Tuesday, November 29, 2005


alritey people...i know like a billion of you who is yet to reach your charity quota for the year...or rather for your lifetime! Time to do your bit for charity!
looks kinda cool aye? well, these are the t-shirts that my friend Yvonne Foong is selling to raise funds for her surgery. You can read more about this here.

It's only RM30 each. If you buy 2 it's RM50. So you lovebirds out there looking for a couple tee, i'd say look no further! Head on over to InKafe in SS15, Subang Jaya to get a pair for yourselves! Christmas is around the corner, spread some christmas spirit! Be on Santa's Good List this season! hehe....

If you don't have RM30 to spare, well the least you could do is spread the word k? Should i say..."God knows"...? =)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

sneezels bejeezels!

in the midst of all the coughing, and sneezing, and shivering...in the midst of all the lost apetite, and throbbing head, and diminished taste buds...i got to thinking and i am certain that this is by far the worst time to fall sick ever!! 2 things:

1. i wasn't allowed to run! i was grounded to my room by my mum no later than 12 am last night and no earlier than 11 am this morning. sure i felt like crap, but i really wanted to go for the IOI Community run! i was training for it...well, kinda...the point is i was looking forward to running again...*grumbles*

2. i couldn't go take photo in Yvonne's t-shirt! i dreamt about it last night. thinking of all the different poses i'd strike. i even planned what sorta make up i'd put on. and i could've met Kenny Sia! tsk tsk.... what a waste!

anyway, just some photos from yesterday's 1U excursion (Cleo 10 Hour Shopping) with my girlfriends:

rosie-me-lyn (Urban n Co Fitting room)

lyn-me (Urban n Co Fitting room)

rosie + asam laksa + soya cincau

me + pineapple fried rice

lyn + nyonya mee

rosie as Stilla's test specimen

Saturday, November 26, 2005

1U fun!

i like the mothers of the swimmers of Stingray Club. They're such kind and generous people. The dance team i was coaching for the OKH dinner came out 2nd place in the competition. So they got RM200. Being the nice people they are, they decided to split the money into 12 people (including yours truly). so we got about RM17 each. Today they planned to gather at 1 Utama to get buy stuff together. When we met up, Aunty Christine treated us to breakfast at this place called Kluang Station. It's opposite Giant. It's a really cool place. Their curry puffs (pic) rocks! Ah...so nice of her. :)

then, they were having some AXN Kung Fu world thing there. There were these cool people abseiling here and there. They actually had this game whereby, they will belay 2 participants up to the centre, and the 2 will stick as many stickers on each other as possibly, the person who stuck the most stickers on the other wins. It was free, and i was dying to go, but i chose of all days to wear a skirt! aih...i tried to talk my bro into going so i could snap some shots of him but his fear of heights set in even when watching the staff go up. so he bailed. would've been cool tho, if he went. :)

at about 9 pm, Weng Lum called me along to visit Pn Suraya. yay! so at slightly before 10 pm we left for her house in PJS 10. it was nice to see my form teacher again. it was good to have a reminder of the times when life was a whole lot simpler. :)

Mummy's back from Beijing. She reached home at about 2.30 am last night. Keith and I stayed up to greet and welcome her home. And mummy dearest bought us goodies! hahaha...i got 2 pairs of black ankle boots, and a set of costume jewellery (necklace + bracelet). but i think the most amusing thing she brought back were these little feathered shuttle cocks, for lack of a better term, and i was playing with it all night. haha...i have to say though, i totally suck at it. i have bad leg coordination. yup. hence, i say i have no ball sense. it's true! i can't play football, basketball, or any ball games. Heck, ball was my worst apparatus during my gymrama days. which is why i stick to simple, ball-less, running. er...literally ball-less....u get what i mean. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


i'm pissed
i'm mad
i can't believe u did that

i'm furious
i'm angered
why can't u see that it mattered

i'm disappointed
i'm down
but the strength i seek could not be found

i'm sad
i'm hurt
but the feelings i have would always revert

i can't stay mad at you
neither can i stay disappointed
but i am, without a doubt, gonna stay hurt

when i told him how much i liked him, he said things to me that i'll never forget...things that i'll hold so dearly. eventhough, it didn't work out between us. but could i possibly be so dazzled by him that i naively took in every word he said and turned it into my own version? i don't know how much of that he meant. i don't know much of what he thinks of me now. and i have no right to be angry with such trivial issues. but just that one small detail, has made me question all that he said to me that day.

