Thursday, March 31, 2005

* hustle for me hustle *

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This does not happen very often. You don't see all 6 of us...together. At least, not in a very long time. Yesterday marked the day the year 2000 champs of Malaysia group gymnasts of selangor gathered together as a whole again! i don't mean to brag was sooo cool! we've had gatherings all these while and it has always left me in stitches by laughing but one or two of us was always missing. but last night was great. we had the Haagen Daas ice cream buffet which i'm actually quite disappointed with myself since i only ate 4 scoops and did not make my 39 bucks worth it...but hu cares...had fun! =)

then we watched Miss Congeniality 2 : Armed and Fabulous. That was so funny! i laughed like crazy in the cinema. I half expected it to be bad actually. don't know why. The phobia i get from watching sequels, they never turn out as well as the first. MC 2 wasn't as good as MC 1 but it was funny enough to compensate that. haha...loved it. =)

after that, staying over in Gene's house. haha it was only Yuh Huey and myself since the rest are non-holidayers. But to make it up to them, we're gonna have another sleepover tomorrow night, which Miss Samantha Tan forced all of us to go and actually do gim at Mrs Khaw's friday night class. Anwyay, guess what we did in Gene's? We watched Beauty and the Beast!! ahahah i LOVE that movie. soooo nice...the funny thing was how the 3 of us were practically reciting the whole movie out! and everytime we do that we end up laughing since we sound like three 8 year old girls. ahhaha and then the usual girl talk till about 7 am where we finally drifted into deep slumber. woke up this morning at abt 1 pm, where we were dragged by Gene's mum to Klang for some really cool branch! ahah had some hokkien food which were absolutely scrumptious! =)

*sigh* stories like this never really run like a bed of roses. on the down side, my powerpoint presentation is still consisting of only 1 slide and i've not a clue how to begin my web site. sigh...reality bites!

MMDS I Results are out. turns out i didn't do all that bad...haha yay me!! =)

Monday, March 28, 2005

* Malakoff Malaysian Duathlon Series I *

It was da bomb!!! seriously...i feel so proud of me-self for completing a full duathlon! Wooohoo~~! Seriously, i could really get used to this whole glamourous sport! It's just waaaay cool cruising down the highway with NO CARS to scare you and ram you down. Going UP wasn't as fun because by the time i reach the top, i was flat out! and i mean myself, not the bike.

running was...well let me put it this way. I run at least 3.6 km a day but 4.8 km on a more regular basis. So a 3 km running leg was like heaven for me! Breeze through only, overtaking one by one. Came in somewhere around the top i think. But then, comes the cyling leg, and all that just fell apart! ahah i was overtaken by about 10 plus if not more! People on mountain bikes were zooming past me faster than my road racer can zoom! I was so tempted to hop off my bike and start jogging next to it. it would be sooo much easier! but i stayed on and kept pedalling as fast as my wobbly legs could go. wasn't too bad. finished in abt 43 minutes (shi wei estimated 25 mins for me...wait till he finds out!). then came the last running leg, also 3 km. Yup, heaven once again. My legs were still a little erm pedal-ly so it's like running with my legs wanting to move up n down in circular movements...haha imagine that! but took no more than 5 minutes for it to go back to normal. overtook 1 maybe 2 others. so yea...definitely not last! hehe

oh and my racing suit! my brother bought me a killer violet racing suit which seemed to turn quite a few heads yesterday! i may not be the best duathlete but i was certainly the most outstanding one! ahah the MC, who was pretty fond of my name since i take part in every freaking race and have been Uncle Peter's kaki since years ago, was like "Hello Karen! I luurvve your suit! Lookin' good!" and she blared it into her mic so that everyone stared and me befor ethe race could even start! Then coming in after my cycling leg she went "and here we have Karen Siah going on her final run! Btw Karen , I lurrvve your new hairstyle!" haha talk about publicity. haha...

