Monday, January 31, 2005

[ money matters ]

I was looking forward to a good payday this morning. I woke up with a smile, thinking I could get a sum of RM520 (not as much as some of you, i know, but it was good enough of me) from my boss. Was so eager to get myself a new handphone since mine has been playing all sorts of tricks, making me read with half the screen, or an upside down screen, or a screen with lines n all. Then when i reached work, i started calculating my number of hours based on the log book and much to my disappointment, i got only RM200 odd. I was like what!?!?! somehow my mental maths must've gone down the drain, and my calculator skills must've gone down with it. One of the figures is wrong. I just hope that it's the smaller amount. Thanks to that, I lost my motivation to work a full 8 hours today, and decided to flee at 2 with Julie to attend the dumb karate meeting, which got me into more tangles.

I now have to pay:
membership fee : $10
annual fee: $10
monthly fee: $10
I can't believe this. Not only that, Brown 1's have to go through interviews before they can proceed to black (and i thought i could motivate myself to join karate again with the black belt in sight). Plus, if i miss a meeting 3 times in a row, my membership will be terminated! To re-enter the BB Club i need to produce an official letter! I don't quite like this new formal, official, systematic committee thing. I was much mroe willing to offer my assistance for free last time, without having obligations to go for classes. Sigh...

Went back home after meeting. The miscalculated pay was bugging me to the bone so I whipped out my GC (graphics calculator) and started punching in numbers again. I went day by day with the calender. Hour by hour i calculated and finally came up to about RM420 odd. A HUGE relief on my part! ahahha now i can still get that new handphone without having to spend much of my own or my parents' money. What puzzled me though is how i can miscalculate such simple maths! i really must be getting rusty. My brains are probably 75% mush.

well, i met the Tumble Tot today. The one whose mum was killed by the Tsunami. I felt like crying for her. Young 2 year old with not a care in the world. I wonder if she knows anything. The poor dad must be devastated. Sigh....

Saturday, January 29, 2005

* aching arms *

I am suffering from post-fitness-first-symptoms. My arms feel like 2 boulders attached to my body. Slept in till noon today! haha...half my day wasted...then again, not like there's much to do around my home. (when i told my mum this just now she suggested painting the wall outside and decorating the house which i'm far too lazy or incapable of doing). Watched Troy but realised i was dozing off halfway through the movie. Brad Pitt's hot in the movie though. =)

Work was...i don't know....different. The first hour we had zero kids. So i spent the time updating lists and whatnots (admin stuff). While doing so, i was...shall we say...enlightened by some of the staff's secrets. I would say gossips...about the internal meetings the permanent staff hold every once in a while. Was enjoying it till it touched some pretty sensitive issues. Not that it concerned me...but rather people that I know. Feels sad to know such things. Hearing all those things had put me in a very difficult, controversial position. Now what am I to do? I no longer feel that happy working there. Feel like getting it off my chest, but yet i'm afraid it might lead to even more complicated issues...issues which endangers friendship and things like that. Sigh...politics suck...

anyway, after that went to pick Lyn up. Saw Eugin, Yannee, Sin Yee, Ying Yi and Mei Tien i think. Yea...nice to see all of 'em. We went to pay Mrs Khaw a visit. I totally forgot that my infamous toe story would still be an issue there. The moment i stepped into Holiday Villa Badminton Court, the story started all over again. Then i had a group of gymnasts hovering over my toe! haha Shu Fei even snapped a pic of it. owell...Kai Lynn n Ling Si still standing strong...haha such dedication....=)

After that drove home...was supposed to meet Fang n Jin Aun outside my house. We were caught in a police road block somewhere in front of Siah Brothers building, and i was starting to worry about the 2 guys. Thought maybe i was keeping them waiting. Little did i know, dearest Pn Yeo played a good spontaneous host! ahahha....Owell, we went to kei Tak Sek in SS2 to eat Tong Sui. hehe not bad la actually the food there....I finally tried the SS2 Tong Sui that had been much spoken of.

And that was friday. Now i should go to sleep...if i'm caught yawning n all tmr...i may be the one being gossiped about next. Tmr's a full day work! starting to get real tired of it...but oh well, only say that when i'm done working. When the kids come, i could squeeze them to shreds! ahhaha....

