Sunday, January 27, 2008

what's been up

Now life's a little less hectic in the office. no more hustling and bustling around, fighting for the phone line or for the computer. Everyone goes out for lunch now so i don't have to try and starve myself to appear just as hardworking. And 6 pm is the latest i'll ever stay in the office. Life's been quite alright. Life's actually been quite fun in the office because my colleagues are fun people (And i say this not because i know ur reading this Jeffrey, u are nice. Just in case u pop by here again). But i dread going to work nonetheless because i don't enjoy working in general. I feel so bound, my wings clipped, my legs tied. I yearn for my freedom again. which will be coming soon. Thursday's my last day! i'm really counting down the hours.

dunno how am i to survive working next time man....

In terms of running, i've done zero since 30km a week ago. That is if you don't want to count the 6 flights of stairs i run up n down everyday to work. Or the short 200m distance i walk to and from my car to work. Or the, now, once a week sweeping and mopping i help my mum with. yea, i haven't been doing anything at all.

In terms of cycling, i went this morning with Andy, Sue and Chiat. We rode from Mariott Putrajaya to cyberjaya, and around the vicinity. All in all we rode 40 km. which i had to whine about for a bit because i was extremely sleepy. and the weather was scorching hot.

In terms of swimming, well...let's not even go there.

Time with friends are limited now that work takes up 60% of my daily free hours. I managed to hang out with some of them over the weekend and public holidays. but it's hard because i still have the same number of friends from different clicks that i want to hang out with, but i don't have the same amount of time.
Anyway, my day out with Julie was good. caught up with a lot of stuff. Which was good. coz i missed her. like a lot. :)
Was at Pei Jien's one of the nights when i was free. That was good too. I miss all their crazy antics.

And I've had a generous amount of Dennis time. Yes, lucky me. :) we went cycling today! coz i was in the mood for it. and coz i have 2 bikes at home. and coz...well, it just seemed pretty darn romantic to me to go cycling together. and it was extremely fun! haha...

we cycled from home to around home, then to ss19. dropped by a few friends' homes to pay them a visit but only 1 came out to greet us.

either way ss19 is a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous place to cycle. lovely houses, tall towering trees, uphills and downhills. LOVED it. :)

So yes. Updates on me life. Brought to you by Blogger. :)


Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Totally agree on the SS19 review. My old turf, it's fantabulous.

U should check out Putra Heights some time too.

galnexdor said...


oh putra heights? hmm maybe i would...we'll just drive there n go cycling! ah the romantic-ness! hahaha

sean said...

how do i get hold of you when i get to perth?

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it... I mean, I'd love to make you cum

Tisha said...

U didn't visit me oso ;p