anyway, i had loads of fun! I must train up my cycling so that i won't have people overtaking me in the cycling leg next time!! i'm gonna affirm my place in the first leg, so there! ahahha...oh and according to Greg Lyons (this triathlete, hu is a husband of my team mate, and he's into the whole music business, i think he plays the sax...real cool guy!) i should train more at home on a home trainer which i think is like the exercising bike i have at home. it builds good technique and strength...yup...precisely what i need! =)

so i'm gonna prepare myself for Lumut MMDS II. May 15th. I'll go for sprint if they have it again. OR, if i find that i'm up to cycling 60 km, then i shall just do the cycling leg! ahahha...easier said than done...=)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

[ the wrong impression ]

How many of u know that i have a condom keychain on my bag?'s a silly keychain from I Need House, and it's a condom inside a plastic casing which states "Break Glass in Case of Emergency". Kenneth Khaw got it for me on my 18th birthday. i supposed he marked me as "tai koh lui lorrr". haha

anyway, my uncle saw it just now and freaked out! haha he went on n on about how i'm giving guys the wrong impression. i couldn't help but laugh! and i think he got pretty mad at me after that. now he's planning to buy me a gold keychain for my birthday. geez, i wonder what have i done. haha...he keeps asking me to take it off. my aunty (his wife) thinks he's very old-fashioned. she says the school he teaches in have more rural students than the school she teaches in. apparently, she's seen even more creative condom accessories. so, i kindly asked her to stop my uncle from getting me a golden keychain. =)

anyway, my dad didn't allow me to go cycling today. well, actually he didn't allow me to bring my little brother along. i didn't put up a fight or anything, but i was pretty mad inside. why do they have to be so overprotective? i wish they'd just let me be free. it's not like it's that dangerous. i was only gonna bring him to SS18. and he's 11 for God's sake! he's not a little kid anymore. At age 11 I think my parents were pretty lenient with me. I don't get it. i don't think Keith likes being overprotected either. i think he feels he's big enough to take care of his ownself now, and i am with him a 100%. if there's anything in a guy that brings out how man he is it's independence. and my brother's gonna have it.

i grew up never ever having to wait for my parents to pick me up from somewhere. They always make it there at least 5 minutes before. I grew up never having to worry about my transport because they always get it sorted out beforehand. I grew up never having to worry about my 3 main meals coz that's sure to be taken care of. and i hate it! i hate the rigidity, the scheduled life that will most like have nothing go wrong in it. it's just too planned out! and it spoils me. i'm a spoilt pampered kid thanks to them! i can't sit on a bus to places because i don't really know how to check the schedule n stuff. i don't know the number of comfort taxi because i've never called it in my life. i never cycled anywhere for a purpose! and if i did any of the above mentioned, was because it was behind my parents' backs. I hate having to do that. I eventually tell them what happened in the end because i do not like lying. and Pn Yeo is a walking lie detector anyway.

that's one of the reasons why i wanna leave home so badly. my dad says "you have no idea what's installed for you". Yeah! If i did, what's the point in calling it experience?? He says "you think it's all fun fun fun only". Hello?! Do i seem like a 10 year old to you?? i'm almost 19 for God's sake. In countries across the world, people get married at age 19! they probably move out at age 16! yea i bet they do it just for fun!

over the recent years my dad has changed. remember my post about Daddy's Girl? Well i'm daddy's girl no more. My dad has become a mocking, criticising, unsupportive, negative, overprotective father. he mocks everything i wanna do, he claims i'll fail in everything i say i wanna do, and he doesn't let me do a lot of things. if he thinks it's some insane reverse psychology, well it's not. i get super hurt when he says things like that. he puts me down, man. he does. he makes it seem like my big bro's his favourite and my lil bro's his baby. i know there's no favouritism in the house but it seems like it sometimes.

so just like the condom keychain, my dad is getting a wrong impression of me. in his eyes, i'm the playful lil girl who knows nothing about the outside world and is way too immature to understand it anyhow. and if i thought that he'd be the one to understand me in this family, then i've obviously gotten the wrong impression of him either...

