Sunday, November 27, 2005

sneezels bejeezels!

in the midst of all the coughing, and sneezing, and the midst of all the lost apetite, and throbbing head, and diminished taste buds...i got to thinking and i am certain that this is by far the worst time to fall sick ever!! 2 things:

1. i wasn't allowed to run! i was grounded to my room by my mum no later than 12 am last night and no earlier than 11 am this morning. sure i felt like crap, but i really wanted to go for the IOI Community run! i was training for it...well, kinda...the point is i was looking forward to running again...*grumbles*

2. i couldn't go take photo in Yvonne's t-shirt! i dreamt about it last night. thinking of all the different poses i'd strike. i even planned what sorta make up i'd put on. and i could've met Kenny Sia! tsk tsk.... what a waste!

anyway, just some photos from yesterday's 1U excursion (Cleo 10 Hour Shopping) with my girlfriends:

rosie-me-lyn (Urban n Co Fitting room)

lyn-me (Urban n Co Fitting room)

rosie + asam laksa + soya cincau

me + pineapple fried rice

lyn + nyonya mee

rosie as Stilla's test specimen

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