i'll have you

i give up, i give in
there's no one else that's coming in
into my heart, into my head
there's no one else i can relate

i've tried strong, i've tried hard
but everyone, i seem to disregard
i've looked forward, i've looked ahead
but the past still roars in my head

i close my eyes, i clam up to noise
yet your voice comes and gives me no choice
i blur my vision, i try not to hear
yet your face just seems all too clear

so i give up, i give in
there's no one else that i'll bring in
into my heart, into my head
in every case, i'll have you instead

Sunday, November 20, 2005

"me" time overdose

it's good to have "me" times, i've been told. but too much can seriously drive you up the wall. i don't know how spinsters slash bachelors slash widows live...but it sucks when you have nobody to talk to.

My mum's out of town. she's in Beijing with a group of Calamity Janes. haha...i'm so evil...i meant teachers. She left Thursday night. My brother Keith, has a swimming meet that lasts from Friday till Sunday. My dad worked on Friday, and spend the whole of today at the pool with my brother. He'll be doing the same thing tomorrow.

boredem's getting to me. i really don't want to die a spinster....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

where's the Purple Girl?

no doubt i'm no where near the medal tally for triathlons and duathlons...i'm not even among the top half of the triathletes and duathletes. but it's comforting to know that these people know me. haha...

my little brother came home from his OKH swim meet today and told me Joey Chan went for the Titiwangsa Tri. Joey was my swimmer in one of the relays i took part in. an adorable little boy my brother's age. Joey said that the people there were asking "where's the Purple Girl?". so funny...to be known as the Purple Girl...to be known. period. hehe....

it was a pity that i wasn't able to take part in Titiwangsa Tri. i think it's the first time i've skipped a tri ever since i started many years back. Oh...apart from the Kenyir one. :) i love taking part in these races...and some day, i shall be among those up on stage...


i just got a job as a promo girl. it's just a 3-day stint in KLCC from 2-4 December. the cool thing is i get RM120 a day. oh and uniforms are provided. i have to go for wardrobe fitting on Monday, which makes me worry a little, thinking of what sort of "uniform" i'll be donning. ain't no mini lycra skirt is gonna cover my thunder thighs....hehe....


i went for a body fat analysis recently. one of the guys there was Jen Lye, a former schoolmate. when he saw me going in he went "Karen siah? don't need to take la, you're not fat!". He should not have said that. I stepped onto that fat reading machine and i am fat. I have 25.4% body fat when a normal female under 30 years of age should have 22% and below. 25% and above is categorized as "high risk of obesity". i'm on high risk of obesity, people! Keep me away from fatty foods! but i've had chicken rice once, carbonara once and garlic cheese naan once since the test. i think my body fat percentage now has sky rocketed from "high risk of obesity" to just "obese".

Friday, November 18, 2005

Mrs K the love counsellor

Session Start: 17 November 2005
galnexdor (karen@i8that.com)
khawce@hotmail.com (khawce@hotmail.com)

[23:41:29] galnexdor: but i'll be going for OBS again
[23:41:32] galnexdor: 10th - 23rd
[23:41:35] galnexdor: ahhaha
[23:42:02] khawce@hotma: wah as assistant now?
[23:42:08] khawce@hotma: as a job?
[23:42:51] galnexdor: assistant again
[23:42:51] galnexdor: :)

[23:43:11] khawce@hotma: u really like the great outdoors
[23:43:15] khawce@hotma: Id rather not
[23:43:19] galnexdor: ahhaha yeaa...it's so fun
[23:43:22] khawce@hotma: prefer me mod cons
[23:43:23] galnexdor: :)
[23:43:29] galnexdor: aahahah...

