Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i dreamt of u last night, felt so sureal, felt so right.
we were walking in this room so bright, filled with chandeliers, filled with light

dressed to the nines we were, i smiled at u, u never looked sharper
then we sat down together, i remember never feeling happier

a waiter comes and to him u nodded
next thing i knew people applauded
up on stage i saw u've transported
perched on a piano, ur expression unfaltered

you started to play, my heart missed a beat
i gaped and stared at this amazing feat
what have i done to deserve such a treat
that night, i don't think anything i could eat

i cocked my head, watched as your fingers glided, so magical it felt, i decided
slowly, i felt m eyes were heated, a glow from my face i know radiated

i was ready to throw myself at you when u came back
felt so overwhelmed my heart would crack
i stood up and you stopped in your tracks
that was when my alarm pierced through, and everything just went black

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