Friday, February 08, 2008

baked, burnt, bruised

Hello from Perth!! It's been a while...:)

So Singapore was good fun. It was just very me to forget formal attire for my convocation when the primary reason of my visit to Perth was to graduate. So I walked around Bugis to see if i could sought out something cheap and nice and practical. I ended up buying flair sweat pants to pass off as really amazingly comfortable slacks, pair of suede black pumps and a borrowed button shirt from my cousin. :) And just like that i was ready to graduate.

Perth has been quite an adventure too. The first night we touched down the weather was slightly warm, and we had to toss around on bed before we finally fell asleep. Perhaps it was the all the excitement. But it was pretty exhausting on our end because we were given the LAST row of seats on the plane. Which meant our seats were next to the toilet. And people frequent that every 5 minutes or so. If that wasn't bad enough, the last row of seats could NOT RECLINE. yeah...we sat upright for 5 hours straight. so you could imagine how restless we were on the flight.

Convocation was alright. I didnt exactly feel the whole rush of oh-my-god-its-the-end-and-the-beginning-of-an-era. To be honest i felt rather neutral towards the whole thing. But it was an experience. A much less solemn occasion compared to Kor Kor's convocation. The fireworks were pretty cool though. Food was quite disappointing. But there was free champagne! :)

Today we went cycling in Rottnest Island. I reckon we covered about 20 km in the blistering Aussie heat bursting with UV rays. And i left the sunscreen lotion behind again. Needless to say i am entirely burnt, baked and bruised. Bruised because i scratched my leg against the bike. A single geared, really odd push-your-pedals-back-to-break bicycle. haha...

Yea, i didn't bring along my camera cable, so i can't post pictures up tonight. I'll try to get it from my brother tomorrow.

Till then, hope ur missing me peeps...missing me like crazy...:)

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