[23:43:31] khawce@hotma: flushed toilets, running hot shower
[23:43:39] galnexdor: my family aren't really big on the outdoors also
[23:43:46] khawce@hotma: dats why I left the Girl Guides
[23:43:50] galnexdor: hehe its quite shocking since they're all sports oriented
[23:43:52] khawce@hotma: din like the camping
[23:43:57] galnexdor: they like sports...but not dirt
[23:43:58] galnexdor: ahahah

[23:44:04] khawce@hotma: same here
[23:44:07] galnexdor: ahahha
[23:44:11] galnexdor: i like both...

[23:44:15] khawce@hotma: dats why I got involved in indoor sport
[23:44:34] khawce@hotma: ah well u also have to find BF who also like
[23:46:45] galnexdor: ahahah
[23:46:50] galnexdor: as u can see i'm still looking
[23:47:06] galnexdor: coz apparently guys like them (outdoor freaks) dun like girls alike

[23:48:52] khawce@hotma: ?
[23:49:01] khawce@hotma: mean outdoor guys like indoor girls???
[23:49:13] khawce@hotma: god balances life...hmmm
[23:49:29] galnexdor: yess...its called yin n yang
[23:49:30] galnexdor: :)

[23:49:59] khawce@hotma: maybe so I talk a lot, Mr Khaw quiet
[23:50:06] galnexdor: ahhaha yea...
[23:50:23] khawce@hotma: I artistic, Mr K can't draw a line
[23:50:26] khawce@hotma: hmmm
[23:50:27] galnexdor: so i won't be surprised if i wound up marrying someone dorcile as a lamb
[23:50:27] galnexdor: hehe

[23:50:36] khawce@hotma: heheheh
[23:50:48] khawce@hotma: it CAN be interesting
[23:50:52] galnexdor: it can?
[23:50:53] galnexdor: ahahahha

[23:50:55] khawce@hotma: who wants to compete at home
[23:51:00] khawce@hotma: better be different
[23:51:26] khawce@hotma: I remember reading a study said those who are alike will be more in danger of breaking up cos competing
[23:51:35] khawce@hotma: so an actor should never marry an actress
[23:52:04] galnexdor: ahahahha
[23:52:12] galnexdor: yea...explains why all hollywood marriages didn't last
[23:52:13] galnexdor: haha

[23:52:23] khawce@hotma: so look indoors, girl, for that guy in the horizon
[23:52:36] khawce@hotma: he isn't on the tracks
[23:53:35] galnexdor: ahahhaha....
[23:53:40] galnexdor: advice taken...;)
[23:53:50] galnexdor: i am so saving this conversation
[23:53:57] galnexdor: if things work out i'll recite this at my wedding
[23:54:03] galnexdor: "why we got married"

[23:54:03] khawce@hotma: hahaha for future reference
[23:54:03] galnexdor: ahahahha
[23:54:12] khawce@hotma: oh yeah those wedding slideshows
[23:54:14] khawce@hotma: heheheh
[23:54:17] galnexdor: oh you're invited btw
[23:54:18] galnexdor: :)

*some 17 minutes and many other random topics later...*

[00:09:11] khawce@hotma: right good nite
[00:09:17] khawce@hotma: see u some time
[00:09:29] khawce@hotma: be good and dun 4get to look INDOORS
[00:20:45] galnexdor: gnitee
[00:20:47] galnexdor: right
[00:20:47] galnexdor: :)

see why i like my gim coach so much? how many coaches give you relationship advice? hehe....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


funny how i've envisioned today ever since i got the timetable for this sem's finals, seeing myself beaming with the bliss of liberation, my mind making mental notes of today's, tomorrow's, the day after's plans and that of the many days to come. but now that i'm done with my finals, as in completely done with Year 1...it doesn't feel all that big a deal. sure i'm relieved...but the sweet taste of freedom lasted for only a while...the moment i sat down at the velvet seats of TGV Sunway Pyramid next to Lyn, drousiness took over. i wanted to sleep more than anything in the world. haha...not that the show was boring. it was nice...i liked it.

