Tuesday, November 22, 2005


i'm pissed
i'm mad
i can't believe u did that

i'm furious
i'm angered
why can't u see that it mattered

i'm disappointed
i'm down
but the strength i seek could not be found

i'm sad
i'm hurt
but the feelings i have would always revert

i can't stay mad at you
neither can i stay disappointed
but i am, without a doubt, gonna stay hurt

when i told him how much i liked him, he said things to me that i'll never forget...things that i'll hold so dearly. eventhough, it didn't work out between us. but could i possibly be so dazzled by him that i naively took in every word he said and turned it into my own version? i don't know how much of that he meant. i don't know much of what he thinks of me now. and i have no right to be angry with such trivial issues. but just that one small detail, has made me question all that he said to me that day.

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