Sunday, March 16, 2008


guess what i did today!?!?

I went a-sailing! yup...buddy of mine, Seu Foong is our nation's pride and glory la when it comes to this sport. Our friend is in the national Youth Team.
seu foong
So anyway, they were short of one man today, so he asked me to join them for a day. BUT he left out that tiny bit of detail that today was actually race day! So yea, panicked la a bit, naturally. I can't even tell one rope from another, one knot from another, expect me to join race...the pressure was on. :)
Rafi @ Cockpit. He's amazing. The fastest pair of hands i've ever seen.

So being a newbie, i screwed up here and there. Pulling the wrong sheets (thats what they call ropes on board *shrug*), releasing when i was supposed to be tightening and vice versa. But no major hiccups la i hope. This crew Seu Foong has is young and able. They're really good. Put it this way, we did two race course and we won both even with rookie me on board. So yea, they're pretty darn awesome in what they do.
Brother and sister, Heng Lee and Ai Lee. Very strong, very senior sailors.

It threatened to rain in Port Klang, but even as dark clouds hovered above our mast, the weather held up. The sun still shone and i still got my cheeks roasted a little. :)

It was super duperly fun. Would absolutely love to go again, but i'm not so sure if they'd call me again. Maybe they will, on days they intend to practise, not race.
Seu Foong and the great spinnaker.
Though a gorgeous sight, whenever they go "Hoist the spinnaker!" i start panicking.
Coz there's a lot of pulling to be done.
A lot of fast pulling.

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