[ unwind ]

ok just a brief one. i'm pleased to report my mood status is back to normal. No, Mrs Peters didn't skin me alive. She took note that I was absent for a week and was indeed very helpful. =)

i find Metro librarians so much friendlier than Taylor's. The librarians greet me with a smile and say thank you when i return a book. Stupid indian lady in the Taylor's library wouldn't even look at me, and she would make me wait till she's done processing the book then ask me to put the book on the shelf which is right outside the counter! stupid...

The jog today was great. Thanks Siew Ghee for ajaking me because that gave me a reason to go. haha i'm such a bum these days i need that kind of obligation to make me commit. haha...thanks Julie for temaning. hehe...

Ellaine's taking part in MMDS as well! i'm so doomed! haha...owell, super excited also...wonder if PowerGels are necessary....

kla...gotta work on my powerpoint...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

- waaaaaa! -

i feel like crying. i can't believe just 1 week of lectures can cause such a big gap in my education syllabus. i'm so lost. i can't do the homework i have to complete for tomorrow. i don't even have the text book. i wonder if Mrs Peters will skin me alive coz she does seem rather strict. and i could have gotten the text book and asked Shakti to coach me before tomorrow. curse the procrastinator in me!

IS is drawing creases on my forehead too. there's so much to do! thank God next week's a holiday. i'll have one week to finish up all my work. i can only hope that i'm focused and disciplined enough to do so. what with yuh huey and gene being around, and reuniting the RSGs finally. sigh...i really need to get myself to focus.

it's 12.45 am and i can't sleep. slept too long in the afternoon after Ju left. geez...why do i have not a tinge of will power in me to do the things i wanna do in order to achieve??

my Malakoff sprint is this sunday. i know i'm like a first timer, and i shouldn't expect much out of it. but there is this fear in me somehow. i wonder if i'll be the last to come in. i wonder if i'll have a hard time cycling that 15 k. i wonder if i'll still be able to feel my legs after the cycling leg, and complete that another 3 k of running? i wonder if i'll ever be a duathlete?? let a lone a triathlete? i wonder if i'll ever succeed!!?

stress building up. my alter ego is screaming inside my head "u should not have gone to Perth!". yup...regret. regret that i went to Perth, and now suffer the consequences. in fact, regret that i ever got into business at all! why am i in business?? i know this is digging up old arguments but i'm sorry. i just can't find it in me, to accept myself in a commerce stream. i can't. now it's not so much about looking down on the course. it's more of me not being able to achieve my chase my passion.

passion...such a strong word. i wonder if i ever meant it. like my dad has always mocked me. i just don't have that in depth feeling in me. feelings that rush in and out of my soul just never quite stay. don't ask me why. i'm...flighty? i used to use that word to describe others. never though i'd describe myself with it. maybe my parents are right. i need to grow up.

no wonder my love life's a wreck. i'm just too immature. guys don't take me seriously. or is it vice versa? i think every bit of my character, every action i take, every word i utter all adds up to me. why why why?? why am i born with such absent-mindedness...such attention deficit? maybe i really do have ADHS (Attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome). My mum believes i do. She actually thinks i need counselling. *heavy sigh*

what am i crapping. i'm just stressed. think it's coz i've always tried to prove to my parents that i'm not a lousy dimwit. i see myself as something not-quite-there. so taking on the commerce course isn't just for the sake of getting a degree in the field they want. it's as if to say "fine, throw me into a course and i'll do well for your eyes to see!". and i guess that was a rash, unreasonable decision. i was so tired of arguing with them about what i want and what they want that i just gave in. so here i am, stuck in commerce, and i'm not enjoying it one bit. oh except for meeting Shakti la. she's a great pal. but the subjects? my mum used to say u either swim or sink. oh i'm swimmin' all right. but i'm gasping for air. i'm trying to grasp something to rest and lift my head above the water but there's nothing for me to grasp. so i'm stressed up. i've got loads of work to do.

