Monday, March 28, 2005

* Malakoff Malaysian Duathlon Series I *

It was da bomb!!! seriously...i feel so proud of me-self for completing a full duathlon! Wooohoo~~! Seriously, i could really get used to this whole glamourous sport! It's just waaaay cool cruising down the highway with NO CARS to scare you and ram you down. Going UP wasn't as fun because by the time i reach the top, i was flat out! and i mean myself, not the bike.

running was...well let me put it this way. I run at least 3.6 km a day but 4.8 km on a more regular basis. So a 3 km running leg was like heaven for me! Breeze through only, overtaking one by one. Came in somewhere around the top i think. But then, comes the cyling leg, and all that just fell apart! ahah i was overtaken by about 10 plus if not more! People on mountain bikes were zooming past me faster than my road racer can zoom! I was so tempted to hop off my bike and start jogging next to it. it would be sooo much easier! but i stayed on and kept pedalling as fast as my wobbly legs could go. wasn't too bad. finished in abt 43 minutes (shi wei estimated 25 mins for me...wait till he finds out!). then came the last running leg, also 3 km. Yup, heaven once again. My legs were still a little erm pedal-ly so it's like running with my legs wanting to move up n down in circular movements...haha imagine that! but took no more than 5 minutes for it to go back to normal. overtook 1 maybe 2 others. so yea...definitely not last! hehe

oh and my racing suit! my brother bought me a killer violet racing suit which seemed to turn quite a few heads yesterday! i may not be the best duathlete but i was certainly the most outstanding one! ahah the MC, who was pretty fond of my name since i take part in every freaking race and have been Uncle Peter's kaki since years ago, was like "Hello Karen! I luurvve your suit! Lookin' good!" and she blared it into her mic so that everyone stared and me befor ethe race could even start! Then coming in after my cycling leg she went "and here we have Karen Siah going on her final run! Btw Karen , I lurrvve your new hairstyle!" haha talk about publicity. haha...

anyway, i had loads of fun! I must train up my cycling so that i won't have people overtaking me in the cycling leg next time!! i'm gonna affirm my place in the first leg, so there! ahahha...oh and according to Greg Lyons (this triathlete, hu is a husband of my team mate, and he's into the whole music business, i think he plays the sax...real cool guy!) i should train more at home on a home trainer which i think is like the exercising bike i have at home. it builds good technique and strength...yup...precisely what i need! =)

so i'm gonna prepare myself for Lumut MMDS II. May 15th. I'll go for sprint if they have it again. OR, if i find that i'm up to cycling 60 km, then i shall just do the cycling leg! ahahha...easier said than done...=)

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