Monday, July 02, 2007

Karen domesticated...

its been a week since my maid ran away
frankly I've not been looking forward to each day
for my feet are now calloused and my hands coarse
and I've even prioritized my least favourite chores

I've never worked up such a sweat
from mopping, that my hair gets wet
I've never smelled of floor detergent
and gone out with that as my fragrance

I've never peeled so much onion and garlic
that my fingers actually make my dog sick
I've never thought that the floor can harbour
so much dust and hair from one day to another

I've never been so annoyed with oil
that my new best friend is now the tin foil
and I've never folded clothes and pondered
why disposable wear was never invented

but I never thought I'd enjoy the cooking
more so when i see the eaters enjoying
I never thought I'd talk about vege and butter
and buying groceries with my mother

I never heard the entire AT40 chart
On radio right from the start
and I never had a mop or a duster
or a broom as a dancing partner

I never thought I'd see the day
where my poem wasn't about emotional say
I never thought I'd be so jaded
but here I am now...Karen...domesticated!

haha...i have to say inspiration comes in the least expected forms...well, i did exaggerate some parts for aesthetic value and also to make things rhyme better. but i am really mopping and sweeping and cooking. and I do enjoy it. occasionally. =)


jackie2567 said...

Some how...I laughed when reading your poem..but i feel its really great...=) always enjoyed ur poems...You watched "Music and Lyrics"? reminds me of Drew Barrymore composing for Hugh Grant...nice movie...

galnexdor said...

thanks jackie...yea ppl are meant to laugh at this actually quite surprised why nobody commented...ahahah maybe they thought i was joking...*shrugs*

and i love that show!