Wednesday, February 27, 2008

to tri or to party...

Coincidentally, the A Famosa Triathlon, which happens to be the first and only triathlon i can take part in in Malaysia for this year, falls on my birthday.

Tri fanatics would probably rejoice and go "All the better to celebrate with, my dear!".

But I guess I was kinda looking forward to celebrating it with a bang i.e. not sweating my arse off under the sun, drenched in stinky lake water, since I'm leaving for Auckland soon.. Sure i can come home and celebrate on Sunday night, but most of my friends are working peeps now. My phone sits quietly on Sunday nights now.

But I'll most probably join the race la. What's in a 22nd birthday anyway. Keith's gonna be doing sprint I guess. we've got 2 bikes sitting at home, if not now, i don't see when. :)


kev said...

Haiya just celebrate the week after or the week before lah. Tri or no tri, when people start working, sometimes cannot always celebrate on the day itself lah.

Wah Keith doing sprint, must be some massive convincing and persuading you did there.

galnexdor said...

ahhaha....this uncle peter wants to put him in the junior training program summore...ahahha