Wednesday, January 26, 2005

[ breaking one's heart ]

why do people say they're in
then later, utter the words i want out
knowing very well they couldn't last
with someone they know nothing about

why do people give out signs
then later, take them back
they lead innocent others on
then toss them aside like a sack

why do people say out words
then later, forget every single thing
knowing very well they never meant it
everything that escapes the lips were worth nothing

why do people create memories
go through such moments with a laugh or a cry
only to end it all with their backs
trying to erase them all with one goodbye

why do people foster such warmth
everytime they touch or hold
only to turn around in the end
leaving others out in the cold

why do people make up lies
as if ending it isn't bad enough
why do people create excuses
asuming every lover is that tough

why do people fail to think twice
before moving on so bold
why do heart breakers have hearts of ice
while the heart brokens' are left with a hole

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