Saturday, March 08, 2008

what's on the menu today...

i am a bum.

my day starts with the first sign of sunlight to catch my sight at 11-ish am. after a considerably long struggle with the devil on my shoulder, i eventually decide to tear myself away from my bed to wash up. this is then followed by me deciding whether or not to stay in the room, perched in front of my PC, or to go downstairs to have a bite for breakfast. to do this, i sit cross legged on my bed, stare into space for a minute or so, and then get up to achieve said decision.

after breakfast slash mail checking slash blog checking slash facebook surfing, i adjourn once again to my bed. here, i sit and stare into space a little longer, to decide on what to do next. options usually are 1. to head out to subang parade/pyramid for some solo shopping, 2. to head out to college to sibuk around Shah, Yee Yee and Shakti, or 3. start house chores, laze around a bit more, wait for mum to come home. let me tell you option number 2 happens more often than it should.

after i am done sibuking around college or subang parade or sunway pyramid, i come home, have lunch with mum, do the house chores, and take a nap. for like a couple of hours.

by this time, evening has come, and i put on my running gear. i am proud to say that I have been running almost every single day for the past 5 days. i complete this work out with a 50-100 sit up program, depending on how hardworking i am feeling.

Then it's shower, dinner, and I bum around again till it's time to sleep. and that's about 3-ish am.

Repeat entire cycle, the next day.

Yup, I am a fresh graduate, leading the life of a retiree.

not as fun as you think....

It's voting day tomorrow! And I'm voting! I have to be honest, i don't know nuts about rockets and weighing scales and what nots. But it's a huge step into the grown up world, so I'm all psyched about it.

Happy Voting! Vote wisely people! :)

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shirlyn said...

i'll b having tht kind of life in 4 mths time..without u...sobsob...

galnexdor said...

*sobs*...its ok lyn...ive promised my parents to come back in i'll be home before you know it!