and after all this ranting, the amount of work still did not diminish. ok time to start setting reasonable goals.
Short term goal: reach Metro at 8.30 am tomorrow to borrow Accounting text book and look through tutorial questions.
Mid term goal: complete IS assignments within the one week holiday.
Long term goal: pass all subjects and willingly move into second sem with arms wide open.

way to go Karen! roar roar roar!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

[ an answered prayer ]

"Mr palaya is absent today"

hahah...that was the most melodious sentence i've heard all week! ahhaha class cancelled...LAW class cancelled! woohoo~!

hehe...they were selling Girodano stuff at cheap prices in Metro just now. That's one thing cool about college life. They've got all these promotional stuff that happens. haha very tempted to buy some, but i held back. No good spending so much money. haha...

they also had this Nike Ladies Night Out thing at Zouk KL this sat. Everything's free, including drinks. so without much thinking, i just registered for it. I highly doubt my mum will allow it though. But IF she allows, then this is the opportunity i've been waiting for! ahha yes, i, Karen Siah, 18 years and10 months have not been clubbing before. And my ticket allows 2 entries so..woohoo~! Ju...dun turn your back on me now...=)

and one more thing. I met Ng Yi Wen today. She's in my Law Tutorial. not exactly 'met' met her, since by 'meeting' you actually greet and all. I just saw her and thought she really looked like Yi Wen. Then when class was cancelled i saw her registering for the Zouk thingy as well. So i saw her name. Ng yi wen. haha still didn't say hi n all since i think she doesn't remember me no more...=)

anyway, finally got the kerajinan to upload all the pics into Shutterfly. So enjoy! ::Perth::

Monday, March 21, 2005

[ p e r t h ]

i miss perth.

i can't believe the long awaited trip to Perth is now over and gone with the wind! *stomps feet* i wanna migrate to Perth! I really love the lifestyle there man. I know it's super boring n all...and some of you will be like "You haven't seen Melbourne/Sydney yet!" but I don't have to. Perth's fine with me...=)

so the journey started on Wednesday, 9th March. Left in the afternoon, skipped Law lecture *yay*....=) Main reason of travel? This:

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Big bro was graduating! haha he looked pretty darn smart in that robe. Too bad he wasn't allowed to wear the mortar board. Apparently degree holders aren't fit too wear 'em. Heck! Even if you are an honours graduate you still don't get to wear 'em. It takes a person with Masters qualification to get to wear that piece of square board on your head, then shift the lock of strings from your right to your left as you shake hands with the Chancellor. I suppose that's what they call priceless moments. haha...

I'm in love with his uni too! it's huge! It's landscaping is...well like it was right out of a picture! soo darn nice! Huge trees everywhere, perfectly maintained grass fields that spreads far and wide. The buildings are majestic if i should say so myself! It's just such a breathtaking sight!

My dad rented a Hyundai Elantra and we went ridin' all over Perth and down south. First we were at Busselton where we walked along the Busselton Jetty. That was about 3 km long. The wind was uber strong and it was just magnificent watching the sunset along the horizons of the literally blue sea. We took a train down the next day along the Busselton Jetty again and went into the Underwater Observatory which was very educational i guess. haha enjoyed it...=)

Went to Magaret River as well and was surprised to see a little creek they had the pride to call a river. haha had some nice fast food at Chooks which is like KFC but nicer hehe...went into NgILGI Cave which i think had the best stalagtites and stalagmites and many other stuff. the ceiling of the cave was so full of those pointy stuff that they told us to lie flat on the ground and look up, and you know what? it had the effect of a starry night! no kidding! and as they say it, it had very good acoustics too! ahah i was singing together with some ang mohs inside that cave! haha

