Saturday, March 05, 2005

* what?!?!? *

"all these girls used to be quite soft last all toughen up already"

what!??! he is not gonna take credit for "toughenning" me up. was i soft? i hope not...aiyo...why he say until like that!??! haha anyway, doesn't long as i'm not soft now.

i'm going for this Leo Project tomorrow. The bling leading the blind walk. It's really fun. went with Jackie last time and it seriously taught me to appreciate my vision so much more. haha...But i'm sacrificing my KL international marathon. nvmla, don't think i'm up to it also. training also haven't been consistent. sigh...i'm such a schlump.

was out with Lyn jus now. so glad to see her again. was nice catching up on everything. her orientation sounded really nice. =)

okla...gtg liao...besok bangun awal. byeee!!

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