Sunday, January 27, 2008

what's been up

Now life's a little less hectic in the office. no more hustling and bustling around, fighting for the phone line or for the computer. Everyone goes out for lunch now so i don't have to try and starve myself to appear just as hardworking. And 6 pm is the latest i'll ever stay in the office. Life's been quite alright. Life's actually been quite fun in the office because my colleagues are fun people (And i say this not because i know ur reading this Jeffrey, u are nice. Just in case u pop by here again). But i dread going to work nonetheless because i don't enjoy working in general. I feel so bound, my wings clipped, my legs tied. I yearn for my freedom again. which will be coming soon. Thursday's my last day! i'm really counting down the hours.

dunno how am i to survive working next time man....

In terms of running, i've done zero since 30km a week ago. That is if you don't want to count the 6 flights of stairs i run up n down everyday to work. Or the short 200m distance i walk to and from my car to work. Or the, now, once a week sweeping and mopping i help my mum with. yea, i haven't been doing anything at all.

In terms of cycling, i went this morning with Andy, Sue and Chiat. We rode from Mariott Putrajaya to cyberjaya, and around the vicinity. All in all we rode 40 km. which i had to whine about for a bit because i was extremely sleepy. and the weather was scorching hot.

In terms of swimming, well...let's not even go there.

Time with friends are limited now that work takes up 60% of my daily free hours. I managed to hang out with some of them over the weekend and public holidays. but it's hard because i still have the same number of friends from different clicks that i want to hang out with, but i don't have the same amount of time.
Anyway, my day out with Julie was good. caught up with a lot of stuff. Which was good. coz i missed her. like a lot. :)
Was at Pei Jien's one of the nights when i was free. That was good too. I miss all their crazy antics.

And I've had a generous amount of Dennis time. Yes, lucky me. :) we went cycling today! coz i was in the mood for it. and coz i have 2 bikes at home. and coz...well, it just seemed pretty darn romantic to me to go cycling together. and it was extremely fun! haha...

we cycled from home to around home, then to ss19. dropped by a few friends' homes to pay them a visit but only 1 came out to greet us.

either way ss19 is a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous place to cycle. lovely houses, tall towering trees, uphills and downhills. LOVED it. :)

So yes. Updates on me life. Brought to you by Blogger. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Everyone's been asking how the Youth'08 went. i guess there was so much hype going on, and there were those whom ive had the opportunity to whine must be wondering what happened...

I'm not going into details. The event was successful in the eyes of a lot. Those who went, participated or simply walked around to check things out, most have pretty positive feedback about the event. which was only apt since the event was quite amazing.

but the truth is, and this is probably true for every event but i still think a lot of it could've been avoided, the back scenes weren't pretty. There was a lot of evidence of poor planning and organization. But to be fair, it was a first time for every one of us, and mistakes, big or small or costly, were inevitable.
Altimet, Choy, Chermaine Poo, Joanna Bessey, Azah Yazmin
The particular segment i was in charge of? Celebrity Secrets? that went quite alright actually. The response wasn't too good but that was something we didn't have control over. As far as i am concerned the flow of the event went as close to what was planned as it could. Was quite a pity that nobody was there to watch coz i personally found it pretty hilarious.

However another event i was quite majorly involved in didn't go as well. The Trendsetting Fashion Extravaganza was a major pain to me even if i was only in charge of a minor part of the event. But the crowd was there and just like i said before, to them it probably went perfectly well.

In short, i'll admit that i succumbed to weakness at some points. I was on the verge of crying a couple of times in PWTC and i finally did at home on Sunday. The stress i was under was unbearable. I had never felt so helpless in my life...that is until we went through today's postmortem meeting. Then i realised i was actually being such a baby.

I was actually one of the staffs with the least responsibilities. And yet I acted as if i had the weight of the world on my shoulders. The meeting made me realise that there were others who had to bear with 4-5 times the amount of work i had to bear with and i don't see them complaining or breaking down.
Dr Octopus and weird masked person.
But i guess everything's a learning process. And this one's been especially educational for me. to say that i have gained nothing would be a complete lie. But to say i had a ball of a time would be a bigger one. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Eastern Pacesetters 30K

When Saturday night came, I knew i'd be doomed for the sunday morning 30km race. I have never felt less confident about a race before. Training was majorly insufficient and i don't even train much to begin with. I was battling fatigue and stress from work. Sleep was a rare luxury a few nights leading up to Sunday. And i was pretty darn sure i'd be crying in pain even before the 20km mark. Needless to say, despite the calm, cheery facade i put on my face, i was in fear of this race.

So i decided that i would just take it easy. like 7 minutes/km kind of easy. I started of extremely slow, even though i was TTM (tak tau malu) enough to start in front. I swallowed my pride and allowed what seemed like every single person to run in front of me. I kept a slow pace, tried to suck in the cooling morning breeze and willed myself to remain calm.

