Sunday, March 02, 2008

malaccan gems

I don't know why nobody ever celebrates the 29th of February. Seriously, a day which comes complete once every 4 years? Is that not reason enough to call it a public holiday and just go out and indulge in whatever your hearts desire. It's an extra day! Working on a leap day is equivalent to working over-time! :)

On leap day this year, just because it's the 29th of February, Dennis's friends Calvin and Cherly planned a trip to Malacca. And when i say planned, i mean came up with an eating time schedule, precise to the very minute, taken into consideration the opening and closing hours of each makan stall that is famous in Malacca. So Dennis and I tagged along on this sinful excursion. :)

So, feast your eyes, on our Malaccan gems.


valeriechuan said...

wats tha bowl of porridge looking food.. is it porridge? hehe..ooohh tofu..i love tofu..

galnexdor said...

ahaha its cendol la hooilian...=) ice and gula melaka

valeriechuan said...

oh no...that' sbad..cendol also i dont recognise anymore..HAhah..

i was thiking..porridge+ yau char kwai..=p

Tey said...

I love the chicken rice ball,last time got malacca full,nowday don hv ,me no chance go there..haha..tks for sharing.

galnexdor said... problem...=)

jote said...

Funny.. I was in Malacca that weekend too- went down on Friday the 29th. Didn't bump into you though..
I DID, however, bump into Mel on Saturday night..
Malacca quite laku eh that weekend