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

[ breaking one's heart ]

why do people say they're in
then later, utter the words i want out
knowing very well they couldn't last
with someone they know nothing about

why do people give out signs
then later, take them back
they lead innocent others on
then toss them aside like a sack

why do people say out words
then later, forget every single thing
knowing very well they never meant it
everything that escapes the lips were worth nothing

why do people create memories
go through such moments with a laugh or a cry
only to end it all with their backs
trying to erase them all with one goodbye

why do people foster such warmth
everytime they touch or hold
only to turn around in the end
leaving others out in the cold

why do people make up lies
as if ending it isn't bad enough
why do people create excuses
asuming every lover is that tough

why do people fail to think twice
before moving on so bold
why do heart breakers have hearts of ice
while the heart brokens' are left with a hole

Monday, January 24, 2005

[ little white lie ]

Something really hilarious happened today. My tummy still has stitches from my roaring laughter that all started from a little white lie.

You guys remember my infamous toe? Well, on Thursday night i had the nail extracted. (Haha don't worry it wasn't as painful as it sounds, thanks to local anaesthetic).

It looks quite disgusting now, so see only if you dare...=) It scared the living daylights out of Ju. hehe....

So, back to my story. I had it wrapped up in a bandage which covered the entire toe. So that night my little cousins, Charmaine, Chadric and Charlene came over to my house. Charmaine was curious about my toe, since she saw it in the morning and I told her that I was going to see a doctor later. So when she asked to look at it, my dad told her that my whole toe had been amputated!!! haha, knowing a child's mind, she believed it, much to her horror. Guess we kinda underestimated the impact on lil Charmaine when we told her so.

Today, the little girl had gim class. She goes to the same coach that i was formerly under. That lil girl went and told my coach "karen jiejie's whole toe got chopped off!". My coach was obviously, not going to buy it. Though, she did have a look at my blue toe earlier this week so she guessed that it could be true. She tried re-confirming with Charmaine's mum, which was a bit oblivious to my whole toe incident which reaffirms her believe to Charmaine's story. Not only that, my dear little cousin (with Mrs Khaw's help no doubt) told everyone present there at Holiday Villa Badminton Court and lead a team of mothers to Mrs Khaw's wall of fame (it's actually a wall with loads of international gymnasts' pics, but Mrs Khaw was nice enough to slip in my group's picture as though we were a part of it all) and practically showed off her brave cousin, Karen's picture who allegedly now has only 9 toes! There were plenty of omgs and aiyos coming from them, knowing how they usually react with their herd mentality.

So, a concerned Mrs Khaw started ringing me up to see if it was true. Unfortunately, I was away at Pacesetters at that time, so she couldn't get me. She thought I was hospitalised! Then, almost desperate, she called up Shirlyn, which was working at that moment too, thus unable to answer her phone. Mrs Khaw thought "she must be visiting Karen". =)

Finally, at about 10-ish at night, my handphone rang and Mrs Khaw was on the line. She sounded very worried as she started off with "karen, are you ok!?!? How's your foot?" By then, I already knew half the story since, my uncle (Charmaine's dad) came and told me all about it. So i laughed my head off explaining to her how it all happened, and that I am 100% fine with exactly 10 toes, nothing more nothing less. She told me everything else mentioned above and seriously, I laughed so hard everyone was staring at me! I was in Asia Cafe having supper with my family. I'm still on the verge of laughing right now, recalling the whole incident in my mind. But I guess that's not the best idea since it's late and everyone's asleep. *giggles*

Yup...lesson of the day: white lies spread! Especially when little curious inquisitive children are concerned. hehe...

tmr's my off day! Gonna go sign up for Metropolitan! No backing out now! =)

Saturday, January 22, 2005

* this one's for the girls *

Was in Klang just now celebrating 5 birthdays of the January babies in my family tree. Was pretty cool. Took loads of pics actually...far too lazy to post them though. Doubt u guys are interested...but for the ke-po-chis out there...hesitate not...[more pics]

Heard this song on the radio today. Yet another nice meaningful song to add to my list of fav's. =)

Martina McBride - This One's for the Girls

This is for all you girls, about thirteen.
High School can be so rough; can be so mean.
Hold onto, onto your innocence.
Stand your ground, when everybody's givin' in.

This one's for the girls.

This is for all you girls, about twenty-five.
In little apartments just tryin' to get by.
Livin' on, on dreams and Spaghettios.
Wonderin' where your life is gonna go.