*i recommend watching Just Like Heaven for all you chick-flick-romantic-comedy suckers out there*

and when night came, i didn't even want to go out for supper. i wanted to eat at home. it's so weird. when i was having my exams, i'd kill to go out but i'd have this guilty consciousness gnawing at the pit of my stomach. now the whole idea of going just seems overrated. haha...

my goodness...this is such a mature, down-to-earth, dull post coming from someone who has just finished her finals! who am i kidding?


and i'm going crazy thinking of all the things i want to do! i want to buy myself stuff, i want to watch movies, i want to go running, i want to go climbing, i want to work, i want to have sleepovers, i want to go mamak-ing, i want to meet up with my friends from the Land Down Under! ;)

13th November 2005
Black Suit's Comin' dance

Sunday, November 13, 2005

to cry when no one's around

i've always tried not to cry
when my tears could be seen by others
so i could avoid the interrogative why
and spare mysef the criticizers

i've always tried not to cry
when there's people around me
so i could avoid the whispering lies
when people predict what happened to me

but try as i might, sometimes i falter
and the brick walls around me seem to crumble
and kind friends come to pick up my shatters
trying their utmost best to be gentle

and though i treasure their concern for me
though i appreciate their act of kindness
i hate myself when my eyes turn puffy
i hate myself when i spell out bitterness

and it is precisely because of that
that it is far worse, i found
to feel the heat radiate from my cheeks
to feel the knot gather in my throat
to feel the tears well up in my eyes
and to shed them when no one's around

online chats are expressionless you say? i beg to differ. i never knew i could be so emotionally affected by just a conversation over the internet with someone who's miles away across the globe. and it had to happen on the night my family decides to go out for dinner and i decide to stay home and study.

i hate crying in public. but i hate crying to myself even more.

i used to think i was so misunderstood. now i think i misunderstand too much.

anyway, it's all over now. i think. the air's clear now. my family is oblivious to my tears. let's keep it that way. on a brighter note, Yvonne seems to think i'm blog-worthy. Thanks Yvonne! I know your blog has tonnes of readers. i already see 5 comments. i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

- facelift -

my house is undergoing massive repainting. like really major change. So much so Roshida drove right passed my house today twice before she called me to ask for my house number. hehe...see that's when you know a person's house too well, you fail to note the house number. =)

these painters that my mum hired are real morning people! they come at like 8 am! on the first day, Keith woke up and was startled to see the silhouette of a man outside his window with a "gun". haha...it was those high pressure thingies to get the old paint off. there were men right outside my room for a couple of days too. made me a bit uncomfortable at first, so i drew the curtains. but i could hear them loud and clear. They're hakka and i'm beginning to understand why they say hakka people are loud. hehe *no offense* but they are. and i'm a pure breed Banana so God knew what they were jabbering about just inches away from my face. All i could do was blast my mp3s and pray they don't mind my taste in music. hehe...

i would say i had a rather productive day as i doused myself in Business Communications in the afternoon and Marketing at night. I never thought i'd say this but i wished i hadn't skipped all those Monday BCM 101 lectures. haha...but no turning back! I'm just glad that i'm perfectly literate in English.

went running with my mum at the lake today. The Malays are back from their Raya. Nike free guy was back too. So was the girl with the red shoes. hehe...i did 4 rounds, which comes up to about 4.8 km. And i am proud to say, that i am finally within the region of my former fitness level, with an average of 6:40 minutes per round. Funny thing was when this chinese guy, whom i've not seen at the lake before, ran passed me and showed me the Thumbs Up. I have this chauvinistic, egoistic habit of disliking being overtaken by people and then being praised just immediately after. it's a bad habit i know and they probably just wanted to lend some encouragement and support. but i tend to take it as they're trying to act all nice and humble when they know perfectly well they've just beaten me in my own imaginary race. ah...if it's any consolation, it does drive me to push harder. *shrugs*

and so i did. i pumped more juice into my legs and pounded the road a little harder. my left knee bailed. it sent this jolt of pain from the knee up to my lower back. i don't know why, but it went away after several minutes. after a round i caught up with Mr Thumbs-Up. well, actually...he had stopped running and was just walking to cool down.=) as i gained on him, he said to me, "Ni de jiao yao la khai yi dien". woah...ok let me interpret this to the best of my Banana ability. Correct me if i'm wrong but i think it meant:

