Thursday, January 13, 2005

- b o r e d -

I've reached a dead end.
I've tried reading every blog on my links.
I've read every new mail i had.
I've been to Friendster and found no new messages nor testimonials.
I've even gone to
That's how bored i am. I've got 4 msn chat windows on my taskbar, none of which are blinking because these are the same people i talk to almost everyday so the conversation pretty much ends after "how's life?...The same ler...".

I have no idea what to blog about either. Blogger's block. That's what i've got. No actually, i think it's coz my life's so empty. I did not travel to Paris with my boyfriend, sipped hot chocolate with croissants for breakfast, and see Leonardo Dicaprio at the launching of The Aviator like one of my friends did. I don't even have a boyfriend to begin with, i only had bread this morning, i'm not an avid fan of Leo, I don't know where Paris is on the globe (though i'd LOVE to go there) and I don't have the big bucks to go travelling right about now.

sigh...why can't i go back to the my years of age 5 and 6 where the only thing i look forward to were the evening 5-7 pm playtime at the back of my house with my neighbourhood friends? ok...things most of you probably didn't know about my childhood:

1. I had a bunch of friends in my neighbourhood. We all came from SRK Sri Subang Jaya which is approximately a 5 minute walk from my house. They were Mei, Shadzy, Hanzy, Mae Yern, Sureen, Sing Foong, Jude, and many more. Their elder siblings were my brother's pals like Kim Meng, Tajul, Joshua, Cindy, Jack and Leon and others. (note: Sing Foong wasn't known as Sing Foong then...haha)

2. We played everyday from 5-7 pm sharp. Coz by 7 our mums usually start standing by the back gates with faces that read "come home now or else...". Plus mosquitoes start coming out when it's darker.

3. We formed 2 clubs which are supposedly Super Hero clubs : Bird Force and Tornado Club. And get this, we had membership cards drawn by my dear brother and equipments made by dear Joshua. We had nicknames created by all of us. Last but not least, we had training sessions, which are lead by the leaders of the girls and boys group respectively. Yours truly was the leader of the Girls. We trained in the garden of SRKSSJ, near the big BOLEH sign. =) Oh and we had special secret calls and meeting places and's quite cool really.

4. We had trends. First we were a bunch of moutain bikers, riding our BMXs which are usually rewards for getting all As in our finals (when all As were still virtually possible). Then the roller blades kicked in and there we go strapping blades on to our feet.

5. We loved mooncake festivals. We always gathered to play tanglung and candles, chinese, malay, indian alike. =) We had the annual ghost-story-round-the-bonfire treat. Plus additional background effects from Uncle Boey that scared the living daylights out of us. We usually burned at least one person's shirt by accident per year.

6. I feel nostalgic tonight thanks to good ol' boring cyberspace. Might not have my peaceful night's sleep afterall, what with my brains all worked up over the ol' times...the'll keep me thinking the night through. owell....=)

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