This one's for the girls,
Who've ever had a broken heart;
Who've wished upon a shootin' star:
You're beautiful the way you are.
This one's for the girls,
Who love without holdin' back;
Who dream with everything they have.
All around the world,
This one's for the girls.(This one's for all the girls.)

This is for all you girls, about forty-two.
Tossin' pennies into the fountain of youth.
Every laugh, laugh line on your face,
Made you who you are today.

This one's for the girls,
Who've ever had a broken heart;
Who've wished upon a shootin' star:
You're beautiful the way you are.
This one's for the girls,
Who love without holdin' back;
Who dream with everything they have.
All around the world:
This one's for the girls.

Yeah, we're all the same inside (Same inside.)
From one to ninety-nine:

This one's for the girls,
Who've ever had a broken heart;
Who've wished upon a shootin' star:
You're beautiful the way you are.
This one's for the girls,
Who love without holdin' back;
Who dream with everything they have.
All around the world, yeah,
This one's for the girls.(This one's for all the girls.)
Yeah, this one's for the girls.(This one's for all the girls.)

nice song yea?? just realised i didn't write a single poem all week...sigh...will write one tmr la...i need to sleep...tmr full day work...niteee.....

Thursday, January 20, 2005

* too good to be true *

I think the Carlsberg Ad...the one that did the song Can't Take My Eyes Off of You with the bottles and all was really cool. Was it Carlsberg? Or something else? Well that song is cool. It's like everybody's repertoire. Everyone knows it. Everyone will sing to it should it be aired. Everyone loves it. Best sung at the end of a karaoke session the cherry that tops it. =)

The title makes me think though. Too good to be true. Reflects on how I've been creating impressions as i meet people along the way. Was talking to a friend just now...someone who has been going through a bit of a emotional turmoil. We were hitting issues like feeling lost, like there's no place to fit in, considering the fact that he's oh so actively involved in so many things. People will naturally assume he's got loads of friends, a large network of them. Then it struck me. I totally get him. I'm into loads of stuff too. I have about 6 groups of friends, which i can hang out with respectively. This does not include the other mini groups which i occasionally get invited into for parties and whatnots. I guess, having so many different commitments gain you aquaintences not friends. You expand your network, yet you narrow your shoulders to cry on.

Sometimes i wish i've got a best friend...a buddy...that would be into everything i'm into. That way, no matter which group of friends i'm out with, i always have that one person to get me all the time.

I'm moving off topic. Too good to be true. I tend to size up people. Think that explains why I'm single till now. It's not that i don't allow myself to be close to any guy. I do. But the moment, I find something I don't like, even if it's just a tad disturbing, I immediately close up. It's like I want him to be so right. I want him to totally meet my every need and all that. Why? I don't know. But I can't quite say I'm sorry. I have standards...pride. And honestly, I don't think my requirements are that demanding. It's just that people like that don't exist anymore. Someone kind...someone nice...someone simple. Someone that knows how to live life, yet has a focus. Someone that laughs at silly things. Someone that doesn't believe in flowers and chocolates but rather, a song dedication or a poem. Most of all, someone who has a heart not only for me, but also for others.

Most people now has such attributes that seem to impress kings and queens. They strive so hard to achieve excellence, they condescend mediocrity. They just have everything that it's just far too perfect. What's the use? They all have alterior motives in the end. Sincerity no longer glows. It's getting fainter in today's society.

I'm blabbering on and on...with one thing totally not in relation with the other. This is what I call, an emotion overflow. One should not think so much. Thy shall go to sleep.

p/s: I'm meeting Aidan tmr!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

* w a n n a b e *

If u wanna be my lover...u gotta get with my friends...make it last forever...friendship never ennnndddsssss!

haha talk about old school! Went out with my gim friends today. These gim friends outings always end up with us having sore throats, aching jaws and painful tummies due to waaaay too much laughing and talking! But in this case, it was singing! in RedBox!! Was loads of fun! We were choosing songs sung by artistes like Spice Girls (hence the title and intro...), Backstreet Boys, ABBA...get the picture? ahha we're a little ketinggalan zaman but it was good stuff man! I mean, seriously, no boy band ever got bigger than BSB! Hands up all those who has at least one BSB album or posters! haha. Face it! They were HUGE! ahahah...and Spice girls?? C'mon what's Girl Power without them man! Seriously! All those in favour say AYE! =) Anyway, enjoyed myself thoroughly! And of course, leave no event unphotographed! haha...

