Saturday, February 16, 2008

because we can

here's how we spend our free time here in Perth.

we take numerous pictures of ourselves. we pose for those numerous pictures. we pose really dramatically for some, and really silly for others.

some name this artistic hobby camwhoring. whatever it is called, we just do it because we can.

yanyee. concrete pillar too cool for school pose.
my incredibly ladylike picture. bearing my huge bruise on my right leg, my oddly bent left leg, my humongous calves, and my insane sun burn.
bad chinese dinner. curtin university park.
a yanyee-shakti bollywood movie poster pose

shakti. olden time lovesong video.

p.s. yes, we do in fact have quite a bit of free time. coz we're here waaaaay too long for a Perth holiday.

p.p.s. forgot to rotate some of the pictures, sorry. :)

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