Saturday, July 28, 2007

my ah mah and the debate

my ah mah is getting better, last i heard. she is now out of the hospital and in her own home in Raub. She is put on a feeding tube, which makes it very much easier for her to...well...feed, ensuring that she gets all the sufficient nutrients and foods she needs to get strong. She was sleeping on a 24 hours basis at first, but my dad said that today she showed signs of response when people call out to her. Her eyes now open occasionally. So that's progress, right? I'm going to see her tomorrow after my race. =)

Anyway, thank you so much for all of you who have prayed. I'll keep u all posted on her condition.


I went for a debate today. the Inti Inter-campus Debate Championship to be exact. There were a total of 18 teams altogether, and in the preliminary rounds, we had to participate in 3 rounds of debates.

Before i elaborate, let me be brutally upfront and honest (because that was how i was verbally attacked today time and time again). I. Cannot. Debate. I really cant. First of all, I dont read the newspapers. Yes, i don't. Therefore current news and general knowledge is to me like coffee is to salt. We don't go together. I know what you're thinking. How do I go on day to day without knowing what's going on the the country, in the world? How do I walk the streets and greet the people without arming myself first with today's headlines on my sleeves? I dont know. There never came a time where I felt compelled to talk about such issues, and nobody has ever spoken to me about such issues either. So now you must think, wouldn't that be awfully dumb-blondish then? Wouldn't I come off as shallow and borderline bimbotic? I dont know this one either. Nobody has ever called me shallow as far as i know. Nor has anyone called me a dumb blonde or a bimbo, so I must be doing something right.

But i digress. The second reason why i can't debate is because i'm not a very impromptu person. This whole All-Asian Parliamentary you-get-your-friggin-motion-30-minutes-before-the-debate style just doesnt quite work for me. I'm as blank as a clean white screen during those 30 minute discussions, and even more so during those gruelling 25 minute debates. I have a flair for the language, not the topic. and it bugs the hell out of me that I am not given the time to properly phrase my sentences in a manner that would knock their socks off. Because i do believe that given enough time, i could. You just have to throw me the points, and i can assure you i can come up with pretty flowery verbal attacks practically dripping with sarcasm. I just need the time. Therefore, i end up frustrated that i have so few points to present and annoyed that i cant present these measly points in my own fashion.

And finally, i cannot debate because i am apparently too nice. I am too polite. I lack the assertive cock-an-eyebrow-stare-them-in-the-eye-and-question-the-hell-out-of-them spirit. the cocking of an eyebrow i can do. But the questioning and the heckling and all that mambo jumbo? I dont think i'm cut out for it. I know some people are under the impression that i'm the gung-ho, adamant, rooted to the ground kind....but seriously i'd like to believe that i'm really tame and docile on most occasions. =)

So I'm guessing you can draw up the conclusion of today. We...lost? That was what I thought when i started writing this post. But i just got news from Shakti, by some spark of utter miracle, we actually got into the next round! That's the top 4 out of 18 teams!

But I cant make it for the semi-finals tomorrow. I've got the UM Duathlon. And after all that's said and done, i think that's where I should be, rather than sitting at 3 tables lined up in a row, staring across the floor at 3 other very intimidating oppositions. Yes, the running and the biking i can do....=)

So i wish team Metro all the best!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ahmah, stay strong...

On friday, the day that i was supposed to leave for PD, my dad receives a call from Raub. My ah mah had taken a turn for the worse. Those words were a great shock because when i last saw her, she was alright. We rushed back to Raub that day itself, and when we got there, ah mah was looking very frail and unenergetic. She was conscious, but very often she dozes off. However, when i called out to her she opens her eyes and nods. We fed her specially fortified milk and it'd take about an hour for her to finish a small cup because she would fall asleep in between spoonfuls and have to be woken up before she'd swallow and open her mouth for more. But she was alright. We were more than happy to keep feeding her that way even if it took all day for her to finish 50 ml.

On Saturday, seeing that she was still okay, my dad drove us all home. That was when i drove to PD and took part in the tri.

Yesterday, I was out in PJ when my mum calls me home saying things have gotten even worse. My father rang me up too, his voice all tensed. Things did not sound very good. I rushed home as fast as i could, packed, and braced myself for the worst. We drove back to Raub. The entire way i worried. The 2 hour plus journey passed by in utter silence.