Note: I'm very tanned...i know...don't have to point out the obvious...=)

Oh and I was watching ManHunt just now! Seriously, why can't Asian men look like that?! If they did, the act of idolising the west would be VERY much less obvious! ahahha They're so hot! Jon Johnson's the best! ahah girls, if u missed it, catch it next week Tuesday, Star World, 10pm - 11pm. *wink*

Monday, January 17, 2005

* genting adventure *

I'm back! Had a ball of a time up in the highlands! Firstly the class trip. It was fun...however, got a bit boring at night since there's absolutely nothing to do in Genting after dinner. Owell, was fun to get together anyway. =) Check out the pics! haha i think the most hilarious part was getting locked in the emergency staircase and we couldn't get out! haha...silly us...=)

[>]click[<] for more pics...

Genting Trailblazer! It's by far the most tiring, exhausting, painful yet fun race in my entire life! Not to mention exhilirating! haha...I'd be lying if i said i'm not basking in the rays of my victory right now, smiling from ear to ear at how well my partner, Keeran and I did! haha 3rd place? who would've expected? check out the pics!

[>]click[<] for more pics...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

[ p a e d o p h i l e ]

I confess.
I'm obsessed with these kids at Tumble Tots. I've taken over Julie's hobby of paedophiling. (note: the correct meaning of paedophile is person who is sexually attracted to children, but i'm not sexually attracted ok? just a figure of speech =)) I love them! They're sooooo adorable! It's really want to pinch their cheeks all day, carry them up and out of Tumble Tots and bringing them home to show them off! ahahah...ok maybe I'm being figurative here but you get what i mean...or you will...when you see these pics...haha drool away! (oh erm...don't drool in that manner la k? they're kids....waaaaay too young).

This is Raphael. He's almost 2 i think. Mum looks like a Brazilian to me. Potential Ronaldo probably..=)

These are the twins! Rebecca and Nicole. They're sooo cute! Also within the Walking to 2 age group. Mum looks Eurasian too. Nicole's the more outgoing one, more trusting. Rebecca's a shy girl.

This is Ainsley. She's from the elder age group. She's 3 and a half. She's full of whys!!

And my very own personal favourite: Aidan. Isn't he just adorable!??! Everybody go awwwwwww.... =) He's almost 2 as well, learning to talk. Mum's also some European. I love him coz he's always giving in to other kids, never picks a fight, very trusting, not clingy to the mother, independent, and he's just plain CUTE.

sigh...after Aidan's class, i usually have a 10% drop in my enthusiasm towards the next consecutive class. I'll start msising Aidan. cute la! If any of you ppl decide to marry orang putihs next time, please please please have children!!! And then invite me to his/her 1st birthday ok?

Oh guess what?! Fitness First called me! I'm going for an interview in Wisma John Hancock next Monday. Yay for me! =) I hope i get the job....I'll miss my Tumble Tots but I've got a dream waiting to be fulfilled...=)

Tomorrow I'm going to Genting with my SAM classmates. And then on Sunday morning I'll be having Genting Trailblazer. Wish me luck! Hope I don't injure myself any further, or I'm really gonna have to start believing in Feng Shui.

I had my last training for it today. Jogged 3 rounds around the lake. Came home, removed my shoes and saw a patch of blood on my sock. My toe's bleeding. But don't pain....=) Okla...that's all for tonight...go look at the babies again! =)

- b o r e d -

I've reached a dead end.
I've tried reading every blog on my links.
I've read every new mail i had.
I've been to Friendster and found no new messages nor testimonials.
I've even gone to
That's how bored i am. I've got 4 msn chat windows on my taskbar, none of which are blinking because these are the same people i talk to almost everyday so the conversation pretty much ends after "how's life?...The same ler...".

I have no idea what to blog about either. Blogger's block. That's what i've got. No actually, i think it's coz my life's so empty. I did not travel to Paris with my boyfriend, sipped hot chocolate with croissants for breakfast, and see Leonardo Dicaprio at the launching of The Aviator like one of my friends did. I don't even have a boyfriend to begin with, i only had bread this morning, i'm not an avid fan of Leo, I don't know where Paris is on the globe (though i'd LOVE to go there) and I don't have the big bucks to go travelling right about now.

sigh...why can't i go back to the my years of age 5 and 6 where the only thing i look forward to were the evening 5-7 pm playtime at the back of my house with my neighbourhood friends? ok...things most of you probably didn't know about my childhood:

1. I had a bunch of friends in my neighbourhood. We all came from SRK Sri Subang Jaya which is approximately a 5 minute walk from my house. They were Mei, Shadzy, Hanzy, Mae Yern, Sureen, Sing Foong, Jude, and many more. Their elder siblings were my brother's pals like Kim Meng, Tajul, Joshua, Cindy, Jack and Leon and others. (note: Sing Foong wasn't known as Sing Foong then...haha)

2. We played everyday from 5-7 pm sharp. Coz by 7 our mums usually start standing by the back gates with faces that read "come home now or else...". Plus mosquitoes start coming out when it's darker.