"you must pull your legs wider apart" (Use bigger strides).

i gave him a friendly smile and nod, and i really did try to take his advice. thing is, this isn't the first time someone has commented on my stride. My korkor used to say i do things as opposed to others. When i pace i have small Kimono steps. When i sprint i take long far strides. Then one of the Malay uncles also said to me "You ni kena lari keras sikit!". Which i gather as put in more energy, thus have stronger, further strides. So yea, it's about time i did something about it.

I tried. and it lasted...for about 10 strides. haha...will work on it. I have a feeling i'll cover more distance with less energy spent if i have longer strides...and that's just what i need - energy conservation.

Today's friday. Friday means the last day of the study week. It means that there will not be any more consultation hours. It means i only have the weekend left to absorb whatever i can on my own. and considering my entire Sunday will be spent in Holiday Villa emcee-ing for the Gimrama Grading and performing, it looks like i only have tomorrow. And tomorrow morning is spent in Kelana Jaya coaching the swimmers for their performance...

i really should think things through before i agree to take the job next time....

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


this goes out to...

she who made a friend out of me

she who called me her best friend right after i showed her my diary which i wrote bitterly about how she had caught the attention of my, then, major crush

she who felt so bad about the whole issue till she could not sleep and had to send me an e-mail to apologize for something that wasn't even her fault

she who had the same gymrama skills as i all throughout our 8 years of gymrama

she who, because of that, became the partner i was stuck with for 8 years

she who knows just what to do, and when to do so without me saying so

she who calls me up just when i start to miss her but had second thoughts of calling her for fear she might have dating plans

she who thinks of me and asks me to go out at the time where i needed it most

she who always finished earlier than me for the event before lunch during competitions, but will stay back with me till i'm done so we could go have lunch together

she who calls me up before every gymrama competition or trip to do a checklist just in case she might forget anything

she who asks me to end the call so she could call me back because she has the post paid line while i have the prepaid one

she who makes me feel less of a dork when we're out with our gim friends coz we both know nuts about alcohol and clubs

she who agreed to do a performance for Corroboree with me eventhough she had doubts about it because she was afraid that messing up in front of our college peers would just mean social sucide (should u ask, i messed up in the end...not she *wink*)

she who wore my own prom dress more times than i

she who skipped her own school just to come for practise and perform for my school

she who gave me a blue elephant which i bring along with me almost everywhere i go

she who stayed up and watched Armageddon with me eventhough she was dead tired, plus it was her second time watching it

she who called me up just to let me know that she'll be free in the next 3 weeks because she's on study leave

she who has more same shirts as me than any other friend of mine because we both dig Buy 1 Free 1 and Buy 1 and get the 2nd for 50% off offers

she who tells me everything about her life

she whom i will dearly miss from the day she leaves for Glasgow

Happy 19th Birthday Lyn!

Monday, November 07, 2005

raging hormones

have been having pretty bad menstrual cramps these days. it's odd...i never used to have them back then. hormonal changes suck.

and i have this pimple like growth on the outline of my upper lip. it itches so i involuntarily bite it. little did i know that my biting it became so obssessive that now it's this HUGE red patch. my upper lip looks lopsidedly swollen. if you had a look at me, you'd think i had a really bad kissing experience. haha...