When we reached ah mah's house we rushed in to see her. Her face have sunken so much, that her eyes bulged out a little. She was in a semi coma state. She did not respond anymore. Everyone around was crying. It didnt take long before my own eyes welled up. I spoke to her gently, but there wasn't much i could say with my limited hokkien proficiency. She seemed to be hanging on only gingerly. Her legs and hands were still warm, however.

We fed her a bit of water, but she'd choke on it immediately. I prayed for her last night. Later in the night she fell asleep. I can't recall how was it we decided that she was going to be alright. Somehow, we all knew we'd still be able to see her open her eyes tomorrow morning.

Sure enough, this morning, she was awake. Her condition had not changed but she was awake. I stroked her shoulders and arms and called her a few times. She seemed to hear me, but her eyes saw past me. A doctor was called in to see if he can tell us how long she has left. When he came, he ran a few checks and found out that her vital signs were looking good. Her blood pressure, temperature were still alright. It was decided then that she should be put on the drip in a hospital. She was taken to the Raub hospital on an ambulance.

I am now at home, but I think her condition has stabilized. My brother is coming back from Perth tonight.

Friends, it would mean a lot to me if you all could pray for my ah mah. Pray that she regains her strength, pray that she gets better. Thank you.

Monday, July 23, 2007

PD International Triathlon 2007

My inaugural olympic distance triathlon was a great success, but a very short lived one, as before i could pen down ecstatic words onto this blog, the news of a tragic accident turned my emotions the other way around.

It was a pity that Mr Zubir, or "Zoobs" as they call him, had to pass away yesterday morning. At his first triathlon attempt, nonetheless. I'm very sorry for his family and friends. I cannot imagine the grief they feel at their loss.

But i did race that race and i did outdo my expectations. I'd like to think that Mr Zoobs wouldn't mind if i continued to feel ecstatic over my own personal victory. I believe he'd want everyone else to be happy and satisfied with their races. So, Mr Zoobs, here's to you...

I had initially planned to race in the sprint as well as the OD. Thus, i was supposed to follow Chiat, Allan, Andy and gang to PD on Friday night. But my ahmah wasn't too well on Friday so my family went down to Raub and spent the night there. My ahmah is good now, by the way. She's a bit weak, but there's a steady progress.

Anyway, I gave the sprint a miss, but since my dad said we were coming home on Saturday, I immediately pounced on the opportunity to head to PD so I could make my OD debut. My parents weren't too keen to let me drive alone, so I gathered Shakti, YanYee and Dektos, and appointed them my honourable support screw. The 4 of us made our way merrily to PD at about 4.45 pm.

Using a new way, recommended by Cecil, we reached PD at 6.30 pm, in time for me to get my race kit. Since the carbo loading only started at 8, we drove around a bit looking for a place to stay, but to no avail. However, luck was on our side, because after the dinner, I bumped into Fong and Neeza, and they had a spare room! =) Thanks again ladies!
Sunday morning started at 6.15 am for me. It drizzled lightly, and i was so afraid that the water would be freezing. I reached the race site at about 6.50 am, and already the place was buzzing with people. I checked my bike in, and went to look at the water. Then i realised i'd left my goggles back at the room. So i took my bike out again and back to the room to get my goggles. This time, the support crew had risen and was getting ready. With a wave of the arm, i left them again, and went back to the race site, where i took a dip in the water. To my surprise, the water was warm. *yay*

The race started in waves. The elite went in first. They looked like dolphins, the way they started with butterfly strokes. Then the men, then the ladies. Basically, it was alright. I did my breaststroke as planned, and though i had a couple of false hope that I was reaching the end soon, i managed to go all the way. I checked my watch and was gleeful to see 38 minutes plus! A bit out of breath, i didnt quite bother to run to my my bike. My friends were there to cheer me on, but my first instinct was to get water to flush the salt water out of my mouth.
Then onto the bike. I have to say that the most fascinating thing bout the glorious bike leg, as obnoxious as this may sound, is the roadkill. Because out there on the roads, is like a grand safari for the dead. one can find squashed up iguanas, snakes, frogs, cats, dogs, unidentified pieces of intestines and stomachs. its repulsing, but amusing nonetheless. The terrain was slightly hilly, but the view was gorgeous. Palm oil plantations never looked so beautiful. =) Ive gotten used to people overtaking me during the bike leg, and this time was no exception. I finished the bike leg in about 1 hours 40 minutes! my jaw almost dropped! i initially targeted just over 2 hours. Its amazing what RPM once a week can do...=)
Finally, the run! I loved the run. the weather was perfect. It took me only a minute or so to get from cycling legs to running legs. I found my pace almost instantly and started to pound my way through the road. I overtook a lot of people, most of them being men. The women were much much harder to overtake. I'm starting to think that ladies are more cut out for endurance than men. i came back in 51 minutes and 56 seconds. There is doubt, i'm afraid, that the route was actually 10 kms. Because i have never achieved that time for a 10 km run before.
I had estimated a total time of 3:50 initially. Then i decided to challenge myself a bit and set a 3:30 target. I did an overall time of 3:10 yesterday. And i'm damn proud of it. =)
A big thanks to my support crew. and to the people who took my photographs - Mr Tey, Mr Raihan and YanYee.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Karen the triathlete

