Friday, November 04, 2005

bear with me

as planned, the Siah family + Pn Wan + Cik Hooi + Shirlyn went to Kiara Hills at the wake of dawn...hehe well 7.15 am to be exact. it was pretty fun. i was with Lyn slightly ahead, as the booming voices of the SMKSJ teachers trailed off behind us. Daddy and Keith were no where to be found. Kiara Hills has monkeys. I don't like monkeys. haha...but these ones are pretty harmless. anyway, i worked up a good sweat. enough to calm myself down after the clashing i had with my mum last night. (p.s. Thanks Ju for bearing with my complains).

breakfast was the reknown Sarawak Mee from Restoran Gembira, Taman Megah (opposite Ming Tien). it was good. but i've had better. :)

the teachers had Pn Chong's thanksgiving lunch in Subang Parade, so i tumpang-ed to go there to develop some photos. We sat in Pn Wong PW's brand new Sentra. hehe...i did some walking around, searching for a birthday present for the November babies. Saw many Celebrity Fitness booths up, recruiting people. Had a look at the timetable and Rosie was right. There were dance classes in Celebrity Fitness. I am so gonna work there when it opens!

at about 4.30 pm, the Siahs went to Bukit Raja mall which is in Klang. Mummy wanted to check out the Jusco sales. Spent quite some time there. I had to summon up such strength to look away from the sales and discounts! I am so in need of compulsive shopping therapy. hehe...oh and i saw Uncle Tee donning the Power shirt. unsurprisingly, he was headed for the Nike store. =)

Dinner was at Berkeley Gardens. It's this Asia-Cafe-cum-Ming-Tien-ish place. But the food's great and cheap! haha...i had my lala chien and ngah pou lou shi fun. my dad ordered fried baby sharks! haha...not too bad i'd say....=)

hmm...a dry post really. and i think only smsjians would get who the hell i'm rambling about. hehe...sorry...the mood of the post dictates the mood of the writer. exams are coming up. bear with me.

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