3. We formed 2 clubs which are supposedly Super Hero clubs : Bird Force and Tornado Club. And get this, we had membership cards drawn by my dear brother and equipments made by dear Joshua. We had nicknames created by all of us. Last but not least, we had training sessions, which are lead by the leaders of the girls and boys group respectively. Yours truly was the leader of the Girls. We trained in the garden of SRKSSJ, near the big BOLEH sign. =) Oh and we had special secret calls and meeting places and's quite cool really.

4. We had trends. First we were a bunch of moutain bikers, riding our BMXs which are usually rewards for getting all As in our finals (when all As were still virtually possible). Then the roller blades kicked in and there we go strapping blades on to our feet.

5. We loved mooncake festivals. We always gathered to play tanglung and candles, chinese, malay, indian alike. =) We had the annual ghost-story-round-the-bonfire treat. Plus additional background effects from Uncle Boey that scared the living daylights out of us. We usually burned at least one person's shirt by accident per year.

6. I feel nostalgic tonight thanks to good ol' boring cyberspace. Might not have my peaceful night's sleep afterall, what with my brains all worked up over the ol' times...the'll keep me thinking the night through. owell....=)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

* G 0 1 3 *

My toe looks like this: The toe nail's still blue. The flesh around it is swollen, and blue. There's a sort of bubble effect to it. I think there's water retension. I also think that my nail's no longer attached firmly onto my toe coz i can push it around the bubble. In a nutshell, my toe looks distorted. But there's no pain anymore =)

Went jogging up ss18 today. Pumped through the uphill, imagining myself racing through the hills in Genting. Batting away branches and leaves from trees that happen to come in my way. 100% ignorant towards puddles of mud and dirt. Tearing through the tracks of roots and uprooted trunks, my feet stepping with percision as not to trip and fall. Biting back pain should it bug me on that day. Pay no attention to cuts and bruises till the race is over. Every second counts. No longer recreational trek in the woods. Time to get down and dirty. This is gonna be a race. People will be vying for the top spot. I can already feel the priceless sense of satisfaction as the view of the finishing line creeps into sight. G013 Mixed category. My team will kick butt. They'll be eating our dust. =)

OoOhh...i'm so excited!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

- down memory lane -


~ my toe is currently not jog-able. Though i'm determined to bite back my tears, bear with the pain and train for trailblazers. Tomorrow, there ain't gonna be any backing out.

~ i think i've finally decided on a course and the uni to study in. I hope this decision stays for now. I'm heading to Mantissa. Intake starts March 7th. Will be doing a Diploma in Commerce (Business Management). Then i'm off to Edith cowan to convert my diploma into a Degree of Sport Management. So there. =)

~ resuming work tomorrow. in Tumble Tots. however, something tells me that the sight of my toe might scare a few tots away. haha...

Met up with Elaine and Pei Jien for lunch today. Had good food in Manhattan Fish Market.

Then met up with Elaine (again), Julie and Fang for yumcha session in Mamak Bistro. Saw Lyn with Yannee and Sinyee there. Was good to see Fang. Have not seen him since the time he left for Melbourne. =)

seeing you today made me ponder
it made me embark on a journey down memory lane
thinking of that moment in life much earlier
when rash feelings and actions, i could not contain

it made me think of how we used to be
more than just friends, yet less than what it seemed
i guess i never made an effort to be just me
to be someone else, was what i deemed

i couldn't help but feel a little disappointed
about how poorly i've played my part
my ignorance is what i truly regretted
considering how bad i can break one's heart

i don't know if you had ill feelings towards me
at that moment in time, for my self centeredness
i don't know if you hated me for acting selfishly
by disregarding your feelings and your selflessness

but what i do know now is, i made a mistake
i could've spared myself some of this pain
by treasuring what i had, for your feelings' sake
so that it's more pleasant, the next time i go down memory lane...

i feel like i was so conceited back then. so much so that the guilt i feel now has turned to pain. i know now that that time has passed, and i'm glad that we're still good friends. i don't expect us to be together again. i just feel that i should've been a better person then.

