Monday, January 24, 2005

[ little white lie ]

Something really hilarious happened today. My tummy still has stitches from my roaring laughter that all started from a little white lie.

You guys remember my infamous toe? Well, on Thursday night i had the nail extracted. (Haha don't worry it wasn't as painful as it sounds, thanks to local anaesthetic).

It looks quite disgusting now, so see only if you dare...=) It scared the living daylights out of Ju. hehe....

So, back to my story. I had it wrapped up in a bandage which covered the entire toe. So that night my little cousins, Charmaine, Chadric and Charlene came over to my house. Charmaine was curious about my toe, since she saw it in the morning and I told her that I was going to see a doctor later. So when she asked to look at it, my dad told her that my whole toe had been amputated!!! haha, knowing a child's mind, she believed it, much to her horror. Guess we kinda underestimated the impact on lil Charmaine when we told her so.

Today, the little girl had gim class. She goes to the same coach that i was formerly under. That lil girl went and told my coach "karen jiejie's whole toe got chopped off!". My coach was obviously, not going to buy it. Though, she did have a look at my blue toe earlier this week so she guessed that it could be true. She tried re-confirming with Charmaine's mum, which was a bit oblivious to my whole toe incident which reaffirms her believe to Charmaine's story. Not only that, my dear little cousin (with Mrs Khaw's help no doubt) told everyone present there at Holiday Villa Badminton Court and lead a team of mothers to Mrs Khaw's wall of fame (it's actually a wall with loads of international gymnasts' pics, but Mrs Khaw was nice enough to slip in my group's picture as though we were a part of it all) and practically showed off her brave cousin, Karen's picture who allegedly now has only 9 toes! There were plenty of omgs and aiyos coming from them, knowing how they usually react with their herd mentality.

So, a concerned Mrs Khaw started ringing me up to see if it was true. Unfortunately, I was away at Pacesetters at that time, so she couldn't get me. She thought I was hospitalised! Then, almost desperate, she called up Shirlyn, which was working at that moment too, thus unable to answer her phone. Mrs Khaw thought "she must be visiting Karen". =)

Finally, at about 10-ish at night, my handphone rang and Mrs Khaw was on the line. She sounded very worried as she started off with "karen, are you ok!?!? How's your foot?" By then, I already knew half the story since, my uncle (Charmaine's dad) came and told me all about it. So i laughed my head off explaining to her how it all happened, and that I am 100% fine with exactly 10 toes, nothing more nothing less. She told me everything else mentioned above and seriously, I laughed so hard everyone was staring at me! I was in Asia Cafe having supper with my family. I'm still on the verge of laughing right now, recalling the whole incident in my mind. But I guess that's not the best idea since it's late and everyone's asleep. *giggles*

Yup...lesson of the day: white lies spread! Especially when little curious inquisitive children are concerned. hehe...

tmr's my off day! Gonna go sign up for Metropolitan! No backing out now! =)

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