Thursday, July 19, 2007

kids say the darn'st things

i went for dinner just now with the extended family. My little cousin Charlene, aged 6, sat next to me this time. Here are excerpts of the conversation that took place tonight...

"Karen jiejie, how old are you?"

"You guess..."

"Are you 20-something?"

"No...I'm still sweet 16"

"You bluff me! you cannot be sweet anymore!" *laughs*

"Why? 20-something still can be sweet wat..." *wide eyed*

*ponders* "Umm...can la...if a lot of mosquitoes come then you are sweet!" *laughs*


"Hey look! Winston korkor is here! Yippee!"

"Yup, make sure you wish him Happy Birthday okay?"

*frowns* "But Karen jiejie, where's Joyce jiejie?"
[Joyce is Winston's wife, currently in Singapore]

"Joyce jiejie is not around la."

*ponders* "Umm...maybe Winston korkor forgot to bring Joyce jiejie...I think i'll go remind him" *runs off to remind Winston korkor*
Here's to Charlene!


Anonymous said...

charlene was at some indian function when she took that pic? she looks cute though.

what's your extended family?ur bf's family?

no doubt,kids do say the darnest thing.gosh,haven't watched the show "kids say the darnest thing for ages..

good bye,keep up your good blogging

galnexdor said...

hey rahul,

nope the mum went to india n bought her 2 daughters the indian sari...cute innit?

haha...nola my extended family as in uncles, aunties, granddad, cousins...=)

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

She looks like u, a bit.. kinda. lol

galnexdor said...

she doesss??? ahahah

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Same similar kinda smile. Comparing her pic with ur banner pic top left of ur blog.

Tisha said...

Is she the same cutey who comes to your house?Spr cute!!