Sunday, July 08, 2007

Siemens Run 2007 & Nestle Nourishment Exhibition

photo compliments of Mr Tey

This morning's run didn't turn out the worst. I actually thought I did pretty alright. Sure i clocked 63 minutes. But i ran throughout and that itself was good enough. At one point, however, the phlegm in my throat was so thick that i wasn't able to cough it out, neither was i able to swallow it in. I ended up choking and after several coughing attempts, i vomited out whatever i had for breakfast. It's not easy to run with a cough. Let alone a cough with phlegm and a stuffy nose. Maybe it's self pity i'm aiming at, so please humour me. :)

Anyway, Andy gave me a tough fight...he overtook me at about 6 km, and i had to really strive to keep him in sight. I lost him after the above said incident. *shrugs*. =) Sue came in shortly after me. Mr Tey, as always, was there to snap photos. Thanks a lot, Mr Tey!! Uncle Choi did the 10km as well. I think all that Penang Bridge preparation has shrunk him to half his size! So thin already!

My daddy said he had a great 7 km run. No surprises there since he goes for a run every single morning. yes...every.single.morning....=)

Anyway, i'm currently super proud of my swimbikerun obsessed brother. He just ran his maiden marathon this morning in Perth. He clocked 3 hours 22 minutes for a 42 km race! *salute*

p.s: yes...i do feel the pressure....just in case u were wondering...ahahah


Today Powerbar asked if I could mend a booth at a Nestle Exhibition called "Nourishing Malaysia" for a few hours. I was more than glad to play ambassador for Powerbar. So at 1 pm i made my way to Mid Valley Megamall. The exhibition was pretty cool, for one reason - there was free sampling! One round of the exhibition area could guarantee you a full stomach. that's how much sampling there was. Products ranged from confectioneries, Maggi noodles, milk, Nescafe, breakfast cereals and tons and tons of ice cream! Read: FREE!

I was in the same shift as Cecil. For 4 hours, I learned helluva lot about cycling on and off road, in and out of Malaysia, as well as running, and about Simon Cross. could tell it was an educational experience. =) I snapped some photos when i got the chance to. Here you go...
powerbar booth + Rahimi's new bike!
we sample information, not products!
a walking Milo tin!
the Milo arena
the Maggi kitchen
Dino loves gum!
Ah Wei forced to do ear squats coz he came 20 minutes late!

Yup...i had a fun Sunday!


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galnexdor said...

....i thought who so fast comment...aisehhhhh...ahahhaa

Wengie said...

Eh why you always put posts of your runs one. Like so tak exciting only..ahaha update something else so i can get an update of life back home. the whats and whens and wheres of the group or at least YOU.



galnexdor said...

haha weng lum i can see the loneliness has gotten to u...

but runs ARE my updates...=)

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alamak....all the elite chaps...i'm so not worthy!

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stupe: ahah ure more worthy to be there than i am...=)