Monday, January 10, 2005

- only one -


~ my toe looks worse but feels better. Should be able to start jogging day after tomorrow, if not tomorrow. Click to see how it looks now. note: not for the weak hearted. =)

~ still clueless as to what i'm gonna pursue. Found out that i could do Bach of Science in KDU with a 2+1 twinning programme. Might consider if I'm allowed to drop Chemistry, and then transfer to Deakin, Victoria to pursue Exercise and Sport Science. Either that, or i'll be doing Bach of Commerce (Management) in Mantissa Institute, also 2+1, transferring to Edith Cowan, Perth to do Sport Management and Sport Science (double major). See how that goes...=)

~ Still working for Tumble Tots. Decided to forego TGIF in exchange for my jogging time in the evenings as I'm far too much of a pig to wake up to jog. =) Tumble Tots has a far more flexible schedule.

I just watched Boyfriend For Christmas on Hallmark. Lovely show...or lovey show. Either way, it's my kinda movie. Fate. I have always believed in fate.

deep inside the center of my heart
i know that it has been laid out for me
i do believe fate plays a part
in choosing the one for everybody

i cannot help but wonder who
though i know well that it's a matter of time
waiting patiently is what i ought to do
though my mind wonders and commits this crime

i question fate over and over
wondering what i did wrong
but it seems i go further and further
from the answer that's hidden all along

i guess fate believes that i'm not ready
and that my moment in life has yet to arrive
when both hearts are ready, then fate will agree
that love will come into my life

i will never know who, how or when
yet i'll never stop wishing that it has begun
the day i meet true love without an end
will be the day i meet my only one

Sunday, January 09, 2005

* happy birthday jackie! *

just came back from jackie's birthday bash. Had loads of fun....hehe i think every trip to Jackie's hse is a fun one. So far it has been that way. =)

anyway, here are some of the pics. Got some videos too...but i dun really know how to attach videos. If someone does pls let me know. Thanks. =) Enjoy...

Jackie making his birthday toast...=)

The so-called "Japanese Garden"...

My best gurl Ju.....Cheryl my poh-peh poh-peh partner...haha

The guests....=)

I was sooo glad i could see Cheryl again. Miss that girl to bits! =) Talking about OB was cool too. And calling A'sim? ahahha darn funny. Yay! will be meeting them in Genting. I just hope i don't embarrass myself...they're gonna do sooo much better! if only i hadn't hurt my toe!!!!

guess that's all...gonna wake up tmr and see if my toe's well enough for working...haha...if not i gotta call Cynthia up and say "sorry i believe i'm still temporary handicapped". hehe G'nite ppl!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

* love luck *

Weng Lum says:
wei y u have no luck with ur admireres

galnexdor says:
Weng Lum says:
from ur blog

galnexdor says:
oh yea...
Weng Lum says:

Weng Lum says:
u have no love luck
Weng Lum says:
u have to put a pig in ur love luck direction
Weng Lum says:
to enhance the flow of the chi
Weng Lum says:
maybe if u shine light there then it will give u fire energy
Weng Lum says:
the energy u need to spark a good realtionship

galnexdor says:
ahahha what!!?!?
Weng Lum says:
either that or go to the temple n get some blessings
galnexdor says:
ahahha i can't believe ure advising me on my love life luck
Weng Lum says:
Weng Lum says:
as ur best guy friend whos not "that best guy friend" its painful to see such depressions in ur love life
Weng Lum says:
galnexdor says:
ahahah aiyo...i'm not depressed
galnexdor says:
dun make me sound S.A.D.
Weng Lum says:
Weng Lum says:
does S.A.D stand for succesful admirers dysfunction
galnexdor says:
ahahah it stands for single available and desperate
Weng Lum says:
i like mine better
Weng Lum says:
lets keep it that way

That's it. 2005 resolution. Get myself a hunk with great abs and biceps, a roaring sense of humour, and a big heart to match. Like that's gonna happen. Am i really that SAD?? I believe not. Why do people think that way? Why do I always get "so where's your boyfriend?"? People should not assume.

Sigh...why am i getting all cranky?

