Wednesday, February 13, 2008

once bitten twice shy

ever since the severe sun burn the three of us foolishly endeavored, we now never leave the house without a layer of sunscreen. that is...if we leave the house at all during the day time. we're all peeling at odd places, looking like we've got scabs or leprosy. the biggest peeler being Yan Yee, peeling everything from her skin, to potatoes and carrots, to apples. :)

so due to the less than attractive outlook of us, and our increasing phobia for the sun, we now only leave the house after sun down. most of the time. :)

shakti charging her glow in the dark t shirt
got a bit too hot for shakti. she wanted to jump!
depressed damsels, awaiting the arrival of sailor-husbands...
livin la vida loca!
brought to u by Karen, Yan Yee and Shakti

anyway, life here has been slow moving. think we're adapting the Aussie lifestyle. My bro brought us out for Gelare last night coz they had 50% off on waffles on Tuesday. Unlike Swensen's back home, i think the people here are way less kiasu, and the staff are more efficient during such peak hours. Ice cream was lovely of course. :)

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Here's wishing all you crazy lovebirds out there a wonderful V Day. Have a good one. To my family and friends, you know i love you right? *wink*

I have sat on the bleachers and watched Valentine's pass me by year after year for ages.
One more year wouldn't hurt...


kelvin said...

hmm...3-7am?i assume ur plane lands at 3am..which means u'll probably clear out only around 4am or so?

a bit tough...u can hang around the airport for the entire duration and wait for the first train service to start cause there's no buses running around at that time...although airport stores would be closed as well.

midnight taxi has a 50% surcharge plus additional surcharge for taxis coming from the airport..

or u could always come look for me, can provide my room for u guys to rest in haha..there's a direct bus from my place to harbourfront, about 15 minutes or so..

Jayson Yong said...

ehh? i saw my usual fishing area haha =D

Tisha said...

You girls and guys are having loads of fun!!
Mst be the weather's really scorching and burning.
Meanwhile tell Ati I passed her pay to Deep edi.Did not realised you guys left so fast for Spore and Perth.

Keep posting somemore stuff!!

Anonymous said...

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