as a result, i've been a bit grumpy. i think it's that, plus the fact that my exams are drawing nearer and nearer...and it's putting creases in my parents' foreheads. they say i look too free. my mum relates everything i do to studying. that woman has the english proficiency to make everything she says sound right. i am often left dumbfounded with nothing more than "ok-lahh" in reply, as i sulk upstairs to my room. English teacher mums are powerful. Do not engage in a debate with them. it's like planning to lose.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

shanghai hairy crab

yes! now everything can fly! even live crabs! all the way from Shanghai! hehe...my aunt just came back from China. right after she touched down at KLIA, she showed up at my front door at about 11 pm with these strange tied up boxes. nope. it can't wait till tomorrow. it has to be eaten now.

at the sound of "hairy crabs", i cringed. the thought of putting anything hairy into my mouth was just weird. well, it turned out, i couldn't have enough of it! ahahah...

These crabs are premium dishes. To order one in a restaurant in Shanghai would probably cost you roughly 60 rmb each. and they're not all that huge as you can see. Apparently, to eat them is a luxury. After trying them out today, i'll tell you why.

firstly the crabs are seasonal. it's only fished during late autumn-early winter season. and they're not all that huge. so eating them is tricky. restaurants provide special toothpicks and small forks to pick the flesh out from hard-to-reach places. customers take their own sweet time to eat them. so eating these hairy crabs are a social event, where they meet to chat over crab. =)

and like most foods, these crabs have grades. i think this particular type my aunty brought back is about average in class. check out the stamp on the shell! ahahha...

the crab is eaten with some special sort of wine. the taste is said to be so exquisite, that it should not be taken with anything else like chilli, soy sauce, ketchup etc. it should only be sprinkled with that wine and taken like that. i have nothing to complain about this, for i personally don't like crabs in sauce. oh and it has to be steamed, not fried or grilled.

the hair is only on the crab's clamps (or whatever you call them...it's 'kong' in hokkien). and it is pretty disgusting if you look at it. but whatever's inside the shell is delicious. These crabs are more known for their 'eggs' (the orange stuff) than their flesh. so they've got loads of it. hehe...high reproduction rates i think...

and here's the funny thing. all the crabs that my aunty brought tonight were males. and yet they do have 'eggs'. are crabs bisexual?? haha....

my porpor loved it. while she was eating it, she told me about howmy yehyeh loved it so much last time but had not enough money to buy it. so he'd buy just one to be shared by a family of 6. hehe...

though i specialise in eating shelled seafood in my family, i was unsuccessful in getting the flesh out of the clamps. i didn't have that hammer thingy they provided in the restaurant. so all of my clamps went to my dad who used a pair of kitchen scissors. i'd sink my teeth into it, but looking at all that hair, not such a good idea....=)

i devoured 2 crabs. and that was supper. talk about high cholesterol! now if crabs here were cooked this way here, i wouldn't mind eating them. its the sweet and spicy sauce that i dislike. mmm...

my grandma asked me which i prefer, prawns or these crabs? haha...that's a tough question. but i think prawns it is. prawns are my favourite. be it fried, steamed, grilled or baked. prawns it is!

but i savour these crabs now. for the only time i'll be eating them again would be if someone else heads to Shanghai and flies some home.

hehe...alright...sleep i shall.

i braved the terrain of Gasing Hills this morning with daddy dearest. and tomorrow morning is dancing time with the swimmers....

Friday, November 04, 2005

bear with me

as planned, the Siah family + Pn Wan + Cik Hooi + Shirlyn went to Kiara Hills at the wake of dawn...hehe well 7.15 am to be exact. it was pretty fun. i was with Lyn slightly ahead, as the booming voices of the SMKSJ teachers trailed off behind us. Daddy and Keith were no where to be found. Kiara Hills has monkeys. I don't like monkeys. haha...but these ones are pretty harmless. anyway, i worked up a good sweat. enough to calm myself down after the clashing i had with my mum last night. (p.s. Thanks Ju for bearing with my complains).

