenings throughout the day

words and words on white sheets of paper

louder and louder they murmur and say

slowly i feel my palms getting sweatier

a glance at the clock treads on my nerves

five am and not a single wink of an eye

tossing and turning under the covers

alone in the darkness i lie

yeap...for some unknown reason i was unable to sleep last night. at 5.30 am mummy and daddy were awake, and soon keith too. Keith was going to Paroi for the Ong Kee Hui swimming competition. i dont know which is harder, trying to stay awake when your eyelids weigh a tonne, or trying to fall asleep when your mind's as alert as a hawk. i think my final glance at the clock was 6.10 am and the next thing i knew sunshine was pouring in through the windows. it was well after noon and that pretty much spoilt my whole day. i was in no mood to read any HRM. then again, i really shouldn't be blaming mood swings now...

anyway, to be fair to both brothers i hereby congratulate my big brother, Kevin, for passing his Tax exam for his CA.

p/s: i better be passing all my 4 subjects...all this congratulatory wishes is making my ownself jealous.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

communication breakdown

i'm done with 3 papers, leaving 1 more to be conquered on Monday morning. Marketing Communications 211 was...unexpected. Lazy me had decided to spot questions, thinking that my lucky stars were shining tonight, but i guess the thunderstorm blew them away. Nothing i spotted came out, and whatever did caught me totally off guard. note to self: study everything or read horoscope before spotting questions. at times like this i thank God that i have a reasonable amount of common sense and a relatively good command of the English language which enabled me to write 3 pages of utter nonsense which hopefully sounded quite convincing. note to readers: talkology is an acquired skill. please do not try without prior training. Owell, what's done is done. Now i just can't wait for Human Resource Management 200 on Monday.

I was told that gymrama lessons for the months of November and December has been cancelled. There goes my part time income for 2 months. (Just when the pay is 100% mine to keep). So i've decided to get a job. But u see, i've got a rather sticky situation because i've got OBS from November 28th to December 11th (which i'm dying in anticipation to go) and then I've got Summer classes in January. I hope to get the classes which fall only on Wednesdays and Fridays so i can have 3 days off. so, whatever job i take must be flexible enough. I've narrowed down my choices to:

a. Group-X Instructor in whichever gym which would hire me. But for this i'd probably have to spend some money doing the course in FISAF first. Unless they're willing to train me. I'll have to make some calls to find out.

b. Marshall in Camp 5 again. I'll have a higher chance of getting hired again, plus i get to climb for free. But i didn't exactly enjoy working there because everything's so strict and uptight, and it's so far away. Then again, bosses will be bosses, and it'll probably be the same somewhere else.

c. One of those pesky sales assistants in some retail shop, which i'm eyeing the new NB boutique in Sunway Pyramid. Considering it's new and i could use some staff discounts on some of their products. But if it's gonna be just 30% off, then i have that privilege already. i wish Nike Women would open somewhere in Subang. haha...

The one i want most? a.
The one that's easiest to get? b.
The one i'd most probably be doing? c.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

mad people

i was on my way out with the family for supper when i saw this car overturned by the side of the road in a very peculiar position right outside my kindergarten, which is opposite the SJ Buddhist Association. They were gonna saw the car up, my guess, to get whoever's captured in it out. My mum thinks the driver was driving too fast (which is pretty much her theory to every car accident) but it's odd that a driver would be speeding on that road at 10 pm, because that road is relatively busy, and it's relatively too early for road racing.

but if my mum was right, and that person was speeding slash racing? i say the guy slash woman is mad.

anyway, on a much much brighter note, Keith got straight As for his UPSR exams today! so, here's wishing a humoungous congratulations to my baby brother!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

tough competition

results for powerman are out, and lo and behold, i got last place. well, can't say i wasn't expecting it. but it still bums me out anyhow. what saddens me was the fact that my first 10km run was the slowest of the pact. and i so wanted to get a headstart with my running. i thought that maybe the heat had affected everyone else too. but it seems to me everyone was running fine. i know i shouldn't be discouraged because of this. i mean, it still was a feat in itself, to have gone without prior training. and having to run under the sun and then, cycle in the rain at my first long distance race is quite a challenge. but who am i kidding. there were many there that day who were first timers as well.

just makes me think. have i really gone down? i know it's not right to wallow in former glory, but there was a time when every race i went for would guarantee me a medal in hand. doesn't have to be the top 10. just the top 30 or something. my dad used to say i was a "medal prospect". it was pretty cool.