Hey...i haven't rhymed in a while. Should i try? Nah...all that's gonna come out are baby rhymes right now. *sings "To-ny Chest-nut knows I love knowsssss*. Oh wanna know what happened to me today? I was carrying this long heavy plank. One of the equipments for the kids to climb on and all. A kid ran into me, and ran away, causing the plank to slip from my fingers and fall right on my big toe. And now, to add to my collection of wounds and scars andf injuries, I have this:

it hurts real bad. It's throbbing. I kinda visualise it enlarging and contracting like how it does in cartoons. I feel it that way. But when i look at it, it's motionless. Only thing is the blue patch is getting blacker and wider by the hour. Sigh...will i ever train for Trailblazers??

[ f a k e ]

u know what i loathe most about people. People who are fake. People who say things to get what they want, people who sweet talk, people who make false claims. I just don't understand how narrow some people's conscience are!

down memory first erm...more than friend guy was a sweet talker. He even admits of being a cassanova wannabe. Sure he was sweet and all, there were other girls who digged his sense of romance in his words. But it gets a bit annoying when you know that he will never in a million years walk to heaven's gate to hear my voice. Face it. Life isn't that way. There are other ways to express feelings. I'm write poems, I should know. Instead of suicidal tendencies, I think a much more rasional yet sweet way of expressing it would be You light up my life which i think it's possible. That's what my 2nd more than friend guy did for me la. =)

remember that strange encounter? Apparently, he claims he has had a crush on me for...get this...8 years! That's pretty dumb if you ask me. I mean, i met him 8 years ago. We chat a while online that time and then I never saw him ever again! And recently, he calls and says he wants to meet up coz he likes me? Hello!??! What kinda crusher shows up 8 years later? kebodohan...i think it's just an excuse. It's so fake. Owell, even if he meant it I don't have any feelings for him. Afterall, I barely know the guy. So, it's a NO.

Then there's this other guy. The one who met me 3 years ago in OB? He still messages me. He met me 3 years ago. Claimed he could not forget me and has been searching for me since OB ended. Yea right. He wasn't even in my watch. All i said was "hey, you ok?". The guy looked like he was about to hurl! ANY tom, dick and harry would've asked that. Anyway, he apparently wants to see me before i leave for overseas education. Sigh. This is all my fault. I told you, I trust too easily. I make friends too easily. I fall too easily. Lucky for me (or shall i say unlucky) I fall out too easily as well. Sue me.

I went jogging today (and yesterday)! Feel so proud. Though my ankle's swelling up a little again. No pain, so no worries. =) I went to hand in the Trailblazers form. Most of the people there taking Wild. Keeran seems to be a little cautious though. Probably wants to test the waters first. I'm actually quite keen on taking Wild, but what Keeran said made sense too. Oh and i met Ellaine!! Been 62000 years since i last saw her! She looks good! haha so does everyone in the climbing gym. Argh, why can't i master rock climbing? I'd look like all the gurls there in no time! And the guys! ahah...ok let's no go there...hehe. She's into adventure racing now. Waay cool! All of a sudden, opportunities are flashing in front of my face and I'm thinking twice about going for it. How la...get a mountain bike now? And a kayak? maybe when I'm working for real and earn my own big bucks. Then I'll definitely go pro in adventure racing! =)

k...Kenneth Yee's nudging me again. Think I should get back to him. G'nite!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

* b e a u t i f u l *

Updates about my injuries.
My arm is a whole lot better. No more pus coming out. Swelling gone down by about 90%. Basically don't feel anything anymore. =)
My ankle however has started swelling a little again. I think it's due to the jogging i did. Not gonna stop me though. =) Felt really good after my run just now. However, I can't sit cross-legged on hard floors. owell....=)

anyway, i got this just now. pretty cool. =)


Did you know that it's Beautiful Women Month? Well, it is and that means you and me !!! I'm supposed to send this to FIVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, and you are one of them !!!

Below is a wonderful poem Audrey Hepburn wrote when asked to share her "beauty tips." It was read at her funeral years later.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed;
never throw out anyone.
Remember, if you ever need a helping hand,
you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands;
one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.