Also drove to Albany which was a super long drive. My poor dad had to stay awake with a whole pack of Ricola sugar free mints while all of us took turns sleeping and entertaining him. hehe...Driving down a country road is soo cool. We passed by acres and acres of farmland, with cows, sheep, deers, horses galore! Albany was just lovely. The weather was really cool! It was about 15 degrees? but the wind was darn strong so it felt like i was gonna freeze! We stayed in this cottage, which i think is privately owned, and it was the best accomodation i ever lived in! It had 3 rooms, all very neatly furnished! It's over a hundred years old too! haha i had a slight eerie feeling about it at night though. But anyway, it was really cool since we had the whole cottage to ourselves and the kitchen was fully equipped so my mum whipped up quite a satisfying dinner! haha not to mention there was PS2 which came along with a stack of DVDs...haha

we also went on some canopy walks, which they call tree top walk, but i'm proud to say that the one in Kota Kinabalu is better by far! hehe

We headed to Denmark where we saw gigantic windmills! There were 12 of them altogether and, from a far distance, they were just so serene and tranquil to look at, but once we got upclose they were HUGE! the sight of it scared me too coz the mills looked like sharp fingers of martians from another planet and it made the freakiest sounds with the wind! Then as we headed to Walpole we stopped by The Gap and The Natural Bridge. These 2 really are just geographical features and basically goes by their own names. The Gap was a trench with 2 rocky walls and in the "valley" we could see water gushing in and out. The Natural Bridge was just as cool, with a rock structure that's like a bridge, water gushing beneath it.

The funniest was The Blowholes which was another stop before Walpole. Also a geographical feature when there is a slight gap between 2 rock walls, probably 20 cm in width. As waves slam on the bottom of the rocks it has no where to go but to go up through this gap. So this causes waves (if the tide is high enough) to splash through the gap, or wind (if there's a low tide). But in both cases, the sound is comparable with a lion's roar. Serious! So i was filming it with my video cam and all of a sudden this super huge gust of wind blew up in my face! i ran helter skelter, tumbling over my own feet as i tried to get away from those blowholes! And as u guessed, the camera was rolling! ahah the video was hilarious! haha hey the sound was thunderous ok! my dad almost tripped himself!

In Pemberton, we went to this gigantic tree, The Glaucestor Tree. It's 61 m in height and firemen used to use it to watch out for bushfire. Now it has become a tourist attraction and they fixed some big nail-looking things to act as a ladder where people can climb all the way up. It was then that my dad admitted he has height fright, as do my little brother. hehe so I was the only one to reach the top! the sight was magnificent! If only i could climb with my video cam! haha though i have to admit, i was kinda jittery as i go higher n higher. And believe me when i say descending is much harder than going up. =)

Back at Perth, in the last few days before i left, i called up Hsueh Yie n Chung Yeung...or should i say Mandy n Josh. haha good to see a familiar face all the way in the land down under! haha They brought my out for lunch, Josh drove. We had vietnamese and it was on Josh! haha nice fella...Then Mandy and I went shopping around in the city, coz Josh had to get to work. i didn't buy anything since i already bought several stuff before with my mum. Mandy was on a shopping spree though to get gifts for her friends which i offered to pass to the. She's so sweet la...buying her friends gifts on no special occassion. We were in this shop, where she asked my opinion about something, apparently for Emily. Then she asked me to try it on. And the next thing i knew she bought it for me! I was speechless and downright shy wei! haha...the next time i go there i'll belanja her Gelare! We went to visit Josh at Mckkers (which is McDs) and guess what? Our friend Chung Yeung, the guy who sleeps in class every day, the playful chap i knew from sec school was Manager of that branch! No kidding! haha not bad ey?

so yea...that pretty much wraps up my Perth Escapade. And i'm missing Perth right now. I love that place! I can give u 10 reasons why i'm considering permanent residency there:

