Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Time is ticking by
Still i don't see why
I should be asleep rite now
I dun think i know how

Not with thoughts filling my mind
And when my feelings are this kind
It's getting later as i speak
If my mum knows she'll freak!

But how do i lay to rest
When tonight is jus the best
Everything just seems so free
Thinking has never seem so easy

4.45 am and i don't feel the rush
Peace is what i feel in this silent hush
Slowly but surely, sleepiness takes over
Body getting tired, eyelids moving closer

Finally i retire for the night
Entering dreamworld, where everything's just right...
Today, i just wanna sit back and remember all the times i had in school. All the silly crushes, the stupid pranks n jokes, the stupidest stuff i did, the nice times, the laughter. I think everyone else does to. Whether it's times we had with friends, or times we had with the ppl we care about. Somehow tonight everyone's putting their thoughts into it.

Things we did in the past
Seemed so serious and real then
Now it's just something to laugh at
As we go on with different plans

Everyone has chosen their paths
Some stay close, some far away
I did too, not too long ago
It seems too fast to start on Monday

Although most of my friends are near
And it may seem like we'll stay close
But a different place and different people
Will change my friendship with those

Let alone the ones far away
Whom i will barely get to see
Will we stay close at heart?
Will they remember me?

I feel sad to think that things will change
And it's going to happen fast
I promise to keep in my heart
Things that happened in the past

I just pray everything goes well
Everyone succeeds in what they do
I pray that changes that come are for the better
And memories remain forever true...

Thursday, December 25, 2003


Tonight the stars shone brightly
It's been some time since i saw them that way
Tonight everyone's face was happy
Because today is Christmas day

Tonight certain things became clearer
To the people who made their move
But certain things remained a blur
To the people they were trying to proof

Tonight I find myself thinking
About what i truly feel
Doubt seems to be dominating
Stopping me to feel what's real

I find that sometimes i don't
See you the way i should
Sometimes it seems that i won't
Like you as much as i could

But other times what i see
Is that you're the one
You're someone very true to me
And that I would like you in the longrun

These uncertainties make me worry
That i may choose the wrong way
I hope that when the time comes
I would know what to do...and say.

Friday, December 19, 2003


Prom is over. After all the fuss and talk, it's over. It was the best. It was the nigth where no one was anyone's enemy. Everyone loved everyone and everyone was friends with everyone. And i had the best friends on earth. I'm gonna miss Julie, Shirlyn, Li Hua, Elaine, Pei Jien, Fookie, Han Yang and everyone else like crazy. I've been through so much with them that i don't think i'll ever find any other friend to replace them. But i have to say, tonight was especially special because of my date. And i feel like i didn't show him enough how grateful i am to him for everything. Have the tendency to play it cool like it was all nothing much. But i am on cloud 9 for the things he has done for me and i dunno how to let him know.

4.30 am, I don't feel like sleeping
Feel like dreaming the night away
Tonight's movie is still playing
Tonight was magical i would say

Everything was great, everyone too
It was the best night i've had
One of the best parts was you
I would never had been more glad

I think i owe it all to you
For making this night so memorable
I now thinking it through
What made tonight so magical

I guess tonight i saw a different you
Tonight i realised the one within
Tonight i found that you were true
And i have no idea how to begin

Whatever it is, you were the best
And i cannot thank you enough
You definitely stood out among the rest
Probably even sent form heaven above

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I know that i should be happy
Now that my dreams came true
I know that i wanted this to be
But now that it is, i don't know what to do

I have to shove my responsibilities aside
I have a "duty" to obey
But the feeling that's just not right
Is pushing my friends away

I didn't think of it that way
I didn't know how i could do wrong
I didn't expect that i would betray
My friends all along

I somehow feel guilty
But i can't seem to help it
I'd still like my fantasy
And i'm not giving up any bit

Being selfish seems so wrong
But the rest of it seems great
Where does my part belong
To my friends or to my date?

Monday, December 15, 2003

I have but a thousand emotions now
And i doubt that i can sleep tonight
Everything that i had hoped for
Is now turning out right

I'd always thought of this
As a story from a book
The image of the perfect prom
Always gets me hooked

Now that the fantasy is coming true
I'd never believe that it would
I got myself a date to the prom
And it's you, just like it should!