The first 10 kms, i clocked 1 hour 12 minutes i think. 'So much for beating my personal record' i thought. But then i realised i didn't exactly feel that tired. Strangely enough, i was getting more and more energized with every step. And i didn't even feel sleepy. I was so alert i would've noticed a mosquito flying around. And my legs weren't that of training deprived ones. They were strong. In fact, it seemed wrong to be holding back.

So i picked up speed. I thought i'd just pummel through till i felt like dying and then i'll just walk. So what. No big deal. Nobody says i had to run all the way. For once i shall not be governed by the unwritten rule in my family that reducing to a walk in a running race is a crime. If i felt like walking, then by golly, i shall walk. But till that urge comes, i shall run!

And i ran. i reached the 20 km water station in 2 hours 10 minutes. which meant i'm back to a 6 minute/km pace. That was when I was confident i could finish this race in 3:15 and under. 25 km into the race and i was still feeling good. No stitch, mild pain in my toes, but bearable. i can do this!

A few people started running with me. Telling me im a good pacer. Someone asked me if i was Kimbeley Yap's sister...*cocks eyebrow*.

Soon i hear the music, and then the sights of the finishing line. I sprinted as fast as my legs could carry me.

Crossed the line. 3:09:56. 37th position.

I ran 3:26 last year. Thats almost 17 minutes shaved. And suddenly the world's not too bad a place to live in. :)
a little souvenir - 2 black toes

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a little note from work

so i've been slugging it out at this minuscule little matchbox called my office. it has been the same four walls i see everyday since i started work on Friday (yes, including Sunday) and i realised that i have actually gotten quite tired of it...of the bug infested computers, of the sight of packages and parcels strewn around, of the jumping pc mouse, of the phones ringing off the hook. And it hasn't even been a week.

work isn't mundane. work isn't exactly tough. work is just every single day. i must sound like the ultimate princess right now, but i've really taken a 180 degree turn on my social life and i am quite frankly taking some time to adjust to it. don't get me wrong i have worked before. in various places and industries. but never an office 9-5 (hah!) job.

Days in here start at 9 am every morning, and they go on till 7-ish 8 for me. yesterday it went on till 10. but before you drop your jaws, note this. i'm usually among the first few to leave. actually, forget "among the first few", i'm second to leave, at worst. Except for yesterday that is. so yea. At times, i stay in and pretend to look busy because nobody's budging off their chairs. Everyone i've said this to goes "that is sooooo Malaysian". Yes, Malaysian I am and Malaysian I'm...well, not so proud to be if it is for this reason.

I'd say this NOT to make myself feel better and make coming to work easier. but i really do enjoy this line of work la. It has been interesting and i really do learn a lot. and the people here are really nice:) i just need Dennis puts it, grow up.

So, it's Thursday. Tomorrow the event starts. Then comes Saturday. And finally Sunday. Beautiful, gorgeous Sunday. How much i long for thee...

huh? what sarcasm? *wink*

Anyway, back to work. Come to PWTC this weekend. Drop by the Celebrity Secrets area. I should be looking pretty important there. *smirks*.

p.s: Internet is down in my house. boo...

i miss you. i miss you. i miss you.

Monday, January 14, 2008

don't know why but i do

i'm up in the morning
gotta get ready for work
in the traffic i'm yawning
my duties i'm dying to shirk
and i miss you
don't know why but i do

it's almost time for lunch
stomach's starting a rumble
but over their desks they hunch
and i'm too shy to grumble
and i miss you
don't know why but i do

i'm home, watching a show
seems interesting but my mind's in a fix
i can't go out now, i know
'cause tomorrow i'll have to be up at 6
and i miss you
don't know why but i do

i come online but there's nothing to do
'cause mail's been checked in the office
i scan the blogs but in a second i'm through
'cause i'm feeling nervy and restless
and i miss you
don't know why but i do

it's only been a couple of days
and i miss you
don't know why but i do...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

she works!

yup...u see the little ad box on the right panel of this blog? u see the event its currently displaying? Youth'08? yeahhh...i'm one of the many behind that now.

i recently got a job. At The owner's Joel Neoh, who's a friend of my brother. Quite an impressive biography, you should check his site out. :) anyway, for those of you who've been receiving event invites on facebook from me, sorry about that. All part of abusing the word-of-mouth(WOM) method of advertising.