photo compliments of Mr Tey

is it just me or do people look at you differently when u complete an olympic distance triathlon? perhaps its the sincerity i can carry with me now when i say i am a triathlete. because i am one now. =) race report tomorrow.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

kids say the darn'st things

i went for dinner just now with the extended family. My little cousin Charlene, aged 6, sat next to me this time. Here are excerpts of the conversation that took place tonight...

"Karen jiejie, how old are you?"

"You guess..."

"Are you 20-something?"

"No...I'm still sweet 16"

"You bluff me! you cannot be sweet anymore!" *laughs*

"Why? 20-something still can be sweet wat..." *wide eyed*

*ponders* "Umm...can la...if a lot of mosquitoes come then you are sweet!" *laughs*


"Hey look! Winston korkor is here! Yippee!"

"Yup, make sure you wish him Happy Birthday okay?"

*frowns* "But Karen jiejie, where's Joyce jiejie?"
[Joyce is Winston's wife, currently in Singapore]

"Joyce jiejie is not around la."

*ponders* "Umm...maybe Winston korkor forgot to bring Joyce jiejie...I think i'll go remind him" *runs off to remind Winston korkor*
Here's to Charlene!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Soon Seng tagged me quite some time ago...but for some reason i was only able to comply now. so here goes...

Four jobs I've had in my life:
1. Yeo's SoyRich promoter
2. OBS Course Assitant (if that's considered a job)
3. Music Technician cum Emcee at Mrs Khaw's gimrama gradings
4. Gimrama coach at SK Sri Petaling

Four movies I can watch over and over again:
1. The Little Mermaid
2. Beauty and the Beast
3. The Sound of Music
4. Mary Poppins

Four places I've been on vacation:
1. Sydney
2. Melbourne
3. Chiangmai
4. Langkawi!

Four of my favourite dishes:
1. Carbonara pasta
2. Butter prawns
3. Pepperoni pizzas
4. Salmon sushi

Four places I would like to visit:
1. Whole of Europe
2. New Zealand (getting there soon enough)
3. USA
4. Phuket

Four most overused words:
1. "er..."
2. "darn!"
3. "hahahahah...."
4. "what-e-vah!!"

Four gadgets that I have:
1. SE handphone
2. Pala-Chan MP3 Player
3. some multi brand PC
4. Olympus digicam

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Friends
2. One Tree Hill
3. Prison Break
4. Heroes

Sunday, July 15, 2007

i just felt like blogging

today was a bit topsy turvey. i started out by forgetting to bring along pencils for my IELTS this morning. so i had to borrow from another candidate who was kind enough to lend me her sharpest one. the test turned out alright but the room was freezing!

when i came out of the exam hall, i switched my phone on and was shocked to see about 5 miss calls and 5 messages from the Kiwanian. Initially i had a meeting planned, but he told me he couldnt make it. So when i decided to cancel the meeting, i had not thought of informing him. And he shows up at the front of gate of Metro looking for me! I hope he isn't too mad. I feel really bad because i dont know how far he has traveled, or whether or not he had re-arranged his plans to make this meeting. I have apologized personally anyway, but that pretty much ruined my day for me.

