Thursday, July 05, 2007

you be the Judge!

so I wanted a more productive holiday. when Mrs K rang me up about a Judging course for gimrama it was as if the Gods read my mind. So i got myself signed up for it, and for the past two days, from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm I have been talking, eating, sleeping deduction.

Being a judge ain't all that fun. See, with Rhythmic Gymnastics (or better known as Gimrama) the gymnast goes into the carpet with full marks. when she starts screwing up, points are deducted. when she forgets something, points are deducted. when she jumps too low, points are deducted. when she lands too heavily, points are deducted. when she does 3 rounds instead of the required 2 rounds of pivot, and screws up on the 3rd round, points are deducted. and at the end of the day, who does that poor little gymnast hate the most? The person who tainted her initially clean record when she first stepped onto the floor, that very person who halved her points because her ankles weren't strong enough to hold a position up on toes for two one-thousand counts. that person is none other than the judge. why? because in this 20 hours that we sit together and battle it out on what hand, leg and hips position look nicer and which balances are easier to hold, we basically only learn one thing. and that is

so yea, being a judge ain't fun. you grow to become a meanie. you learn to not accept imperfections and punish for accidental flaws. sad really. "Shape not fixed or well defined". see how they discriminate?

but if being a judge gives me insight to all that villainy, then, i might as well use it to my advantage. sure i can now guide me little girls better. *ponders*. yes considering my girls are more often than not more interested in knowing what time it is, or where i bought my lovely shoes from, or what i did to my hair, or whether or not i have watched High School Musical, i suppose they'll be very akin to what i am going to make them do once i am done with this course.



shirlyn said...

woohoo....GO REN!!!

judge wei..dun play sure it's gonna b 1 of ur most productive holidays ler...get to qualify as a gymrama judge in the proud of ya!!

galnexdor said...

ahahh thanks darlin...but aih...dunno whether i passed