now my timing have improved. what used to be 6.5 minutes per km, went down to 6 minutes/km and is now going steadily under 6 minutes for 10km distances or less. my stamina have improved by leaps and bounds too. 3 years back i would have never even thought of going for a half marathon, let alone a Powerman.

but competition is getting tougher and tougher. like my brother said, it's a whole different league now. and though self satisfaction has served me well as a reward and drive, i can't help but think that sometimes, that ain't enough.

oh well, doesn't deter me from wanting to join again next year. if at all, it actually drives me to strive harder. from now on, it's the full distance throughout the entire series. that's if there still is the MMDS and the Powerman, considering Malakoff shares have been sold off. and the aim? to not emerge last, anymore. coz i'm a bad loser. i really am. heh. :)

oh i've changed the layout because i wanted to get the blogger comment system back. and the only way i knew how to do that was to get a blogger template again. Haloscan seems to disappear pretty often. now thanks to blogger's word verification, there won't be spamming anymore, so blogger it is. and for those who congratulated me in the haloscan system, i just read them today. thanks a lot! i guess if self satisfaction fails me, i always have you guys to keep me going...:)

p.s.: i'm done reading Mary Higgins Clark! Finally, i can start on the Devil. But i have to say, Mary Higgins Clark is an amazing writer! I'll definitely borrow her other novels next sem. :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Powerman 2006 race report!

Before i begin, let me first say that my first two papers went pretty well. I'll definitely pass both of them, a credit or a distinction would be a bonus. :)

Okay, now on to bigger things. :)

Friday 10th November - I arrived at Uncle Peter's at about 6 pm. After being rooted to those darn library chairs for hours on end, i must've been a bit fazed out because i remembered everything except my helmet. Uncle Peter lent me his Giro white helmet which was plastered all over with the Ironman logo. i was worried that i wouldn't make it back from the 60km bike leg. "Must come back ar! Already wear Ironman helmet some more don't want to come back!". Pressure much!

When Uncle John, Uncle Alex and Aunty Christina came, we departed at 7 pm. I was hungry but we only stop to eat at 9-ish in Bidor. You guys know which restaurant. It's the famous Chicken Biscuit restaurant. But most of their food have finished and we were left with wat tan hor and fried meehoon to save our dinners. I was surprise to learn that Isaiah was already in Lumut. Ha! ain't no injury was gonna prevent that guy from the Powerman!

We were cruising along Teluk Intan when the car started making noises. We had a flat. It's almost humourous. I am ashamed to say that a big city girl like me had never experienced a flat tire before. Uncle Alex was on it like one of those F1 pit stop crews. So i had to kick start my inaugural individual duathlon with a bang! haha...
We finally reached Orient Star Lumut at 11.45 pm. I was dying to hit the bed. The past few days of drowning myself in Capital Budgeting was both mentally and physically draining. :) So when the rest invited me for a drink, i had to say no.

Saturday 11th November - I had no idea what time to set the alarm. I have never raced in the afternoon before. I was afraid if i set it too early then i'd be tired by the time noon comes. But if i got up too late, i'd be too groggy or i wouldn't have time to eat and let the food digest before race. It was a dilemma indeed. I figured 8.00 am was reasonable. But my handphone vibrated next to my face at 7.40-ish when Isaiah sms-ed me saying he was having a walk on the waterfront. haha...such an early riser. I got up, washed up and went down for breakfast with Uncle Alex, Aunty Christina and Uncle John.

It was the usual hotel buffet breakfast. I helped myself to a little more carbo and bigger portions too since i had planned to skip lunch. Isaiah and Mr Kee was having breakfast too so I joined them for a bit. :)

After breakfast, i bought 2 PowerGels and 1 sachet of Powerbar Endurance drink. I got my timing chip and started getting nervous when i saw more and more people pouring into the hotel. I wanted to go and warm up, but it was only 10 something at that time. I was a little jumpy, not knowing what to do next.

Finally at 11.10 am i went up to the room to change into my gear, stick the Gels to my bike and mix the endurance drink. After a few tries, i opted for 2 ponytails because the back strap of the Giro helmet was quite low. Once i was happy, i brought my bike down and left it with Uncle Alex and gang. I call them my support crew, coz they were all not taking part. I went for a short warm up run, eventhough i was told it was too early. I had to do something to calm those jitters.

