Tuesday, November 01, 2005


so i was a bit impulsive last night. i do not need a boyfriend. i'm perfectly well on my own.

and it turns out, communication is the key to everything. :)

i went running again today. up SS18. i'm ashamed to say this is only my second running feat since the last time i blogged about it. even both my mum and dad are working out more than me. i think my mum's mileage per week is about 25 km. no joke.

needless to say, i was huffing and puffing all along. i saw Puvesh fixing up some lights with his dad as i passed by his house. ah..the festive spirit! :) when i came back down, i tried spotting him again. his front door was left ajar but neither him nor his dad was around. i thought maybe if he was still there, i'd have an excuse to stop and have a chat with good ol' Ah Vesh. hehe...tried looking inside his house when suddenly...


i was a bundle of legs, hands and twigs. i ran right into this fallen branch with many extended branches. i was all tangled up in it. it made quite a noise and i had this instinct that Puvesh will peep out the door, see me and laugh till he hits the floor. haha...well, he didn't. i untangled myself and brisk walked back home. acquired some scratches here and there. no biggie.

when i reached home it was only 6 pm. thought of calling him out for a walk. then i figured he'd probably have preparations to do. so i asked Mei Ling out instead. we walked up the same route i jogged. talked n talked to our hearts' content. :)

i just realised i have exactly 2 weeks to my finals. i need to study. right now i can't figure out which i prefer doing - assignments or exams...

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