Friday, November 18, 2005

Mrs K the love counsellor

Session Start: 17 November 2005
galnexdor ( (

[23:41:29] galnexdor: but i'll be going for OBS again
[23:41:32] galnexdor: 10th - 23rd
[23:41:35] galnexdor: ahhaha
[23:42:02] khawce@hotma: wah as assistant now?
[23:42:08] khawce@hotma: as a job?
[23:42:51] galnexdor: assistant again
[23:42:51] galnexdor: :)

[23:43:11] khawce@hotma: u really like the great outdoors
[23:43:15] khawce@hotma: Id rather not
[23:43:19] galnexdor: ahhaha's so fun
[23:43:22] khawce@hotma: prefer me mod cons
[23:43:23] galnexdor: :)
[23:43:29] galnexdor: aahahah...

[23:43:31] khawce@hotma: flushed toilets, running hot shower
[23:43:39] galnexdor: my family aren't really big on the outdoors also
[23:43:46] khawce@hotma: dats why I left the Girl Guides
[23:43:50] galnexdor: hehe its quite shocking since they're all sports oriented
[23:43:52] khawce@hotma: din like the camping
[23:43:57] galnexdor: they like sports...but not dirt
[23:43:58] galnexdor: ahahah

[23:44:04] khawce@hotma: same here
[23:44:07] galnexdor: ahahha
[23:44:11] galnexdor: i like both...

[23:44:15] khawce@hotma: dats why I got involved in indoor sport
[23:44:34] khawce@hotma: ah well u also have to find BF who also like
[23:46:45] galnexdor: ahahah
[23:46:50] galnexdor: as u can see i'm still looking
[23:47:06] galnexdor: coz apparently guys like them (outdoor freaks) dun like girls alike

[23:48:52] khawce@hotma: ?
[23:49:01] khawce@hotma: mean outdoor guys like indoor girls???
[23:49:13] khawce@hotma: god balances life...hmmm
[23:49:29] galnexdor: yess...its called yin n yang
[23:49:30] galnexdor: :)

[23:49:59] khawce@hotma: maybe so I talk a lot, Mr Khaw quiet
[23:50:06] galnexdor: ahhaha yea...
[23:50:23] khawce@hotma: I artistic, Mr K can't draw a line
[23:50:26] khawce@hotma: hmmm
[23:50:27] galnexdor: so i won't be surprised if i wound up marrying someone dorcile as a lamb
[23:50:27] galnexdor: hehe

[23:50:36] khawce@hotma: heheheh
[23:50:48] khawce@hotma: it CAN be interesting
[23:50:52] galnexdor: it can?
[23:50:53] galnexdor: ahahahha

[23:50:55] khawce@hotma: who wants to compete at home
[23:51:00] khawce@hotma: better be different
[23:51:26] khawce@hotma: I remember reading a study said those who are alike will be more in danger of breaking up cos competing
[23:51:35] khawce@hotma: so an actor should never marry an actress
[23:52:04] galnexdor: ahahahha
[23:52:12] galnexdor: yea...explains why all hollywood marriages didn't last
[23:52:13] galnexdor: haha

[23:52:23] khawce@hotma: so look indoors, girl, for that guy in the horizon
[23:52:36] khawce@hotma: he isn't on the tracks
[23:53:35] galnexdor: ahahhaha....
[23:53:40] galnexdor: advice taken...;)
[23:53:50] galnexdor: i am so saving this conversation
[23:53:57] galnexdor: if things work out i'll recite this at my wedding
[23:54:03] galnexdor: "why we got married"

[23:54:03] khawce@hotma: hahaha for future reference
[23:54:03] galnexdor: ahahahha
[23:54:12] khawce@hotma: oh yeah those wedding slideshows
[23:54:14] khawce@hotma: heheheh
[23:54:17] galnexdor: oh you're invited btw
[23:54:18] galnexdor: :)

*some 17 minutes and many other random topics later...*

[00:09:11] khawce@hotma: right good nite
[00:09:17] khawce@hotma: see u some time
[00:09:29] khawce@hotma: be good and dun 4get to look INDOORS
[00:20:45] galnexdor: gnitee
[00:20:47] galnexdor: right
[00:20:47] galnexdor: :)

see why i like my gim coach so much? how many coaches give you relationship advice? hehe....

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