Thursday, March 13, 2008

job hunting

contrary to popular belief i have actually been searching for a job. i've sent out my CV to probably 5-6 different companies, all very very different in nature, for very very different job descriptions. although time is running short, i am pretty determined to get a job which i would find downright satisfying as it would not only be fun and intriguing, it would also pay relatively well, and i would walk away with a headful of experience and knowledge.

wah...sounds like my dream job.

haha anyway, it's been going...not so well, i'm afraid. only 3 companies called me for interviews - California Fitness (who did not call me back after that), True Fitness (interview's tomorrow) and The Actors Studio Bangsar (interview's on this coming Monday).

anyway, what have i been up to?

friends: don't really see much of them since those who have graduated are busy working, those who have not graduated are busy with classes and assignments, those who would go out with me are back in Sydney and Melbourne and Perth and Glasgow and those who date me sleep during the day. haha...

running: marathon training isn't really going so well. i really lack training for a 42 km race, and come this 30th i am most likely to cramp up on the 30th km or so. after which, i would suffer the rest of the way. i would probably curse and swear under my breath, wondering why on earth i thought i was ever going to be ready for a marathon, but when i cross that finishing line (Read: which i will), i know i won't regret it.

myself: Dennis lent me a book - Sophie's World. started off intriguing, and interesting, but either i do not own a philosopher's mind, or the holiday's have made me extremely restless. so yea, i never sit down long enough to read more than a chapter. i've been filling up forms, typing referral and cover letters, printing copies of my CV all in my attempt to get me a scholarship, so that takes up a bit of my time.

i need a new aim in life.


peiling said...

im reading sophie's world too!

galnexdor said...

=) nice?