Thursday, November 03, 2005

all in a day's work

now, i know i said i wanted long hair again. i know i have reminisced about my long-hair-days. and i have also made a few people promise me that they would stop me the moment i say i wanna get a haircut again...but sometimes when u go shopping, u tend to do things somewhat impulsively. i cut my hair. at Tesco. it's not a boy-cut. it's just roughly 2 inches shorter. i think i look a lot like the Karen in One Tree Hill.

my dad was getting bored just staying at home. he wanted to get out. that's a first. so we all went to Ikano Power Center/The Curve after an early dinner. we went into the pet safari, and once again i have fallen in love with the little Schnauzer. i swear i'll one day get myself a puppy to run with. :) after that we adjourned to Mien Tien in Taman Megah. The food there is overpriced. My leong fun cost RM1.60. My dad's Milo - RM1.90. I'll stick to good ol' Asia Cafe from now on.

i just finished watching One Tree Hill. My current favourite character is Hayley James. I especially love this sentence she said "what happened to sex being something that you wait for and you share with the one you love?" or something like that. yeap. Kapish to that. I know that Malaysian youths are no longer timid, shy and virgins. Most of them aren't. and i know that some may view me as conservative or old fashioned or narrow or holy. but i strongly disagree with pre-marital sex. i think that it should be an act of love not lust. though i may not discriminate against those who've done it, i would definitely not engage in it. and i really hope that my closest friends would share my view on the issue. it's just not worth losing it over someone you don't even know whether you'd be spending the rest of your lives with.

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