Thursday, January 20, 2005

* too good to be true *

I think the Carlsberg Ad...the one that did the song Can't Take My Eyes Off of You with the bottles and all was really cool. Was it Carlsberg? Or something else? Well that song is cool. It's like everybody's repertoire. Everyone knows it. Everyone will sing to it should it be aired. Everyone loves it. Best sung at the end of a karaoke session the cherry that tops it. =)

The title makes me think though. Too good to be true. Reflects on how I've been creating impressions as i meet people along the way. Was talking to a friend just now...someone who has been going through a bit of a emotional turmoil. We were hitting issues like feeling lost, like there's no place to fit in, considering the fact that he's oh so actively involved in so many things. People will naturally assume he's got loads of friends, a large network of them. Then it struck me. I totally get him. I'm into loads of stuff too. I have about 6 groups of friends, which i can hang out with respectively. This does not include the other mini groups which i occasionally get invited into for parties and whatnots. I guess, having so many different commitments gain you aquaintences not friends. You expand your network, yet you narrow your shoulders to cry on.

Sometimes i wish i've got a best friend...a buddy...that would be into everything i'm into. That way, no matter which group of friends i'm out with, i always have that one person to get me all the time.

I'm moving off topic. Too good to be true. I tend to size up people. Think that explains why I'm single till now. It's not that i don't allow myself to be close to any guy. I do. But the moment, I find something I don't like, even if it's just a tad disturbing, I immediately close up. It's like I want him to be so right. I want him to totally meet my every need and all that. Why? I don't know. But I can't quite say I'm sorry. I have standards...pride. And honestly, I don't think my requirements are that demanding. It's just that people like that don't exist anymore. Someone kind...someone nice...someone simple. Someone that knows how to live life, yet has a focus. Someone that laughs at silly things. Someone that doesn't believe in flowers and chocolates but rather, a song dedication or a poem. Most of all, someone who has a heart not only for me, but also for others.

Most people now has such attributes that seem to impress kings and queens. They strive so hard to achieve excellence, they condescend mediocrity. They just have everything that it's just far too perfect. What's the use? They all have alterior motives in the end. Sincerity no longer glows. It's getting fainter in today's society.

I'm blabbering on and on...with one thing totally not in relation with the other. This is what I call, an emotion overflow. One should not think so much. Thy shall go to sleep.

p/s: I'm meeting Aidan tmr!!

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