1. the weather rocks! low humidity makes walking around so much more pleasant!
2. the bike lanes! You have GOT to love those bike lanes! the pavements, the bike parking and all...who wouldn't wanna cycle? It's WAY cheaper than driving and definitely more fun!
3. the scenary is just great. and i'm saying this not just coz i'm a visitor. seriously, it just rocks!
4. the public toilets are super clean! it's true! every single toilet i went into, be it in the shopping complex, or in a farm, or a restaurant or anywhere at all, every single toilet has toilet paper, is 100% clean and the flush works! now why can't Malasian public toilets be like that?
5. the people there are super friendly! you can say hello to ANYBODY on the street and you're sure to get a smile and a warm greeting in return. They just do that...the whole "hey, how you going?" thing. I love it! i know there are cases of anti-asianness but we're second class citizens here also if you get what i mean, so what's the diff! at least there it's not a legislation for university entrances n such. (no offense...just the naked truth)
6. the trusting society. like my bro said, they're not out to cheat on you. they trust you. we don't have them grabbing all the free sugar packs from a restaurant, or taking stuff that are priced less by mistake, or whatever. they just don't have that kiasuness! I love that too! there was this incident in Crazy Clarks, where my mum took a shirt from a rack that says $2 but when the cashier scanned it, it was $9 and so my mum was a bit surprised and explained where she got it from. Now if this were to happen in Giant, i'll tell u what will happen. The cashier will walkie-talkie to some advisor, or shout over the counter to the next cashier, and enquire about the truths and they will wait n wait, delaying everyone in queue till they get to know the actual price and charge you for it. In Crazy Clarks, that guy just - $9 and +$2. simple as that. problem solved! so nice!! and he gave me free Minties! haha
7. the respect they give to pedestrians, i tell u! cars stop for you. You don't get that in Malaysia, u either wait for a clear coast or be run over to death.
8. the respect they give to each other as drivers. driving in perth is such a joy, no rushing into junctions, no honking, no speeding. they simply...give way!
9. working there reaps rewards! an apple picker working part time there can earn just as much as an accountant here, if not more.
10. chocolates there taste a gazillion times better! haha...don't tell me this isn't a good enough reason!!

though there are some drawbacks about perth. some things which i definitely don't miss:

1. the water is salty. i don't know why. their water is just plain salty. my bro says it's coz of its iodin content. Iodin? why iodin?
2. the exchange rate. nuff said.
3......there's no number 3!!

i wanna stay, live, reside in perth!

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

- the return -

I'm home!!! haha...back from the city that sleeps at 8 pm and rises and shines at 7 am!! hehe...there's LOADS i wanna yak about but...

1. i'm tired. gotten used to the whole sleep at 10.30 wake up at 7 routine...not to mention i woke up at 5 this morning to catch the flight.

2. i need to get my big, fat, round arse up and go work out tomorrow. i can feel the Arnott's Tim Tam all over me!

3. i probably won't do number 2 considering it's already midnight, and Julie just messaged me, so i'm gonna go catch a few heys with her then i'm off to bed...

4. number 3 wasn't a good enough reason...

hehe...bottomline...will get u the full cover story tomorrow...or..when i'm willing to do it...which is probably not anytime soon since i've got loads of college work to catch up on...and by the time i settle down to type my Journey to Perth i'd have better things to report...hahah sue me...:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

in perth...lovin' it....

hello!!! happen to have a free internet service in this apartment...I'm staying in Brownelea...actually checking out adi...heading to Albany today...approximately 5-6 hours drive! whoa! haha...

anyway, Jeslyn called me yesterday....was quite a surprise...hehe told me she jus got back from work...well, i'm gonna do the same when i'm here....

i soooooooooo wanna come here!!

haha okla...gtg...mum n dad is done chatting with the Malaysian hotel owner....haha Asians alike...


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

* bundles of joy *

notice how i blog in bulk these days? well, guess it's coz i retire early for the night. nope, not coz i've been working out (though i very well shoud be). but coz i've been replacing my missed lectures so i've been having very lecture-packed days which knocks me out at night at like 11 plus? uhuh...seriously, i could run 15 km without breaking a sweat (figuratively speaking) but give me more than 3 hours of lectures straight and i go crawling into bed waaaaaay before my bedtime. =)