Came back and brought my bike for a spin. Yazid called me as i rode passed him. Then i saw Yusri and Rameash who all agreed to cheer me on. All of these are OB Instructors. They were with the media apparently. :) Finally went back to get my bag and things and checked into transition. Oh Orient Star is a minute's bike ride to the race start. :)

After checking in, i went for a proper warm up run. I met Tang Kit Mun, the, then, little girl who overtook me in a couple of sprint races. She's only 14 and look how tall she's grown!Race flagged off at 1 pm sharp. i started off with Lizi who claimed she was already tired. Well so was i, but i'll die before i say that out aloud. I have this theory that if i don't admit it to myself, then it's not true. I was advised to go easy but i had my own strategy which was to nail the first 10km to get a good headstart. Zailan came up to say "Hi". haha...don't you think it's amazing how social races can be. i really enjoy meeting new people especially when running. :)
dumb cameramen waiting to be ambushed by some very very strong men

I kept on a steady pace, fighting every temptation to walk, but grabbing water at every station. I wasn't even going easy, but yet i came in after 1 hour 9 minutes. The sun was still high up in the sky. I was hungry, thirsty and burnt. Going into the transition area i lost my bearings for a while. I couldn't find my bike. Usually marshalls show you where it is but these marshalls seem quite lost themselves. I finally found it, got my helmet on and drank a big gulp of water. Heading out of transition i caught sight of the bunches of bananas and isotonic drinks. That's my lunch! I grabbed a couple of bananas and swallowed a mouthful of heavenly cold 100 plus. Still not too good with my balance, i struggled to peel the skin of the banana with one hand and chomped it down like my life depended on it. Did the same for the other. :)
After the crash course that Uncle Alex gave me, i was quite determined to keep pumping thoughout the 60km course. Much to my surprise it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. I actually went on quite smoothly. People overtook me like nobody's business, like they always do in the bike, but i still felt pretty good. My only hope was for the tubes to not burst. God knows what i'd do if they did. About 10 km into the race dark clouds hovered above. and not long after it poured tigers and dingos! It was craazzzzyyy! Wanna know what rain feels like travelling at 25km/h? It feels like sand grains pelting upon my sun burnt skin. At 30km/h, it felt like icicles, cold and sharp! Shivering, hungry and soaking wet, it took a lot to push away thoughts of giving up. I especially hated when lorries zoomed past and honked so deafeningly that i swear i'm not partially deaf. Next thing i knew, i was done with one loop. Seeing that i did 30 km in 1 hour 16 minutes i was ever more determined to push harder, knowing now that i'll make the qualifying time. I had a Gel and could almost feel the adrenaline bursting through my veins!

The rain had slowed down to a drizzle, and soon it was just puddles on the road with a cool breeze in the air. It was perfect! I sped up a notch, with a 100% focus on my legs. I couldn't help smiling to myself, knowing that i'm gonna make it much earlier than i targeted. I was ecstatic when i saw the U-turn at 45 km and it seemed as though within minutes the transition area came into view! Euphoric, i was all smiles as i saw the smiling face of my ever loyal support crew, who seemed to have braved the sun and rain with me. haha...
After parking my bike, i tore out my other Gel and sucked on it. This guy came up alongside me saying "C'mon...another 10k more!". I smiled, saying under my breath "Bring it on...". I was really powered up. I felt so amazingly energized that i could hardly believe it. Sure i had the usual disorientation of the legs after cycling, but it wasn't long till i was pounding the ground consistently. I found my pace and started overtaking people, slowly but surely. It was amazing!

after the U-turn, i glanced at my watch. the feeling of sheer confidence that i'll be making it back on time is priceless. up ahead i saw Halim, this guy who runs around ss14, and i was game to overtake him. haha such is the gratitude i have for the guy who advised me to keep my toes on the pedals to give my legs more power. he was very encouraging. "you're looking good! go ahead!" and he made leeway for me to overtake. how nice...:)
it wasn't long before i saw the finish line again. Lumut Waterfront, though now already bustling with people who have finished long before me, was the most beautiful sight i've seen all day. The smiles on the faces of my dear support crew, the sound of Adele's voice announcing my arrival, i took in everything and it was breathtaking...literally. because i was so spent out. The first person i saw after i crossed the line was Penn. haha why am i not surprised...:) Got my medal, got my finisher t shirt, which by then have run out of S and XS sizes. I got an M size, but i couldn't care less. I could've gotten an XL and i'd still wear it with pride. :)
The rest of the night, needless to say, i was smiling like a silly monkey. Uncle Peter and gang brought me out for dinner at Kg Koh for some super amazing seafood. And then we adjourned to Jook's Bar in Lumut to meet Ian Tee and some other really interesting characters for beer. I had 2 bottles of Tiger. My eyes could hardly stay open by then.