I was thrown off guard, that even the debate trial session found me slightly hostile. sorry ati if i was being too mean...i started stressing out for some reason that when i went home for lunch i rambled on and on to my mum, which honestly did not make things any better for her because she was doing all the house chores and i was too busy complaining to notice. After lunch i said i was sleepy, so went to take a short nap...which turned into 2 long hours. When i woke up, all of MY chores were done by my mum, sending me on another guilt trip.

i started worrying about everything all of a sudden - the debate, the conference, MSSS Gimrama and how i have not taught my girls their rope routine, the PD tri, whether or not I should leave on friday night or saturday morning - everything. i was pacing back and forth, working very hard on keeping a straight face, but really i was ready to yank my hair out.

i finally plomped myself down in front of the TV to clam myself. I started watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on HBO and that was surprisingly therapeutic. Its been ages since i last watched a movie on TV. Anyway i watched the last 1 and a half hours. it ended at 7 pm. i got up, changed and went for a run. it's quite ironic how i run best when i'm all stressed up. i clocked one of my best times today.

after the run, everything seemed to have been rearranged in the pits of my head. so im good now. and just now, i met up with Jackie, Julie, Siew Ghee, Soon Seng and Fu Wen. That was nice. remembering how we'd give live commentary on the boys playing basketball outside our class, how i used to sing out loud when i sat right in front of my teacher, how we had the friendly rivalry between Leo and Interact. =) meetings like that should happen on an annual basis. =)

Friday, July 13, 2007

climbing The Ladder

Yuh Huey, pinjam your pic ya!

I read an article on Malaysian Today yesterday. It was about how members of the opposite sex cannot be just friends because of The Ladder Theory. The ladder signifies the hierarchy a subject takes when someone is trying to size him/her up. There may be various attributes (e.g. looks, brains, sex appeal, money etc.) which varies from person to person.

A man has one ladder. Which means every single woman he comes across will be rated on that one ladder. It could be on her looks, on her character (well we all know what most men will rate women on la, but for formality sake let's pretend that men can actually think in more than one dimension) etc. But the point here is, there is only one ladder. Thus, all women will be sized up on this ladder. So the boy may have female friends and acquaintances in his life, but it is almost certain that at one point in time, they have been sized up on his ladder before.

A woman on the other hand is said to have two ladders. One for men whom she considers friends and the other for men whom she wants to have more going on with. And very seldom, though not entirely, will these two ladders coincide. In other words, women are able to distinguish the differences between male friends and boyfriend materials.
Now, please know that neither do i support this theory, nor do i question it. Because for those of you who know me, you would know that while i may be successful in most areas of my life, relationship issues seem to be my weakest point. But with all due respect, I do have male friends who are just friends. In fact, i would say i have more male friends than female friends. And to add to that, some of my closest friends have in fact been guys. They provide me with everything a friend should provide - trust, security, comfort, fun.

Now, the question is, have i sized them up before? Frankly, i have. But it could be the fact that I am still on a mission to find Mr Right, that I have, in fact, looked at all possibilities. I would be lying if I said I had not imagined a "what if" situation with most of my male friends. But I do it on a very professional basis, if i should say so myself. And I believe that while my head may have conjured up images of a dating scenario, I remain composed and collected on the outside.
I believe with all my heart that two members of the opposite sex can be friends. And Harry and Sally happened because they had no other friend of the same hierarchy as each other in their lives. But I also believe that it is only human nature for someone to size another person up should the subject be of the opposite gender. Just, try to keep the sizing up as discreet and disguised as possible or a whole lot of confusion may just occur. And truth be told, I think relationships that progressed from a long lasting friendship is the sweetest of all relationships.

what do you think?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

till we meet again...

Eu-Gene is leaving tomorrow morning for Curtin Perth...seems a bit too soon, really.

Well, Gene...sorry the water conservation plans had to be swept be a good boy and safe water anyhow. I'm pretty sure fellow conservationists aren't hard to find...they're an environmental-friendly lot aren't they? :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the Gods must be dead set on my results

For every single semester, since i first started my degree in college, i had gotten 2 Distinctions and 2 Credits for my finals. except for one semester whereby i actually got myself a High Distinction. that was the same semester i got a borderline Pass for another subject too.

Before i display my results for the world to see, let me first tell you what I had expected:

Entrepreneurship: Was pretty confident considering the group project was relatively well done. Who am i kidding, it was the best group work I have ever done, with many thanks to Dektos. So i'd think a Credit would be well secured in hand.

Strategic Marketing: I'd worry for this one the most. The group project was shabbily done, and I had myself to blame. My internals were low and I'd pray for a pass.