anyway, what have i to report? Oh yea...Sepet. Nice show. wouldn't say it's superb coz of a few flaws, but wouldn't say it's a flop either coz of several factors. Shall i start with the flaws or the factors? hehe...okla the flaws. (1) Malaysia has a lot to learn about movie production. i mean, if they wanna be at par with international standards, they've gotta learn to film a movie more professionally. like the camera which doesn't move, quote unquote Julie. and the effects and all. not impressive enough. (2) I find their lines a bit cheesy at times. Scriptwriter needs to improve. Now for the good stuff:
(1) the actor's cute. haha...i really really think he resembles Shi Wei. =)
(2) the storyline is catchy. u noe, the whole inter-racial integration thing. and the gangsterism and all...u know...the works. =)
(3) the many languages. gives it a very Malaysian touch. however, that only means that this show can only be enjoyed by us Malaysians, doubt the foreigners appreciate it.

i'm joining the Sprint Event this coming MMDS I. that's a 5km run / 20 km bike / 5 km run. Not sure how i'm gonna manage but i can and i will! looking forward to be among the duathletes! I can finally say "i'm a duathlete!" without having to explain that i only do the relay and all that crap! ahah yay me! =)

the blind leading the blind walk was pretty fun. hehe surprised to have 10 Leos participating from TC Leo. =) there's a reason why i enjoy Leo so much. it's the whole togetherness that comes from being in the same club, supporting each other and all. it's like u have a family there. a family of fun-seeking lion cubs! hahaha
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Image hosted by

Law is one hell of an interesting subject! haha though interesting would also mean complicated and confusing. in other words, i can't just sleep it off! haha hardest, but yet, a real eye openner. Economics on the other hand, is getting more n more confusing, and more n more unlikeable. Information systems is pretty much like how english was like in school. i love it. the subject for me to score (hopefully). plus, it's super fun, making websites for my ficticious business, making ads yadda yadda....Accounting has yet to attract me like how it used to in high school. It's now very theoretical and i'm not enjoying it so far....

here's going out to Elaine Yu:

Happy Belated Birthday, Gurl!! missing ya loads...hope ure doing great there...and i can't wait to see ya again! =)Image hosted by

and here's going out to this day's birthday baby!

Happy Birthday Weng Lum!! ure the best! may this 18th year bring u, better hair days, a casting session, more beyonce hits, next season of wade robson, and the best A levels results! =)Image hosted by

I'm going to perth tomorrow! Leaving in the evening! So, i won't be back till 19th March, Saturday. yupyup, don't miss me while i'm gone! =)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

* what?!?!? *

"all these girls used to be quite soft last all toughen up already"

what!??! he is not gonna take credit for "toughenning" me up. was i soft? i hope not...aiyo...why he say until like that!??! haha anyway, doesn't long as i'm not soft now.

i'm going for this Leo Project tomorrow. The bling leading the blind walk. It's really fun. went with Jackie last time and it seriously taught me to appreciate my vision so much more. haha...But i'm sacrificing my KL international marathon. nvmla, don't think i'm up to it also. training also haven't been consistent. sigh...i'm such a schlump.

was out with Lyn jus now. so glad to see her again. was nice catching up on everything. her orientation sounded really nice. =)

okla...gtg liao...besok bangun awal. byeee!!

* a whole new world *

unbelievable skies...
indescribable feelings...

going for Disney On Ice Princess Classics was like entering the 1980's again...which is...of childhood times. I love Disney. Disney had filled me with so much magic that it is more than i could dream of! I don't know why but Disney movies have this captivating sense of warmth whenever i watch it. It is like their stories are so typically fairytale-like that i just let myself believe in all things magical in this world.