At 2 .30 am Uncle Peter decides to go mamak! wahlau, i swear my head could've plonked down on the tandoori chicken at any moment. Finally, past 3 am, we went back to the hotel. I just hit the bed like a sack of bricks, dragging my sore sore legs underneath the covers and resting my spinning head...


I had so much fun. Many thanks go out to my amazingly efficient and ever supportive support crew, Uncle Peter, Uncle Alex, Aunty Christina and Uncle John. Pictures are snapped by Uncle John. I had a blast and it was all because of these 4 people. They made Powerman possible for me :)

I also appreciate the smses which came in the night before my race. I'm actually quite surprised to receive so many. I think i must've made quite a big deal about my joining this race huh? hehe...well, thank you. I feel like KennySia doing the KLIM...except that he had his accomodation sponsored. hehe...but you guys are the best! :)

And as for aspiring duathletes, this is gonna sound every bit as cheesy as some lamer who have just done an amazing feat, but trust me, if i can do can you...


Sunday, November 12, 2006

powered up!

yup! I'm alive and kicking! The Powerman is probably the most gruelling race i've ever done in my life and i have absolutely no regrets!

i'm...quite dead. i have a back of an 80 year thighs and calves tremble when i walk up and down stairs, 4 out of 10 toes have this stinging sensation when applied pressure on and here i am thinking not of my Finance paper tomorrow, but of the next duathlon i'd be doing. that's how totally sun-whacked i am. :)

race report coming up...after my first 2 papers!

p.s.: just in case you don't know...Finisher T Shirts are only given away to those who make it within the qualifying time of 5 hours.

p.p.s.: and for your information, 4 hours and 46 minutes of pumping those legs is no joke.

p.p.p.s.: therefore, please humour me. :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

books. bikes. notes. shoes...bring it on...

Lyn's birthday this year was simple yet, classy. the woman sends me an sms last night saying that the dress code was jeans and heels. when i read it i laughed. it was as if we were celebrating the queen's birthday, what with classy dress codes and such. hehe...but that thought was quickly switched to thoughts of what to wear :). well, i am but a girl, afterall.

We started of with lunch at this restaurant in SS18 called TJ Haus. I've been there before, so i recommended it. Rosie was astonished that such a place even existed, and within 5 minutes drive from her home too! it's a homey restaurant serving european delights. it's halal, so it's perfect! :) i think we all enjoyed our lunch thoroughly. :)We adjourned to 1 Utama, since i am sad enough to have not been into Forever 21. Well, so hasn't Lyn. so we decided to that it's about time we did. Well, i expected it to be pricey but somehow coming out empty handed still disappointed me. If at all, that place does sell everything! The sales weren't really on, and the heels were killing us so we took many breaks, licking up gelato ice creams and slurping up fruit juices. And of course, doing justice to our once in a blue moon classy attire. :)
Anyway, Lyn, i hope u had a great birthday! it was indeed fun! just, bear in mind the next birthday dress code has got to be sporty. :)


I'm all packed for Lumut. I think the whole idea of being an Individual Participant just dawned upon me. And as much as i hate to admit it, i am a bit afraid of the outcome of this. But i carry a never look back motto (or i try to) and for all it's worth, i am never looking back for this Powerman. The shirt's real cool, i got myself a brand new Powerbar bottle, they've even thrown in a handy wrist pouch (yes that black underwear looking thing is a wrist pouch) and a Powerbar. I even get a finisher T Shirt! I was reading the e-briefing notes they have on the site, and i was just soaking up all the perks of being an individual racer! seriously, i feel a lot grander now. even if i did have to fork out RM100 for the race. and probably another RM100 plus for the 2 nights' stay in Orient Star. But it's all good.

Mum and dad have given me the talk about personal responsibility and making the righ decisions and stuff. No, not sex related. It's about my first final paper which falls on the Monday after i come back. And like i told them, i signed up for the race knowing very well that i was up for an exam the next day. Knowing very well that this is a much longer distance than i have ever done in my life. Knowing very well the risks that i am taking. And i intend to complete that race and pass, if not score, all my papers.

well, i'm Power Juic'd! Books. Bikes. Notes. Shoes...bring it on...