breakfast was the reknown Sarawak Mee from Restoran Gembira, Taman Megah (opposite Ming Tien). it was good. but i've had better. :)

the teachers had Pn Chong's thanksgiving lunch in Subang Parade, so i tumpang-ed to go there to develop some photos. We sat in Pn Wong PW's brand new Sentra. hehe...i did some walking around, searching for a birthday present for the November babies. Saw many Celebrity Fitness booths up, recruiting people. Had a look at the timetable and Rosie was right. There were dance classes in Celebrity Fitness. I am so gonna work there when it opens!

at about 4.30 pm, the Siahs went to Bukit Raja mall which is in Klang. Mummy wanted to check out the Jusco sales. Spent quite some time there. I had to summon up such strength to look away from the sales and discounts! I am so in need of compulsive shopping therapy. hehe...oh and i saw Uncle Tee donning the Power shirt. unsurprisingly, he was headed for the Nike store. =)

Dinner was at Berkeley Gardens. It's this Asia-Cafe-cum-Ming-Tien-ish place. But the food's great and cheap! haha...i had my lala chien and ngah pou lou shi fun. my dad ordered fried baby sharks! haha...not too bad i'd say....=)

hmm...a dry post really. and i think only smsjians would get who the hell i'm rambling about. hehe...sorry...the mood of the post dictates the mood of the writer. exams are coming up. bear with me.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

all in a day's work

now, i know i said i wanted long hair again. i know i have reminisced about my long-hair-days. and i have also made a few people promise me that they would stop me the moment i say i wanna get a haircut again...but sometimes when u go shopping, u tend to do things somewhat impulsively. i cut my hair. at Tesco. it's not a boy-cut. it's just roughly 2 inches shorter. i think i look a lot like the Karen in One Tree Hill.

my dad was getting bored just staying at home. he wanted to get out. that's a first. so we all went to Ikano Power Center/The Curve after an early dinner. we went into the pet safari, and once again i have fallen in love with the little Schnauzer. i swear i'll one day get myself a puppy to run with. :) after that we adjourned to Mien Tien in Taman Megah. The food there is overpriced. My leong fun cost RM1.60. My dad's Milo - RM1.90. I'll stick to good ol' Asia Cafe from now on.

i just finished watching One Tree Hill. My current favourite character is Hayley James. I especially love this sentence she said "what happened to sex being something that you wait for and you share with the one you love?" or something like that. yeap. Kapish to that. I know that Malaysian youths are no longer timid, shy and virgins. Most of them aren't. and i know that some may view me as conservative or old fashioned or narrow or holy. but i strongly disagree with pre-marital sex. i think that it should be an act of love not lust. though i may not discriminate against those who've done it, i would definitely not engage in it. and i really hope that my closest friends would share my view on the issue. it's just not worth losing it over someone you don't even know whether you'd be spending the rest of your lives with.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


so i was a bit impulsive last night. i do not need a boyfriend. i'm perfectly well on my own.

and it turns out, communication is the key to everything. :)

i went running again today. up SS18. i'm ashamed to say this is only my second running feat since the last time i blogged about it. even both my mum and dad are working out more than me. i think my mum's mileage per week is about 25 km. no joke.

needless to say, i was huffing and puffing all along. i saw Puvesh fixing up some lights with his dad as i passed by his house. ah..the festive spirit! :) when i came back down, i tried spotting him again. his front door was left ajar but neither him nor his dad was around. i thought maybe if he was still there, i'd have an excuse to stop and have a chat with good ol' Ah Vesh. hehe...tried looking inside his house when suddenly...


i was a bundle of legs, hands and twigs. i ran right into this fallen branch with many extended branches. i was all tangled up in it. it made quite a noise and i had this instinct that Puvesh will peep out the door, see me and laugh till he hits the floor. haha...well, he didn't. i untangled myself and brisk walked back home. acquired some scratches here and there. no biggie.

when i reached home it was only 6 pm. thought of calling him out for a walk. then i figured he'd probably have preparations to do. so i asked Mei Ling out instead. we walked up the same route i jogged. talked n talked to our hearts' content. :)

i just realised i have exactly 2 weeks to my finals. i need to study. right now i can't figure out which i prefer doing - assignments or exams...