Monday, November 07, 2005

raging hormones

have been having pretty bad menstrual cramps these days. it's odd...i never used to have them back then. hormonal changes suck.

and i have this pimple like growth on the outline of my upper lip. it itches so i involuntarily bite it. little did i know that my biting it became so obssessive that now it's this HUGE red patch. my upper lip looks lopsidedly swollen. if you had a look at me, you'd think i had a really bad kissing experience. haha...

as a result, i've been a bit grumpy. i think it's that, plus the fact that my exams are drawing nearer and nearer...and it's putting creases in my parents' foreheads. they say i look too free. my mum relates everything i do to studying. that woman has the english proficiency to make everything she says sound right. i am often left dumbfounded with nothing more than "ok-lahh" in reply, as i sulk upstairs to my room. English teacher mums are powerful. Do not engage in a debate with them. it's like planning to lose.

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