Happy 20th Birthday Lyn!

i have become so good at finding things to do...and by things, i meant anything other than studying. seriously, i can spend seconds on end picking out dog ears from my text book, minutes on end just humming and bobbing to music, and hours on end stirring up a headache and convincing myself that i need sleep. yup...after years and years and years of exams i am yet to master the art of studying continuously for more than 20 minutes.

however, i did spend over an hour tackling one dumb capital budgeting question this morning. one which i am yet to solve, btw. :) so i have the shortest attention span. ever. in yoga, the tree pose is supposed to help with focus. because you need focus to actually balance on one leg. however, we only hold that pose for a minute in yoga...
anyway, it's dear Lyn's birthday. so here's wishing her Happy 20th Birthday! i'll be hanging out with her and Rosie tomorrow. another reason why i really shouldn't be blogging now...owell...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

nothing quite like you

nothing makes me smile
quite like your smile does
yet when i smile to myself
it's not thoughts of you that pass

nothing makes me feel so happy
quite like seeing you around
yet when i am laughing most
it's not with you that i'm found

nothing lights my face up
quite like the sound of your voice
yet when i think of who i'd talk to
it's not you that is my choice

nothing disappoints me more
than you not making a get together
yet the moments my heart was crushed
were those that involved another

Monday, November 06, 2006

10 km runs and gimrama competitions

all my life, my 2 favourite past times had clashed with one another. if it wasn't eating habits, it was schedule. if it wasn't physical build up, it was technical skill. if it wasn't the coaches, it was me.

from the moment i took up running and gimrama at the same time, it was as if i played 2 roles. by day, i was a carbo loading, daily (almost) training, muscle bound, just-propel-on-and-on runner. by night, i was a weightless feather, graceful from toes to fingertips, sweets and french fries absteining, poised rhythmic gymnast. i exaggerated the gymnast in me. frankly, i was still that carbo loading, mucle bound, ice cream scarfing girl who just happened to be apart of rhythmic gimnastics. but i am the author of this blog, am i not? =)

anyway, either was it almost always clashed. my gimrama coach always commented on my thighs. Marathon thighs, she called races, the dinners are filled with delicious carbo infested food and the servings disappear within minutes. in gimrama competitions, there's vegetable soup on the table and everyone sips it as if slurping it down would make up bloat up.

today, 7 years from the day i took up 2 sports, and 3 years after i quit one, i almost had to choose between the 2 of them again when the Serdang Angels Cup almost coincided with the SJ10K run. Lucky for me, the competition was pushed to the afternoon, so i could go for both.


This morning's run was...amusing. i started off without any target, knowing i have not been training much. Sam was with me again, and i knew for sure i'd be losing to him. Met Darren which was surprising. Met a lot of others too, including Seng Chee! it's been so long since i last saw him. we reached there with only a couple of minutes to spare before we flagged off, so i didnt quite warm up. started of steady...Sam and Darren slowly picking up speed and moving ahead of me...owell, boys will be boys. they say they don't train and yet they're kicking dirt in your face in no time. curse those testosterones.

about 15 minutes into the race, my stomach started to twist. oh no. i usually don't have breakfast, but i skipped supper the night before and woke up reall hungry this morning. so i had 2 slices of bread with peanut butter. bad bad idea. soon i had the urge to go. we happened to run by some shop lots and i really wanted to run into one of them. but, refusing to lose that few precious minutes, i told myself the feeling would pass. just keep going!

at about 27 minutes i couldn't take it any longer. everytime i decided to pick up pace my stomach twisted even more. i had to go. so the moment i saw a mamak i ran over. i have to say in all my years of running this has NEVER happened to me before. i thought it was hilarious. i would've laughed if it wasn't for the fact that i was staring at my ongoing stopwatch. have u ever been PRESSURED to do your business? it's like sitting on a freakin time bomb! pun intended.

anyway, as soon as i hit the road again, i regretted not going earlier. i felt so much more at ease that i broke into a mild sprint, trying to gain back as much momentum as i can. i saw Cindy who was actually very good. Further up i saw Darren...walking! ha! "Hey i thought you were in front of me?" he exclaimed when i ran past him and tapped his shoulder. i am....=)

well, despite the fact that i was running abt 5 km in agony, and the approximately 5-10 minute loss due to "unforseen circumstances", i managed to come in in 1 hr 2 minutes. not bad watttt....:) lost to Sam tho. which eventhough i was totally fine with it, he demands a rematch. one whereby healthy stomachs was a constant variable. hehe...


