Wednesday, November 16, 2005


funny how i've envisioned today ever since i got the timetable for this sem's finals, seeing myself beaming with the bliss of liberation, my mind making mental notes of today's, tomorrow's, the day after's plans and that of the many days to come. but now that i'm done with my finals, as in completely done with Year doesn't feel all that big a deal. sure i'm relieved...but the sweet taste of freedom lasted for only a while...the moment i sat down at the velvet seats of TGV Sunway Pyramid next to Lyn, drousiness took over. i wanted to sleep more than anything in the world. haha...not that the show was boring. it was nice...i liked it.

*i recommend watching Just Like Heaven for all you chick-flick-romantic-comedy suckers out there*

and when night came, i didn't even want to go out for supper. i wanted to eat at home. it's so weird. when i was having my exams, i'd kill to go out but i'd have this guilty consciousness gnawing at the pit of my stomach. now the whole idea of going just seems overrated. haha...

my goodness...this is such a mature, down-to-earth, dull post coming from someone who has just finished her finals! who am i kidding?


and i'm going crazy thinking of all the things i want to do! i want to buy myself stuff, i want to watch movies, i want to go running, i want to go climbing, i want to work, i want to have sleepovers, i want to go mamak-ing, i want to meet up with my friends from the Land Down Under! ;)

13th November 2005
Black Suit's Comin' dance

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