I can't explain how i feel right now
Happy is definitely right
But somewhere between those emotions
Is a little bit of fright

I guess i just want things
To turn out like the best
So i'm praying that we'll both have fun
Just like all the rest

Sunday, December 14, 2003

I pass my undang!! yay! haha...but darn low man my marks. like 43/50. That's like pass by 1 mark. haha...oh well...
Here's today's poem.

Once again i start to feel
That i'm missing out on something
I have this sense of loneliness
As though something is missing

It hurts to know that everyone else
Have what I don't have
It hurts to know that right now
I'm the one who's left

Happiness comes when i see them happy
Jealousy seeps in bit by bit
Emptiness comes right after that
Loneliness follows behind it

This feeling i have felt before
Far too often i find
Each time it happens I'd make a vowe
And keep it in my mind

I vowe to face it with courage
And wait for my time patiently
I vowe to cherish the next time
Someone chooses me

Saturday, December 13, 2003

the past 2 poems are kinda lovey dovey....but i have to admit i'm in that mood. Blame the recipient of these poems. Not like i'll ever send it to him. =) Anyway, here's tonight's lovey dovey poem.

6 days from now, i wonder
What might actually happen
Would any surprises spring up
Would it be the night of heaven?

Would prom be all i fantasized
Would my dreams all come true
Would it be like the ones i read about
Would it be a tale of me and you

If something does happen that night
How would my reactions be
Would i continue to avoid your gaze
Would i react suitably

Would i answer you with a yes
Would i actually make your day
Would that night be the best
That i would remember all you say

Or would that night be like any other
And how it started was exactly how it ends
And we would walk away that night
As nothing more than friends

Thursday, December 11, 2003

What does it take?

Everyday before i sleep
I'd start to think and wonder
And as long as i can stare into space
I'll never get an answer

What does it take to win somone
What exactly do they look for
Is the look all that matters for now
Doesn't anybody go for more

I would wonder which category i come under
For i'm neither very smart nor pretty
I wonder if my personality counts
As someone satisfactory

I wonder what does he see
Everytime his eyes meet mine
I wonder what does he think
Every thought that goes through his mind

I wonder if what i used to believe
Is really what is true
That there's someone out there
For each and every one of you

That i can win the heart of anyone
Just by being me
I wonder what does it take
Just to be truly happy

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Since yesterday i was so dead tired...i couldn't type one poem in here. Seem to be getting tired very easily these days. But when i went off, i found that i needed to release a bit of emotion. So i wrote in my journal instead. Well, guess i would paste it here now.

The clock reads 3.30 am, and i'm sitting here,
Pondering on what just happened today,
Growing in me is a little fear,
The fear of the truth i would have to say.

I have a feeling that i am caught,
I find that i am falling deeper,
The one thing that i cannot seem to sought,
Is whether or not it is starting over.

Today i felt the tingling sensation,
The whole electric jolt down my spine,
I felt the difficulty in contact and conversation,
And i know exactly what's in my mind.

I like you again. Yes once again.
Can't stop thinking about you
I seem to find that there's a strain
Lost again, i don't know what to do...

Hey peeps...ok this is actually the 2nd time i'm starting up a blog. I tried doing one this evening but it didn't turn out nice. So screw that.

This blog is for my poems. haha guess it'll be a bit different from other online journals. I wanna brush up my poetry skills also so i'll be writing a poem each night (hopefully i'll carry on). for tonight, it'll be a poem in the past. This goes out to all muh brothas and sistas!

Don't Need The Sun To Shine

Looking back through the years
All the memories that we shared
The laughter and the tears
Is far beyond compare

Don't need a big red rose
Sent to me on Valentine's Day
Just need a little dose
Of your warmth to light up my day

Don't need heaps of presents
Just to make me laugh
Your smile is the perfect medicine
And that is enough

Don't need the birds to sing
For luck to come my way
Just need the joy you bring
And the cheerful words you say

Don't need the sun to shine
To remind me how true
The friendship behind
Me and all of you...

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Who's Karen?


I am a girl. From Malaysia. Currently 24 years of age. Studying in Auckland University. Doing a bachelor's degree in Sport & Exercise Science. Has daddy and mummy and 2 brothers who are psychopathic athletes. :)

Was a rhythmic gymnast, now I take pleasure in running 42 kms.

Loves the great outdoors. Loves music and musicals. Loves lighthearted, warm, comedic, romantic movies. Loves chocolate. Loves cheese. Loves pasta.

Hates lizards to no end. Hates fruitcake.

Tends to ramble too much sometimes. Tends to think too much sometimes, and too little other times.

Oh, and she writes poetry. :)