Genie of the lamp and his dancers - Aladdin as Prince Ali, descending from his elephant

Under the sea (dance intro) - 7 little dwarfs

now that i think of it, i wonder if that is such a good thing after all. i mean, disney has made me dream. i dream of all sorts of things that could possibly happen in my life and eventhough i know it's possibly never gonna come true, i dream on anyway. it's like it gives me a sense of security somehow. can't explain that. ask a child psychologist. and disney has made me love. i have many times fallen in love, and though the periods may seem short at times, when it happens, i swear i love with all my heart. now tell me you don't dream of a prince charming, or a beautiful princess!? haha...

owell, i just love it so much. it's an...well....indescribable feeling...i may not be that girly girl, i may seem all i-hate-pink-kinda-girl but i do love princes and princesses and fairy god mothers. and when every prince in that skating rink lifted up their princesses with strong firm arms, i love princes more than anything in the world! haha it's just all so...romantic...the sweet embrace of love.

yes i'm actually into mushy takl right now so bear with me...hehe...

i think i wasn't the only person who knew it was gonna be magical. some guy actually thought of proposing to his girlfriend in public during that night. he was making this speech, all spotlights were on him, and i think his girlfriend was super freaked out. haha he must've done some real plannign because Cinderella's Palace guards came with a bouquet of flowers and the wedding ring (placed on the royal cushion on which her shoe was placed). Anyway, he went down on his knees and proposed to her. he said something like "Mary would you be my princess, and marry me?" I think she was speechless. so voices were heard from the audience "Say Yes!!" and soon more n more voices came and she finally giggled into the mic "yes!". haha such a sweet thing. I tell you that couple got more spotlight and applause than the Prime Minister, who was there, himself! haha..

the public proposal...

yup...that was one magical night. I'm almost 19 years old and i'm proud to say that i'm still very much a believer of Disney. And that my favourite is Beauty and the Beast. =)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

* d r e a m *

tapi sayang...hanyalah impian...
bulan tak bisa turun di taman...
dan bila mentari datang...
pulanglah segala kenyataan...

that girl knew what it takes
that girl knew how it's done
she knew what she has to do
she knew how she was to pull through
and that girl had already begun

she started out just fine
everyone said she was doing great
people supported her
people made her go further
but that girl clashed with fate

that girl had a dream to fulfill
she had planned it since she was child
she envisioned herself touching the sky
she somehow knew she'd reach so high
she knew how to let her imaginations wild

that girl's friends knew she would make it
they knew she'd get there one day
her teachers molded her well
she was real fine, they could tell
but that girl's parents wanted it another way

that girl had it good for a while
inside of her, she had the drive
she had the power to keep on going
she had the the strength to keep pushing
but her heart failed to strive

her heart heard what her parents had said
how they've always put her down
so even when she gained success
even when she earned no less
her parents had no smiles, only frowns

that girl had a dream in sight
to save the children and light up their days
and that day she had it all
but she had to take that fall
and that day took her live away

i don't know what conspired such a sad poem...i'm not sad today...not at all. It's just an idea...maybe something gotta do with Bing asking me to be a little more serious in my poems...but yea...don't know why it came out like this. :) anyway, hope it was meaningful...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

[ f r i e n d ]

You know how there's always one person either in school or in your class that's a loner? He/she will always be sitting alone. come super early class and choose a front seat. sit alone. everyone else that comes in later will sit at an alternate seat from him/her. then right after class that person will leave immediately and nobody knows where he/she goes? everyone assumes he/she goes home? Well, i was that person since metro started. uhuh...i was friend-less!

but not anymore! I made a friend yesterday! haha Her name's Shakti. She's quite cool, we both did SAM, but she was in humanities, i was in science. Stays in SS14. From Seremban. Anyway, i'm just glad that i made a friend. =)

oh and yesterday was Clubs and Societies' Day. and i saw Yoon Han at the badminton Club stall. I saw Wuen Yar at the Foosball Club stall. Yup, they have a foosball club. I signed up for the CSO (curtin student org), the Thespians (drama n performing arts) and Circle K (Kiwanis charity club). yup...then i asked the sports coordinator, Michael, about MAPCU. Asked about road relay and his eyes grew wide! haha he was like "yes i found my 4th runner~!" hehe what a pleasant surprise! he showed me who the other 3 girls are and we're a team now! ahhaha 4 running gurls to represent Metro! not only that, I plan to start an Athletics Club and these 3 are gonna help me out! See...common interest does the trick! =)

yup, so i'm super happy. super super happy. =)