Wednesday, January 12, 2005

* G 0 1 3 *

My toe looks like this: The toe nail's still blue. The flesh around it is swollen, and blue. There's a sort of bubble effect to it. I think there's water retension. I also think that my nail's no longer attached firmly onto my toe coz i can push it around the bubble. In a nutshell, my toe looks distorted. But there's no pain anymore =)

Went jogging up ss18 today. Pumped through the uphill, imagining myself racing through the hills in Genting. Batting away branches and leaves from trees that happen to come in my way. 100% ignorant towards puddles of mud and dirt. Tearing through the tracks of roots and uprooted trunks, my feet stepping with percision as not to trip and fall. Biting back pain should it bug me on that day. Pay no attention to cuts and bruises till the race is over. Every second counts. No longer recreational trek in the woods. Time to get down and dirty. This is gonna be a race. People will be vying for the top spot. I can already feel the priceless sense of satisfaction as the view of the finishing line creeps into sight. G013 Mixed category. My team will kick butt. They'll be eating our dust. =)

OoOhh...i'm so excited!!

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