Small Business: Also a bit uncertain because we had a rather good presentation, but our group project turned out not so good. Plus for the first time ever i got only a 5.5 for participation. I never got below 7. So i'm guessing a high pass or a low credit.

Analytical Marketing: This was the easiest subject of the lot. I did pretty well for mid sems. However, i got a bit confused for the assignment and it was an either or case - either i scored really well, or i screwed the whole darn thing coz for a moment i couldn't decide which was the dependent and which was the independent variable. Finals weren't too bad. Considering i did NOT screw my assignment up, I figured a D should be safely secured. A HD would've been good.

When i had a look at my results I laughed out loud for 2 reasons. One - I had, once again, 2 Ds and 2 Cs. Two - My expectations were entirely wrong. Here are my marks.

Entrepreneurship - D
Strategic Marketing - D
Small Business - C
Analytical Marketing - C

So I DID screw my AM assignment up. darn. But a Distinction for Strategic Marketing...who would've guessed...=) so i'm happy. Amused...but most definitely happy. =)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Siemens Run 2007 & Nestle Nourishment Exhibition

photo compliments of Mr Tey

This morning's run didn't turn out the worst. I actually thought I did pretty alright. Sure i clocked 63 minutes. But i ran throughout and that itself was good enough. At one point, however, the phlegm in my throat was so thick that i wasn't able to cough it out, neither was i able to swallow it in. I ended up choking and after several coughing attempts, i vomited out whatever i had for breakfast. It's not easy to run with a cough. Let alone a cough with phlegm and a stuffy nose. Maybe it's self pity i'm aiming at, so please humour me. :)

Anyway, Andy gave me a tough fight...he overtook me at about 6 km, and i had to really strive to keep him in sight. I lost him after the above said incident. *shrugs*. =) Sue came in shortly after me. Mr Tey, as always, was there to snap photos. Thanks a lot, Mr Tey!! Uncle Choi did the 10km as well. I think all that Penang Bridge preparation has shrunk him to half his size! So thin already!

My daddy said he had a great 7 km run. No surprises there since he goes for a run every single morning. yes...every.single.morning....=)

Anyway, i'm currently super proud of my swimbikerun obsessed brother. He just ran his maiden marathon this morning in Perth. He clocked 3 hours 22 minutes for a 42 km race! *salute*

p.s: yes...i do feel the pressure....just in case u were wondering...ahahah


Today Powerbar asked if I could mend a booth at a Nestle Exhibition called "Nourishing Malaysia" for a few hours. I was more than glad to play ambassador for Powerbar. So at 1 pm i made my way to Mid Valley Megamall. The exhibition was pretty cool, for one reason - there was free sampling! One round of the exhibition area could guarantee you a full stomach. that's how much sampling there was. Products ranged from confectioneries, Maggi noodles, milk, Nescafe, breakfast cereals and tons and tons of ice cream! Read: FREE!

I was in the same shift as Cecil. For 4 hours, I learned helluva lot about cycling on and off road, in and out of Malaysia, as well as running, and about Simon Cross. could tell it was an educational experience. =) I snapped some photos when i got the chance to. Here you go...
powerbar booth + Rahimi's new bike!
we sample information, not products!
a walking Milo tin!
the Milo arena
the Maggi kitchen
Dino loves gum!
Ah Wei forced to do ear squats coz he came 20 minutes late!

Yup...i had a fun Sunday!

Friday, July 06, 2007

terrifying tens

i won't lie.

i am in fact very much terrified of this Sunday's Siemen's Run. sure its just 10 kilometers. but the thought of 10 very long kilometers, coupled with aches in my legs and the strong temptation to give up and walk cripples me with fear.

it's been more than 7 days since i last ran. or cycled/swam for that matter. which means it has been more than 7 days since i last worked my heart and tested my stamina. what more i have been sick the past 3-4 days, coughing and sneezing and producing a lot of phlegm and mucus. and that is why, this Sunday's run would most likely be a hard one for me.

I'd like to remain optimistic and aim for a 55 minute race. But somewhere in the depths of my conscience i know that a 60 (or even 65) minute target would be more feasible. of those downs in racing i guess...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

you be the Judge!

so I wanted a more productive holiday. when Mrs K rang me up about a Judging course for gimrama it was as if the Gods read my mind. So i got myself signed up for it, and for the past two days, from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm I have been talking, eating, sleeping deduction.