To all the beautiful women out are who you think you are...not what others think of you...=)

Monday, January 03, 2005

* t e s t i m o n i a l s *

been using my korkor's gets heated up and all and then the IE will start to's madness...couldn't blog for 2 nights. Actually could've easily blogged on my own pc but was lazy also i guess...a lot of hassle dismantling my bro's laptop and all. =)

anyway, i just wrote 2 testimonials in Friendster. it's funny how testimonials usually start with Full Name of recipient, followed by "Where do i begin?" or "How do I start?" or "What can i say about this person?". Notice how common these lines are? Like where's the originality ppl? haha...i shouldn't be complaining. I love testimonials. They have no choice but to flatter me! haha...nah...they can always bitch about me. As long as it's what they think. Love knowing what people think of me. It's like subtle reminders to tell you if you're on the right path of socializing. A wise man once said:
"When you hear something nice about someone, let him know"

I don't know where I read that but it's good advice, no? a praise or a good word of mouth does wonders to your ego. I mean just a word of Thanks can get you more help in the future. As long as you mean what you say.

Appreciation goes a long way. Ever gotten the mail "Pass it on"? It's about relaying a good deed. Not only does it make others feel good, it makes YOU feel good, no? And just by saying "You look great" actually changes someone's day. Really it does. Just mean it. It does the trick. That's one thing I love about Friendster. The one and ONLY thing actually. Apart from looking at pictures and updating myself about people's relationship status. hehe...

Testimonials are do-gooders, ego-boosters, smile-bringers. Besides, who on the face of this earth does not like being praised. By saying so, i mean not sweet talking. Just praised and complimented. Some find it as being a big fat phoney baloney. Some find the people who bask in the rays of flattery and praise, sluts and ego-maniacs. Once again it voices down to meaning it. If you ask me, if the flattery and praises are from the heart...then by all means...bask away! =) Sides, if it brightens up your day and changes your perspective on life, then bring it on! =)

To all my readers, check this out. I mean it, really. If it weren't for you guys, ~ galnexdor ~ is just another abandonned website. =)

Saturday, January 01, 2005

*~*~*~* 2005 is here *~*~*~*

yay!!! it's the new year!!!

u noe...i'm usually not this psyched about new years. Usually i'd be more psyched about the company i'm with during the ushering of the new year rather than the occasion itself. think my happiest new year countdown was several years back where i, needless to say, was spellbound by someone. yup...and there was dancing, and singing and playing games! coolest house party i ever attended! haha what a fool i was then...

this year, 2005 marks my first year in uni. Thus, this new year, by all means, is D most meaningful new year. haha...but...what uni? haha i still haven't figured that one out. Might end up in TBS doing sport management. I happen to like UTS's syllabus more than any other uni. Curtin's subjects are too business like. We'll see how that goes...

Resolutionssss....what is a New Year without resolutions =). I've got a list rolling in my head right now and I see no end. Something tells me I'll only make at most 5 of it. =) Here goes:

1. Be good. (haha isn't this like the mother of all resolutions...)
2. Earn money. (hopefully Fitness First will call me soon and i can quit Tumble Tots. Not like i despise working there but built men are more to my liking than 5 year old cuties. haha nola...if i'm ever getting my dreams achieved this would be my first step of my journey of a thousand miles)
3. Save money. ( buying new handphone till my Siemens is 100% un-usable)
4. Start a work out routine and stick to it. (If i'm ever gonna join A'sim on any of his adventure races i better start getting in shape! Same goes to cycling too!)
5. Join a full duathlon/triathlon. (Once again...start cycling!!)
6. Study to the best of my ability. (If i said study hard, it'll never come true)
7. Achieve the Silver level of Freestyle dance. (yea! i'm soo carrying on my dancing)
8. Keep those rhymes going! (no more excuses of dead poetic brain cells hehe)

I can't think of any more right now. If i do I'll make a mental note of it. =) ok la...guess i should start by achieving resolution #8. Here's tonight's poem. Enjoy 2005 readers!

come this year of my life
i'd try my best to change my ways
i'll make sure i keep a cool temper
for i wouldn't wanna be a damper
spoiling other peoples' fun days

come this year of my life
i'd try my best to alter my personality
i'll keep my achievements on the low
speak only if asked to show
yet keep in sight my own humility

come this year of my life
i'd try my best to get rid of an old habit
i'll have myself more self discipline
make myself follow a planned routine
and tell myself there's nothing to it

come this year of my life
i'd try my best to think more highly
of the things that i am able to do
to know the person inside me that's true
come 2005, i'll learn to love me...

hey...that's another 4 more resolutions there...=)
Happy New Year everyone!