Wednesday, March 02, 2005

[ f r i e n d ]

You know how there's always one person either in school or in your class that's a loner? He/she will always be sitting alone. come super early class and choose a front seat. sit alone. everyone else that comes in later will sit at an alternate seat from him/her. then right after class that person will leave immediately and nobody knows where he/she goes? everyone assumes he/she goes home? Well, i was that person since metro started. uhuh...i was friend-less!

but not anymore! I made a friend yesterday! haha Her name's Shakti. She's quite cool, we both did SAM, but she was in humanities, i was in science. Stays in SS14. From Seremban. Anyway, i'm just glad that i made a friend. =)

oh and yesterday was Clubs and Societies' Day. and i saw Yoon Han at the badminton Club stall. I saw Wuen Yar at the Foosball Club stall. Yup, they have a foosball club. I signed up for the CSO (curtin student org), the Thespians (drama n performing arts) and Circle K (Kiwanis charity club). yup...then i asked the sports coordinator, Michael, about MAPCU. Asked about road relay and his eyes grew wide! haha he was like "yes i found my 4th runner~!" hehe what a pleasant surprise! he showed me who the other 3 girls are and we're a team now! ahhaha 4 running gurls to represent Metro! not only that, I plan to start an Athletics Club and these 3 are gonna help me out! See...common interest does the trick! =)

yup, so i'm super happy. super super happy. =)

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