So what have i been doing? everything from proofreading, copywriting, folding flyers to calling up models and local celebrities. quite a vast and varied jobscope, but i must say i'm not really complaining. well, except for the fact that i have to turn up at work a little later today...a sunday! but yea, i can't really complain because i'm actually doing something i can relate to - events.

anyway, if you must know, the event sounds really HUGE to me. And i must say i reckon it'd be cool. so yea, do yourselves a favour, click on any of the links in this post, or click on the ad box, and give me a ring when u're there. if you're lucky, i might give you Adam C's number. *wink*

p.s.: only a week to GE30k! shit...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

who will join me now?

waking up to the crisp morning air
to the sound of life without care
squinting my eyes in the misty light
the beginning of a day slowly comes to sight

sleepy faces greet us in the morning
but the spirit to have fun remains undying
a 6 hour trek awaits us today
to beat the rest is usually our way

comes dawn another day in camp
as we stretch to reach the morning lamp
to jump into our wet attire
water confidence is what we require

ah but to have some time on your own
to think about the person you have shown
to camp by yourself for just one night
and fear the unknown that may come in sight

next thing we know we're burning up the bbq pit
and the parents come to see us for a bit
tomorrow we'll bid goodbye to our friends
but the bond we've created never ends

i've got to say...i miss OB terribly. regretted not going. i used to call it my annual pilgrimage. no wonder i feel a bit lost missing it this time.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


2 years. so many things have changed.

i've finally completed my degree. yup, going to snap a photo with my family wearing the regalia. would've been great if you could be in the picture.

then there's the whole prom nite thing. and the appearing in the newspapers and magazine. i can imagine you being extremely thrilled about them all.

also, i'm no longer single! haha...i've met someone really great. i'm pretty sure you would love him. :) and he, you.

2 years. missing you like crazy.

Monday, January 07, 2008

surprising the boyfriend

there are several reasons to why i haven't been updating. the lack of training to report on and the lack of time spent in front of my pc are just to name two. but one other factor contributed quite a bit to the issue, and that was planning a surprise birthday party for Dennis.

I'm an alright party planner, i suppose. I can foresee most of the "critical incidents" and "moments of truths" which may potentially send every second of planning down the drain if not dealt with properly (geez, i sound like i'm analysing a case study). Anyway, it was quite tough this time around, and i think it has to do with the fact that for some reason, Dennis seem to see right through me sometimes. I'm a pretty good actor to most people but not to him.

Didn't help that my initial plans to hold it in top notch service suite Duta Vista were crushed not once, but twice. But all's well that ends well. Steven lent me a really nice place in Bandar Puteri Puchong, a fully furnished, fully airconditioned, 2.5-storey terrace with 3 bedrooms. it was perfect!
Well, long story short, plan worked. Dennis was surprised, with crazy spray string thingies and a self made oreo-cheesecake, and the company of his friends. Not too shabby job, if i should say so myself. :)
anyway, big thanks to Steven for the place, and the trouble. Thanks also to Evelyn, Vern Yang and Esther for all the calling up and the food. Don't think these people actually frequent my blog, but yea, word would reach them sooner or later, i reckon. :)

I went running today. In the rain. Got soaked. I felt like i was 8 again. :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year!

2007 came and went. on 1st January 2007, i made a resolution to end all new year resolutions. simply because i never do good by them. i never keep to my plans, i never follow schedules, and i never made resolutions come true. thus, i decided a year ago to just embrace whatever comes my way, decide on the spot what i am to do about it, and live with my decision without turning back. and believe you me, this has granted me waaaaaay more opportunities than it would if i were to have resolutions. i'm complicated like that. :)

let's recap...
i got into the Powerbar Team Elite 2007. This was HUGE to me. It skyrocketed me to a whole new level in the athletic scene. All of a sudden I was teammates with people I idolised. Felt awesome. I improved by leaps and bounds in my stamina and speed, hence shaving minutes off my personal records. :) and guess what? I got in again! Team Elite 2008!

i won the Miss Metropolitan title. It made me realise that there are a lot of people out there who have very big dreams for me that i dare not dream for myself. it made me realise that i am actually quite capable of all this beauty queen shit. hahah...

i celebrated my 21st BIG. because i've awesome friends. as someone who enjoys playing a prnak or two, throwing surprises here n there, i was very much pleasantly surprised come May 11th 2007. it was memorable. truly memorable.

i am officially a TRIATHLETE. olympic distance completed. boo-yah!

i organized a national convention. which was a feat i never knew i was capable of carrying out. but now i can go "NatCon? heh. been there done that. :)" hahaha....

i ran 21 km in under 2 hours. i still remember how euphoric i was that moment i crossed the finishing line in PJ. best part is i went there with zero expectations. there wasn't like a 6 month long training program to achieve this target. i just went and managed to. :) and just so you know it doesn't end here. 2008 would see more PBs broken. i'll make sure of that.

i wore an RM800 dress, rode a limo and came on national TV!! i also fell on stage on national TV live, but even that's worth remembering. The Ultimate Prom Nite was also something i never imagined myself being a part of in a million years to come. It was certainly an experience. One i'll be telling my kids about.

i appeared in magazines and newspaper articles. not as some random onlooker but i was actually a featured person! :)

i met you. just when i thought things could not get any better. looks like the best just got started. :)

so u see, resolutions does not necessarily mean i'd achieve more. to me, resolutions limit the possibilities of achieving things you never even dream of achieving. whoever begs to differ, talk to me again in exactly a year's time. we'll compare just how much we have both achieved. :)

Happy New Year everyone!
have an awesome 2008!