Friday, March 28, 2008

aunty chic

Shakti has this term for hot middle aged women who are in great shape and have fantastic fashion sense. They're the ones who send their kids off to tuition/camp/movies with friends and then they go hang out themselves at Uncle Lim's or Old Town. They're the ones who gather with friends 3-5 times a week, and play tennis, or go line dancing or have a bake-a-thon. And they all have fantastic clothes.

They're called Aunty Chics. And where i work, i see them come in groups everyday. They're not shy to put on a mid riff sports bra and strut around. Most of them have 4 packs on their abdominals, and amazingly toned biceps and triceps. They wear Nike apparel from top to toe, they're fully made up complete with eyeliner and lip liner. And all i can say is you should really see them in the dance studios.

I wanna be an Aunty Chic when i hit my 40s. I wanna look great, and wear amazing clothes. I want my kids' friends to go "omg your mom's so hot!". I want to run and bike alongside people half my age, chat them up, then overtake them. I wanna be all that and more 20-30 years down the road.

Sue me. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

marathon jitters

i don't know what possessed me to sign up for 42 kms. now i'm scared...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008


guess what i did today!?!?

I went a-sailing! yup...buddy of mine, Seu Foong is our nation's pride and glory la when it comes to this sport. Our friend is in the national Youth Team.
seu foong
So anyway, they were short of one man today, so he asked me to join them for a day. BUT he left out that tiny bit of detail that today was actually race day! So yea, panicked la a bit, naturally. I can't even tell one rope from another, one knot from another, expect me to join race...the pressure was on. :)
Rafi @ Cockpit. He's amazing. The fastest pair of hands i've ever seen.

So being a newbie, i screwed up here and there. Pulling the wrong sheets (thats what they call ropes on board *shrug*), releasing when i was supposed to be tightening and vice versa. But no major hiccups la i hope. This crew Seu Foong has is young and able. They're really good. Put it this way, we did two race course and we won both even with rookie me on board. So yea, they're pretty darn awesome in what they do.
Brother and sister, Heng Lee and Ai Lee. Very strong, very senior sailors.

It threatened to rain in Port Klang, but even as dark clouds hovered above our mast, the weather held up. The sun still shone and i still got my cheeks roasted a little. :)

It was super duperly fun. Would absolutely love to go again, but i'm not so sure if they'd call me again. Maybe they will, on days they intend to practise, not race.
Seu Foong and the great spinnaker.
Though a gorgeous sight, whenever they go "Hoist the spinnaker!" i start panicking.
Coz there's a lot of pulling to be done.
A lot of fast pulling.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

job hunting

contrary to popular belief i have actually been searching for a job. i've sent out my CV to probably 5-6 different companies, all very very different in nature, for very very different job descriptions. although time is running short, i am pretty determined to get a job which i would find downright satisfying as it would not only be fun and intriguing, it would also pay relatively well, and i would walk away with a headful of experience and knowledge.

wah...sounds like my dream job.

haha anyway, it's been going...not so well, i'm afraid. only 3 companies called me for interviews - California Fitness (who did not call me back after that), True Fitness (interview's tomorrow) and The Actors Studio Bangsar (interview's on this coming Monday).

anyway, what have i been up to?

friends: don't really see much of them since those who have graduated are busy working, those who have not graduated are busy with classes and assignments, those who would go out with me are back in Sydney and Melbourne and Perth and Glasgow and those who date me sleep during the day. haha...

running: marathon training isn't really going so well. i really lack training for a 42 km race, and come this 30th i am most likely to cramp up on the 30th km or so. after which, i would suffer the rest of the way. i would probably curse and swear under my breath, wondering why on earth i thought i was ever going to be ready for a marathon, but when i cross that finishing line (Read: which i will), i know i won't regret it.

myself: Dennis lent me a book - Sophie's World. started off intriguing, and interesting, but either i do not own a philosopher's mind, or the holiday's have made me extremely restless. so yea, i never sit down long enough to read more than a chapter. i've been filling up forms, typing referral and cover letters, printing copies of my CV all in my attempt to get me a scholarship, so that takes up a bit of my time.

i need a new aim in life.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

what's on the menu today...

i am a bum.

my day starts with the first sign of sunlight to catch my sight at 11-ish am. after a considerably long struggle with the devil on my shoulder, i eventually decide to tear myself away from my bed to wash up. this is then followed by me deciding whether or not to stay in the room, perched in front of my PC, or to go downstairs to have a bite for breakfast. to do this, i sit cross legged on my bed, stare into space for a minute or so, and then get up to achieve said decision.

after breakfast slash mail checking slash blog checking slash facebook surfing, i adjourn once again to my bed. here, i sit and stare into space a little longer, to decide on what to do next. options usually are 1. to head out to subang parade/pyramid for some solo shopping, 2. to head out to college to sibuk around Shah, Yee Yee and Shakti, or 3. start house chores, laze around a bit more, wait for mum to come home. let me tell you option number 2 happens more often than it should.

after i am done sibuking around college or subang parade or sunway pyramid, i come home, have lunch with mum, do the house chores, and take a nap. for like a couple of hours.

by this time, evening has come, and i put on my running gear. i am proud to say that I have been running almost every single day for the past 5 days. i complete this work out with a 50-100 sit up program, depending on how hardworking i am feeling.

Then it's shower, dinner, and I bum around again till it's time to sleep. and that's about 3-ish am.

Repeat entire cycle, the next day.

Yup, I am a fresh graduate, leading the life of a retiree.

not as fun as you think....

It's voting day tomorrow! And I'm voting! I have to be honest, i don't know nuts about rockets and weighing scales and what nots. But it's a huge step into the grown up world, so I'm all psyched about it.

Happy Voting! Vote wisely people! :)

for more videos like that, click here

Sunday, March 02, 2008

malaccan gems

I don't know why nobody ever celebrates the 29th of February. Seriously, a day which comes complete once every 4 years? Is that not reason enough to call it a public holiday and just go out and indulge in whatever your hearts desire. It's an extra day! Working on a leap day is equivalent to working over-time! :)

On leap day this year, just because it's the 29th of February, Dennis's friends Calvin and Cherly planned a trip to Malacca. And when i say planned, i mean came up with an eating time schedule, precise to the very minute, taken into consideration the opening and closing hours of each makan stall that is famous in Malacca. So Dennis and I tagged along on this sinful excursion. :)

So, feast your eyes, on our Malaccan gems.