There were times when the little devils really upsetted me. like the time i was forced to choose reserves and they were all so jealous of one another.

There were times when they seriously pissed me off. like the time i rushed all the way from subang only to wait for them for 30 minutes because they take AGES to change out of their uniforms.

There were times when they really shocked me. like the time my tiniest, most angelic looking gymnast came to me and called me a "Stupid dumbass".

There were times when they left me feeling like the lousiest coach in the world. like the time i was shouting till my i heard my voice screech and all they did was sulk and asked where Coach Regina was.

but those times were worth every minute when the girls perform on the most beautiful carpets in the country, got last place, but lined up to have a picture taken with me or have my hand salam-ed or gave me a tight squeeze with their skinny arms.

there were times when they really make me feel like i've done the right thing. like today when they all came into the gymnasium with zero confidence levels, and left hand in hand alongside proud parents with smiles because they've taken part in a competition before.


anyway, check out this clip. it's of the team that won first. I swear, their coach is a choreographing GENIUS.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

goodbye sem 2, hello exams...

today's the last day of the semester 2 study period. as of now, the study leave has started and in 9 days time, i'll be having my first final paper - Finance 201. not exactly my favourite subject of the semester.

as always, every end of the semester calls for a review. well, truth be told, ive had the most progress in this semester compared to the last 3. my circle of friends seem to have quadrupled, i have a stash of certs from events that i've taken part in, and for the first time ever, foreign guys became an issue. haha...

study wise, i think i might have slacked a little. if i were to accumulate my sleeping hours, i probably would've had 2/3 of the amount i had last sem. throughout the semester, i had 3 reports/essays to hand in and ive done every one of them at the eleventh hour. and it doesnt help that i wasn't the least bit stressed for each one of them. but with all due respect, i did reasonably well i would say. i know i'll be passing la...

i got to know loads of people better, some a little more than others. some a little too well. but nonetheless, all with very interesting tales to share. thanks to my recent liberation from my comfort zone, and shakti's mission to so-called change, i get to hang out with shakti more during events and yumcha sessions with the others.

yup. a great semester. 2 more left! a wise woman once said "I continue because the end is near".


p/s: Uncle Peter called off tmr morning's long ride because of All Souls Day. But before i could gasp in delight, he told me it's been postponed to after SJ10k. "Weather training maaa". darn.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dear porpor,

How are you? It's been a while since i last spoke to you. Busy with work, sorry. My bad. :) Well, the family just went for a nice holiday in Cherating and Tasik Kenyir. It was a very wholesome holiday, if you ask me. Everyone was busy occupied with something to do. There was something for everyone, young and old, outdoor or indoor enthusiasts. Keith and my daddy started this ping pong frenzy. everyone gave it a shot, including yehyeh! And you know what? I lost to yehyeh! haha yehyeh not bad leh...still very sharp and alert.

anyway, my friend's grandfather passed away today. and i couldn't help but thought of you. i know everyone here misses you very much. and you probably miss all of us just the same. but i think we had it easier than my friend. it's 1 week to our final exam. and 3 days to her birthday. such an event should not happen to her now. i called her just now, and she seemed alright, but i know she must still be trying to accept what just happened. i know it took me a while. i actually felt quite silly when everyone was crying and i didn't cry all that much. but know that i absolutely miss you very much. now and then i wonder about how your face would look like when you see baby en en, or teng jie jie's big tummy, or even my graduation. i really wanted you to come for my graduation.

i know there's this tradition whereby we give you all ang pow when we get out first pay? i wish i can give you an ang pow now. i've been coaching in sri petaling for some time now. and the pay has been relatively good. though a major part of it went into my Sydney trip.

anyway, i have a small favour to ask. could you be so kind but to send some blessings to my friend? she's going through a rough time now. maybe bless her with calmness and serenity. and if you meet her grandfather, go and say hi. i heard he's quite a jolly person. :)

take care now. i have an assignment to finish.

missing you very much,

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

heart warmingly inspiring

"Strongest Dad in the World [From Sports Illustrated, By Rick Reilly] Eighty-five times he's pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in marathons. Eight times he's not only pushed him 26.2 miles in a wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars--all in the same day."

if 1 mile equals 1.61 km, that means this Dad did an entire Ironman carrying his son along!

i am at a lost for words.