Monday, March 29, 2004

* back to college *

The holidays came and went
Tomorrow is back to college
All the work i start to resent
I think it's far too much for my age!

Wondering why the hols didn't last
Complaining that it should've been longer
I then start to review the past
Not too far back, just 1 week earlier

I enjoyed myself truly on saturday
Shopping trips with gurl friends rule!
Something i realised that day
Shirlyn, my best friend, is way cool!

Then there was time spent with my aunt
Although I became her personal chauffeur
I loved hanging out with her for it was fun
She got me a top, that cheesecake baker!

Not forgetting an outing with new pals
My classmates from SAM
Had loads of fun with them as well
Let's not include the traffic jam

Last but not least, Julie's arrival
And muh stud, ol' Fookie
Never felt so happy to see that gurl
And hear the tales Fookie's got for me

So all in all, i enjoyed my holidays
Frankly speaking i could not ask for more
But let's all admit that for today
Last minute work is SUCH A BORE!!!

hahah...hols are over!!! and yes i just finished my homework! Procrastination is muh game!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

* f a t e *

hehe....the person who created Meteor Garden is...undeniably great. That show seriously got me hooked. 3 am in the morning, after watching the last cd of Meteor Garden II, how could i possibly sleep tonight? Watching how Dau Ming Si and San Chai got back together makes me believe in fate. I have always believed in it anyway. I believe there is a someone for each and everyone. I believe that given a billion choices to make in a day...the ones that we can't decide will be the ones we leave to fate. I think fate will play its role flawlessly. For everything that happened, there is a reason to it...which is fate.

When certain things go wrong
Causing all plans to go off track
Everything you've waited for all along
Now seems to turn its back
It's all because of fate...

When things that were supposed to happen
Just did not turn out right
As though it was just to test your reaction
To see if you can look at the bright side
It's all because of fate...

When feelings you least want to feel
Arises at the perfectly wrong time
As though it's not hard enough to deal
With the continuous uphill climb
It's all because of fate...

When tears are threatening to fall
And holding them back is impossible
And you know you can't stand it at all
Knowing clearly it's irreversible
It's all because of fate...

But when you finally find peace
Then you'll appreciate the happiness
You indulge in the feeling of bliss
Set free every ounce of sadness
All because of fate...

So, I think i'm willing to let go. I mean, i'll leave it to fate...if he and i were meant to be together...then in time, we will. If not, fate will bring me the person i was meant to meet....the person i was meant to fall for...the person that was fated to be. I feel a lot happier. I feel a lot more peaceful. But...i wish Meteor Garden never ended....sigh....=)

Saturday, March 20, 2004

~from a distance~

Have you ever locked your eyes
On someone once you've spotted him
And silently wished that the moment
Lasted on like a dream

Have you ever felt as though
The sight of him always catches your eye
No matter how fast you viewed the place
And to figure out his thoughts you try

Have you ever felt that sometimes
You think you see him walking towards you
Only to find out he didn't notice you
Leaving a sense of pain inside you

Have you ever felt that at times
Thousand and one things arise in your mind
Things that you want him to know
Things that you just can't leave behind

Have you ever felt what it was like
To be watching and wishing for an instance
That he would also be in you place
Watching YOU from a distance...

Still liking him here...but dun worry...i'm already avoiding eye contact and coversation. so in due time i will forget him and move on. =)

Thanks for the lovely comment Smile king. ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Going for a walk just now
Giving myself some time
Allowed myself to figure out how
To make a choice this time

I guess it's obvious to everyone
But most importantly to me
That clearly he is not the one
And I'm just hoping aimlessly

Many have told me to move on
Saying that there's others out there
But others respect that i held on
Coz you don't get D one anywhere

It's about time that I decide
If I should just call it quits and leave
Or if I should set aside my pride
And hold strong to what i believe

But thinking about me, myself
How i treat S the same way
I guess i shouldn't trouble myself
Because things will stay just this way

Just like how i want things to stay
Between me and S, just friends
So I guess that's exactly the way
I really should not pretend

But I really think that fate
Should be the true voice
Because when it comes to choosing
Do i really have a choice?

So...peeps! Im moving on! i'll still like him n all. You just don't announce that u dun like someone and call it official. it has to happen naturally. But i'll keep my options open. We'll see....time will tell....

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Still holding on....

How can I let go
When you're still the same person
That brightens my day
And gives life a reason?

How can I move on
When you're still the same guy
Who's friendly personality
And caring nature caught my eye?

How can I forget
That you were that very one
That stood out among the rest
When our friendship just begun?

But how do I hold on
When to you I am not
That one girl you chose
Out of the whole lot?

How do I move one
When forgetting you...i can't
But how do I hold on
When I am not the one...

I still wonder what is it that makes him see me as just a friend. I mean, i believe that there's no specific reason to fall for someone, so there couldn't possibly be any reason why he should fall for me. But just because i believe it...doesn't mean he does too rite? So i'd like to know HIS reason.....