Saturday, November 26, 2005

1U fun!

i like the mothers of the swimmers of Stingray Club. They're such kind and generous people. The dance team i was coaching for the OKH dinner came out 2nd place in the competition. So they got RM200. Being the nice people they are, they decided to split the money into 12 people (including yours truly). so we got about RM17 each. Today they planned to gather at 1 Utama to get buy stuff together. When we met up, Aunty Christine treated us to breakfast at this place called Kluang Station. It's opposite Giant. It's a really cool place. Their curry puffs (pic) rocks! nice of her. :)

then, they were having some AXN Kung Fu world thing there. There were these cool people abseiling here and there. They actually had this game whereby, they will belay 2 participants up to the centre, and the 2 will stick as many stickers on each other as possibly, the person who stuck the most stickers on the other wins. It was free, and i was dying to go, but i chose of all days to wear a skirt! aih...i tried to talk my bro into going so i could snap some shots of him but his fear of heights set in even when watching the staff go up. so he bailed. would've been cool tho, if he went. :)

at about 9 pm, Weng Lum called me along to visit Pn Suraya. yay! so at slightly before 10 pm we left for her house in PJS 10. it was nice to see my form teacher again. it was good to have a reminder of the times when life was a whole lot simpler. :)

Mummy's back from Beijing. She reached home at about 2.30 am last night. Keith and I stayed up to greet and welcome her home. And mummy dearest bought us goodies! hahaha...i got 2 pairs of black ankle boots, and a set of costume jewellery (necklace + bracelet). but i think the most amusing thing she brought back were these little feathered shuttle cocks, for lack of a better term, and i was playing with it all night. haha...i have to say though, i totally suck at it. i have bad leg coordination. yup. hence, i say i have no ball sense. it's true! i can't play football, basketball, or any ball games. Heck, ball was my worst apparatus during my gymrama days. which is why i stick to simple, ball-less, running. er...literally ball-less....u get what i mean. :)

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