Monday, January 17, 2005

* genting adventure *

I'm back! Had a ball of a time up in the highlands! Firstly the class trip. It was fun...however, got a bit boring at night since there's absolutely nothing to do in Genting after dinner. Owell, was fun to get together anyway. =) Check out the pics! haha i think the most hilarious part was getting locked in the emergency staircase and we couldn't get out! haha...silly us...=)

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Genting Trailblazer! It's by far the most tiring, exhausting, painful yet fun race in my entire life! Not to mention exhilirating! haha...I'd be lying if i said i'm not basking in the rays of my victory right now, smiling from ear to ear at how well my partner, Keeran and I did! haha 3rd place? who would've expected? check out the pics!

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