Saturday, January 29, 2005

* aching arms *

I am suffering from post-fitness-first-symptoms. My arms feel like 2 boulders attached to my body. Slept in till noon today! haha...half my day wasted...then again, not like there's much to do around my home. (when i told my mum this just now she suggested painting the wall outside and decorating the house which i'm far too lazy or incapable of doing). Watched Troy but realised i was dozing off halfway through the movie. Brad Pitt's hot in the movie though. =)

Work was...i don't know....different. The first hour we had zero kids. So i spent the time updating lists and whatnots (admin stuff). While doing so, i was...shall we say...enlightened by some of the staff's secrets. I would say gossips...about the internal meetings the permanent staff hold every once in a while. Was enjoying it till it touched some pretty sensitive issues. Not that it concerned me...but rather people that I know. Feels sad to know such things. Hearing all those things had put me in a very difficult, controversial position. Now what am I to do? I no longer feel that happy working there. Feel like getting it off my chest, but yet i'm afraid it might lead to even more complicated issues...issues which endangers friendship and things like that. Sigh...politics suck...

anyway, after that went to pick Lyn up. Saw Eugin, Yannee, Sin Yee, Ying Yi and Mei Tien i think. Yea...nice to see all of 'em. We went to pay Mrs Khaw a visit. I totally forgot that my infamous toe story would still be an issue there. The moment i stepped into Holiday Villa Badminton Court, the story started all over again. Then i had a group of gymnasts hovering over my toe! haha Shu Fei even snapped a pic of it. owell...Kai Lynn n Ling Si still standing strong...haha such dedication....=)

After that drove home...was supposed to meet Fang n Jin Aun outside my house. We were caught in a police road block somewhere in front of Siah Brothers building, and i was starting to worry about the 2 guys. Thought maybe i was keeping them waiting. Little did i know, dearest Pn Yeo played a good spontaneous host! ahahha....Owell, we went to kei Tak Sek in SS2 to eat Tong Sui. hehe not bad la actually the food there....I finally tried the SS2 Tong Sui that had been much spoken of.

And that was friday. Now i should go to sleep...if i'm caught yawning n all tmr...i may be the one being gossiped about next. Tmr's a full day work! starting to get real tired of it...but oh well, only say that when i'm done working. When the kids come, i could squeeze them to shreds! ahhaha....

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