Being a judge ain't all that fun. See, with Rhythmic Gymnastics (or better known as Gimrama) the gymnast goes into the carpet with full marks. when she starts screwing up, points are deducted. when she forgets something, points are deducted. when she jumps too low, points are deducted. when she lands too heavily, points are deducted. when she does 3 rounds instead of the required 2 rounds of pivot, and screws up on the 3rd round, points are deducted. and at the end of the day, who does that poor little gymnast hate the most? The person who tainted her initially clean record when she first stepped onto the floor, that very person who halved her points because her ankles weren't strong enough to hold a position up on toes for two one-thousand counts. that person is none other than the judge. why? because in this 20 hours that we sit together and battle it out on what hand, leg and hips position look nicer and which balances are easier to hold, we basically only learn one thing. and that is

so yea, being a judge ain't fun. you grow to become a meanie. you learn to not accept imperfections and punish for accidental flaws. sad really. "Shape not fixed or well defined". see how they discriminate?

but if being a judge gives me insight to all that villainy, then, i might as well use it to my advantage. sure i can now guide me little girls better. *ponders*. yes considering my girls are more often than not more interested in knowing what time it is, or where i bought my lovely shoes from, or what i did to my hair, or whether or not i have watched High School Musical, i suppose they'll be very akin to what i am going to make them do once i am done with this course.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007


there was so much talk about robot action in this flick that i had to catch it la. i's transformers wei! i pretty much grew up watching this with my kor. though i remember only Optimus Prime and nothing else about the show. Anyway, i was eying it the moment i saw the trailer, so when Eugene told me they were showing it in IMAX, i almost flipped!

*images of flying pieces of heavy machinery heading towards me forms in my head*

i'm GAME!! So we set a date, i invited Tan Poh Leng, Seu Foong, and a few others. so today, the 4 of us (the others couldn't make it) made our way to Times Square, via public transport no less. I was actually quite psyched. when we went into the cinema our jaws practically dropped! i know mine did la. Seu Foong was jumping up and down like a 6 yr old boy! quite jakun la but it was HUGE! it was bigger than was GINORMOUS! seriously the place was a freakin amphitheater. So we sat down at our seats and guess what? the back of the seats bounce! as in they recline back and forth when you lean on them! my first theory was it acted as a buffer to the shock the chair would receive when the viewer pushes back to avoid the 3D images. either was it was so cool!

however, before the movie started, they said that this movie was in fact NOT in 3D. it was merely shown in IMAX. owell...i'd pay for the huge-ass screen and bouncy seats. =) which...about an hour plus into the movie became a bit of a pain since the person behind me was rocking me back and forth....grr...

anyway, i just realised that i've spoken nothing on the movie itself. the movie was AMAZING! whatever the people have been saying about it, you can well believe them, because it was that good! i LOVED it. the graphics, the action, the story. Optimus Prime was so yeng that i think my next car shall be a red and blue truck with flames on either side. then i'll just use my imagination to pretend it'll turn into OP and save me when in need. woohoo~!

yea...if you have not watched Transformers, please watch it. Not in IMAX...anywhere else is fine.

now all i have to do is convince Eugene to create one for me...if he ever fails to find a job in future la. =)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Karen domesticated...

its been a week since my maid ran away
frankly I've not been looking forward to each day
for my feet are now calloused and my hands coarse
and I've even prioritized my least favourite chores

I've never worked up such a sweat
from mopping, that my hair gets wet
I've never smelled of floor detergent
and gone out with that as my fragrance

I've never peeled so much onion and garlic
that my fingers actually make my dog sick
I've never thought that the floor can harbour
so much dust and hair from one day to another

I've never been so annoyed with oil
that my new best friend is now the tin foil
and I've never folded clothes and pondered
why disposable wear was never invented

but I never thought I'd enjoy the cooking
more so when i see the eaters enjoying
I never thought I'd talk about vege and butter
and buying groceries with my mother

I never heard the entire AT40 chart
On radio right from the start
and I never had a mop or a duster
or a broom as a dancing partner

I never thought I'd see the day
where my poem wasn't about emotional say
I never thought I'd be so jaded
but here I am now...Karen...domesticated!

haha...i have to say inspiration comes in the least expected forms...well, i did exaggerate some parts for aesthetic value and also to make things rhyme better. but i am really mopping and sweeping and cooking. and I do enjoy it. occasionally. =)